List of 15 Best Destinations for You to Spend This Christmas with Family

Each year Christmas brings in our life so much positive energy and happiness. Christmas is coming, and families have started decorating their houses, Christmas tree, planning for Christmas party, get together, gifts for kids and adults. A holiday season which every family waits for, but why not use this time to experience traveling together instead of being at home?

This is the time of the year, when schools, colleges, and even offices remain close and planning a trip could be exciting. While most of the people prefer to spend a traditional Christmas at home but one can always try something different.

During the festive season, if you are planning for a vacation, booking flights and hotels 3-4 months ago would be the best thing to do. Hence, I have done thorough research and listed below 15 best destinations for this Christmas where you can travel with your family.

Some prefer to stay within the country whereas some like to explore beyond. Let’s have a look on the list.

You can also comment that I have missed or you know something of that are worth to mention in the list.

  • Quebec City

The city exactly looks like a winter fairytale wonderland. Walking through the town at Christmas will give you happy temperament with street Christmas lights, Christmas trees, twinkling snows around you. The city flurries with Christmas market, winter activities, events and tons of tourist from all parts of the world come here to experience the season’s beautiful festival. The city looks charming in winter, especially when it snows.


  • London, England

Unarguably, London will always remain the best place to spend your Christmas holidays. The city transforms itself into a beautiful fairytale place with twinkling lights, and decorations. Everywhere around you is a sense of happiness and joyful environment. There are tons of things to do in London during the Christmas festive time. You can start with exploring Christmas shopping, local British food, British tradition and winter activities like ice skating at the Somerset House, enjoy a whole day at the Winter Wonderland Hyde Park. They have live music, Giant Observation Wheel, Ice Sculpting and many more things to do and relish.

  • Brussels, Belgium

Spending Christmas holidays in Europe is perhaps the best vacation for anyone.  The festive atmosphere in Brussels goes impressively. The historic town center, Winter Wonders in Brussels is one of the best places to go for kids and adults. They have a wide array of Christmas attractions that take place every day. It is always the most beautiful place in the city to visit. If you have time and want to explore more, you can take a walking tour of the churches and Belgium’s oldest Christmas market in Liege. Get yourself involved in understanding the Christmas tradition of Belgium.

  • Salzburg, Austria

Austria will give you so many reasons to spend your Christmas holidays with families. There is a lot of the Christmas market, you will find in the cities of Austria. Salzburg is situated in central Austria, which is close to Germany. Think of spending the days in snow-capped mountains, a tour of baroque architecture, shopping in the traditional Christmas market, get lost in the music of Mozart.

Sounds lovely, isn’t it?

Not only this, if you are planning just to explore Austria, you can visit other cities too.

  • Budapest, Hungary

Christmas in Budapest is all about lights, ice rinks, wine, illuminated streets, Christmas market, and fairs. Budapest looks like a city of lights, and you can do a number of amazing things during this time. For kids, you can take your little ones for a decorative tram tour which is a treat for the children on the Christmas eve.

Who doesn’t love Christmas gifts?

You can purchase Christmas goodies from the Design Terminal; they represent the works of Hungarian designers. You will get to see an extensive collection of things including furniture, clothes, art, etc.

You can spend one evening with your family at City Park, which is Budapest second biggest park. They have built an outdoor ice rink, on a 12,000 square meters of space.

Do you want more?

Think of joining the Budapest Nutcracker Ballet, a fantastic winter show at the Hungarian State Opera House.

Exploring the culture of a place is the best thing about travel. Hungarian culture, folk dance and song is something you shouldn’t miss if you are planning to spend your winter vacation in Budapest. The city will entice you to discover more.


  • Germany

The Germans traditionally celebrate Christmas. The celebrations get started from the end of November by illuminating the cities and towns in Germany. You can see a tall Christmas tree beautifully decorated with balls, lights, and bells at each town square in the town.

The whole month of December is the busiest for the small business owners. Christmas markets sell traditional German stuff such as German sweets, Lebkuchen, decorative bells, and glass ornaments. The most famous Christmas market in Germany is Nuremberg.

You can spend the lovely Christmas Eve at the Berlin Cathedral. The cathedral remains open for the public during this time of the year.

  • Bethlehem, Israel

If you plan for a trip to Israel, you will experience a different Christmas celebration. It is considered as the sacred land. Bethlehem, the birthplace and home Jesus, Christmas is celebrated here in churches and cathedrals for many different Christian values. The Christmas here stretch for a long time, Christmas processions are passing through the Manger Square.

  • Malta

Malta transforms into a beautiful land of festive events during Christmas. The universal thing about Christmas season is the decorative street lights. The lights bring in us the presence of happiness and joyous mood. Spending Christmas holidays in Malta is indeed a great option to go for. The night the streets of Malta comes alive with sparkling light and festive music.

You can also try Maltese cuisine like ‘mince pie’ a typical cup-sized pastry.

  • Orlando, Florida

Florida is famous for Disney World and Universal Studios if you don’t want to vacation the typical Christmas then, what could be the best other than visiting Disney World with your family, especially kids. Every child dreams of Walt Disney World Christmas, ‘the happiest place in the planet.’ The memories of visiting Disney World will be what your kid remember when he grows up. The Magic Kingdom full of entertainment, colorful lights, Christmas decorations, festive parades are all worth a vacation.

They have numerous Christmas events that will only bring joy and happiness. Florida is one of the best destinations in the USA to spend Christmas holidays with family.

  • Naples, Italy

December is a month of Christmas celebrations. Italy will always remain everyone’s favorite holiday spot. The eccentric history of the city, its architecture, Italian delicacies, wine everything you can enjoy and experience at the same place. From north to the south, there is so much to see, learn and discover in Italy.

Visiting Naples in the festive time can be very exciting too. As we all know, the city depicts Italy’s tradition, and it is famous for pizzas. The Italian mountains offer great views and a perfect place for the ski lover to enjoy the snow-clad mountains.

Away from home, you can have fun with your family enjoying Christmas in Italy.

  • New York City, USA

If you are planning for a trip to the USA, choose New York to spend Christmas holidays. Christmas in New York City is lively yet straightforward. It feels magical.  There are plenty of things one can do in New York like ice skating at Central Park, take your kids to the Macy’s Santaland. You can do plenty of shopping from the Christmas market. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, New York remains too crowded, but the city looks fantastically beautiful during the winter. You can also visit Union Square Holiday Market and Brooklyn Flea Holiday Market.


  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish Christmas exemplifies the traditional local celebration with their loved ones, sharing delicious treats. It is a peaceful and beautiful city to spend your holidays with family. You can enjoy your day at the ice rink at Frederiksberg Runddel.

  • Finland

Escaping to the north head during the Christmas could be adventurous.

Take your kids to the Santa’s hometown of Rovaniemi, experience the Nordic Christmas tradition, participate in the Finnish feast like smoked-Salmon soup, cheese, blood sausage, etc. Traveling to Finland will give you the opportunity to learn about the Christmas tradition and importance of reindeers in this festival. During this time of the year, you can witness the incredible winter Northern Lights.

Indulge in the elegant dining at ‘Rakas’ Restaurant at the Arctic Treehouse hotel. They are famous for serving local delicacies and craft brewery.


  • Idaho, USA

If you are looking for snows, some winter activities and want to avoid the crowd, Idaho is such a place which you can choose for your vacation. Idaho is near to Seattle, Oregon, and California; you can also plan a road trip to Idaho. Since winter is the festive season and significant tourist destinations remain packed.

Spending your days in Idaho could be a little offbeat holiday destination at Christmas.

  • Prague

Prague’s gothic architecture, colorful baroque and history have made it a popular holiday destination for travelers and tourist. Christmas in Prague is beautiful, and by taking a walking tour, one can explore the city the most. You can stroll the Christmas market at Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square and indulge into the traditional Czech eatery. Not only this, but you can also enjoy live classical music.


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What Makes the New Trailer of ‘Aquaman’ so Interesting to Watch the Movie in December

The five-minute extended trailer of James Wan’s Aquaman has hooked me up and is ready to hit the theatres on December 21st, 2018. DC’s newest comic book movie ‘Aquaman,’ has released recently a visually attractive and a storytelling form of a trailer. The trailer has given the audience a general outline of the story and what to expect from the story.

Momoa who is playing the role of Arthur Curry (Aquaman), is the son of a human and the Atlantean queen who becomes the rightful heir of the Atlantis. But he is set on a journey to find a legendary trident to unite the kingdom. On his expedition, he faces rivalries, one of them is his brother who is specifically the villain of the movie. Patrick Wilson is playing Orm who has a super-villainous motive against humanity. This is pretty much the primary storyline.

The trailer also has some colorful visuals and astonishingly shows the underwater world. It is getting severe positive feedback from the audience. With great visuals effects, sound mixing and overall VFX, the movie trailer looks promising and gripping. The underwater scenery in the movie seems extraordinary beautiful, all thanks to the digital world and the team of highly skilled VFX.

Jason Momoa has an added pressure and responsibility on his shoulder it seems. The making of the movie took a lot more time and needed a detailed analysis to bring perfection. Fans like us have been waiting for long to see a marvelous DC comic movie after a series of a debacle.

DC comics success depends on Batman and Superman, but, if ‘Aquaman’ stand among the crowd, then the brand will no longer have to only think of Batman and Superman as their rescuer.

Aquaman starts with a high hope now it’s only a matter of few days till it hit the theatres. Aquaman could be the next top DC movie.

I am eagerly waiting for the movie to come and I hope this won’t be an end to the DC movies.

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Netflix’s ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ is a Show depicting Strong Themes with a Twist

I know I am late to write about Netflix’s teen witch TV series Sabrina which got released during the Halloween. But it is always fun to write about anything when you enjoy writing. I recently finished watching the show and thought of sharing my views on it.

Netflix’s Original series ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ is the reboot of the Archie comic ‘Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.’ As the title suggested ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,’ the show has managed to keep the audience glued to it.

The protagonist of the show ‘Sabrina’ is a teen half witch and half mortal brought up by her two witches aunt, and together they are called the ‘Spellmans.’

The Sabrina of 2018, is an awakened witch in many ways. She is stubborn, determined and a ‘feminist.’ She doesn’t fully understand the which lore and their belief which is different from that of the mortal world. She is powerful but hasn’t yet discovered it. She is the new generation feminist icon.

Her strong connection with the mortal world (Harvey and her best friends) the witch clan isn’t supportive of instead feels she might expose the witches in the outer world. The show has beautifully shown Sabrina’s struggle between understanding her real existence and her reality in the mortal world.

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Her peaceful and lovely relationship with her lover and her friends keeps her happy and safe. On the other hand, her witch family and clan are continually reminding her and forcing her to follow the Dark Lord and his beliefs which are immoral.

She is a strong teen half-witch who is intolerant towards the ill-treatment of her best friend Susan by a group of boys in the school. She has started a club for protecting the women against the cruelty of men. Her strong morality is her personality that holds her tight against the wickedness in the witch clan.

A Feminist Approach

Amidst the practices of witchcraft, the notion of ‘feminism’ has appeared vividly in the show. The show has a majority of female characters, and the new era of Sabrina doesn’t fear from standing up against the oppression neither does she fear the magical dark powers. She embraces her witch power.

Sabrina has questioned several times the dominance of male figure in ruling the witch world. She keeps asking about why she needs to be controlled by a male entity (Dark Lord). She rejects to kneel and sign her name in the book of Lord. By signing means, she is giving the authority to give away her soul in exchange she will get the immense magical power. But she wants both magical power and her freedom. Now, everything comes at a price; nothing comes free even in the mortal world.

The power of magic metaphorically means the power of women but also the shackles that the male entity (Dark Lord) has created for all the women witch is vivid.

The three Weird Sisters

The three Weird Sisters of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has a significant role in the line of witchcraft. They are the most chilling factor in the nemesis of Sabrina. The Weird Sisters consists of three sisters the leader Prudence, the middle sister Agatha, a pure evil streak and the youngest Dorcas a naïve witch. The trio and Sabrina have a deep connection in every respect. Among the three, Prudence and Agatha are the devout and prominent witches.

The witches although very much remind me of the witches in the iconic Shakespeare’s Macbeth. They determine the course of a person’s life as per Greek mythology.

Dark and Gothic

‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ is based on the Archie comics, and it is Netflix’s one of the biggest shows mostly for them who love comics and witch tales. The Sabrina of the modern era is fully aware of her magical powers. This Sabrina series reveals more the darker side of the witchcraft and gothic in themes. There are episodes of Sabrina slitting the throat of Agatha, the murder of the professor, witchcraft on the principal and women killing each other in the clan as the ritual demand.

Worshiping the Dark Lord signifies keeping alive the darkness and evil. The Dark Lord is an embodiment of the devil. The satanic priest, the sacrificial ceremony and rituals all these exemplifies the theme of ‘dark and gothic.’

The show has brought before us old-fashioned America by replicating the clothes and cultural trend. Every character is dressed up in retro, the Halloween set up and the dead trees which symbolically represents the ‘darkness.’ The devil itself ‘Lucifer’ has made a few appearances in the episodes in the form of a strange and weird looking goat monster.

The show has depicted Sabrina’s journey from an innocent girl to a powerful witch in the later episodes. From the night of dark baptism, her evolution began. The dark magic is not a matter of laughter or pleasure, as the aunt says, ‘each magic comes with a price.’

The ‘Church of the Night’ is a place which is run by a Satanic priest, and it follows the dark and deadly witch rituals to please the Dark Lord.

The structure of the show is the most surprising factor. The setting is artistic. The house of Spellman, Baxter High, the forest all glorifies the show.

In my opinion, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina doesn’t justify the ending by showing Sabrina giving away her freedom to the Dark Lord. The thing against which she was fighting.

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List of Best Travel Companies That Will Make Your Travel Comfortable

Thank you, everyone, for reading and following my post.

List of Best Travel Companies That Will Make Your Travel Comfortable

When it comes to traveling, we look for sources which can ease off our traveling process starting from flight booking, hotel booking, destinations, etc.  With the growth of online travel booking sites, the travel industry is continuing to grow rapidly.

Online travel booking has positively changed the traditional travel industry. Travelers want the hassle-free and well-planned journey. The modern travel industry has now opened several options to their customers right at the fingertips. Through online booking sites, they can search for the best deal in hotels and flight booking. No longer you will have to look for a travel agent who will take care of all your reservations. The best part is you can make bookings all by yourself as per your choice.

Travel companies like Expedia, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, TCS World Travel and several others through their travel websites offer accommodation options providing detail information like price, features, benefits, recommendation which eventually help you to choose the best.

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These travel companies also have made a secure payment method through online. You can pay from anywhere you want the only thing needed is your verified bank account.

For an apparent reason, each company is competing against the other. Hence, trying to provide maximum frequent discounts, last minute booking deals, special festival cash back. All these to attract more customers/travelers.

Through this article, I will provide a list of best travel companies that have brought a significant change in the travel industry.

  • Expedia

The American Travel Technology Company offers to book for flights, hotels, vacation rental, cruises, etc on best deals. They help to coordinate everything.

Expedia also owns Orbitz, Travelocity, Trivago,, Expedia CruiseShipCentre,, Cheap Tickets. Till now the company is at its peak continues to grow its revenue. Expedia has raised its revenue by 15% in 2017. As per the report, the dominant factor for the company’s revenue comes from the advertising and hotel bookings. Not only this, if you have a membership, you can earn reward points for discounts applicable to online reservations.

  • Priceline Group

Owns, a website which is the leader of all online hotel booking. Priceline Group had paid around $135m to buy the famous which is one of the reasons for Priceline’s success. The company is heavily dependent on for its growth.

Priceline’s marketing strategy is focused on metasearch and affiliate marketing.  It is the world’s largest online marketing advertiser in the travel industry.  TripAdvisor and Expedia are the two biggest competitors of Priceline Group.

  • TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor features everything hotels, motels, restaurants, tours, things to see, other activities. It took 14 years, to succeed and now it has become the most popular referral point for travelers before they plan for a trip. It is also a review website, where travelers put their opinions on different aspects of their holiday experience or about food or hotel which eventually helps other travelers. In the travel industry, TripAdvisor is the leader who is aiming to provide a list on every hotel, restaurants, other travel related information in the world.

They have also launch TripAdvisor app for more accessibility.

  • MakeMyTrip

With more people started booking their travel themselves, the online travel industry began to boom. MyMakeTrip provides travelers with the opportunity of online booking at a cutting-edge cost. There are other companies too that have started the trend of online booking, but In India, MakeMyTrip is one of the first among others to achieve success in this platform.

  • Airbnb

Airbnb followed the same online accommodation booking system but with a twist. Here, people can rent out their properties or rooms to guests. The purpose of Airbnb is to provide the travelers with an option to stay with the locals to make their traveling meaningful. It also gives a fair opportunity to the people to earn a share.

You will have an option for one room or two rooms or even a bungalow if you want. Airbnb is a review based, so you need to see the review first before booking. In India, it is still growing, but in the USA and Europe, Airbnb is quite popular among travelers.

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  • Cox & King

Cox & King is one of the oldest established travel company. It has operations in 22 countries around the globe. In the travel and tourism industry, it carries a good reputation. They are expert in all forms of travel includes corporate travel, private travel, sponsored travel, educational travel and tours for senior citizens. They also have launched tours for disabled travelers which is hugely supportive and well-managed.

  • TCS World Travel

TCS World Travel is a private jet luxury journey which is focused on providing worry-free travel experiences to their high-end travelers. They are designed to intensify the luxury travel to a next level.

  • Walt Disney Travel Company

The Walt Disney Travel Company is a part of the Disney family, which focuses on to provide the first-class service to their customers. They also include the Disney Cruise Line, a Disney dreamland where everyone desires to go. They offer magical deals and entertainment. They also provide Disney Cruise package which covers the flight and hotel expenses.

They help the travelers to book tickets and reservations for the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts around the world.

  • Asia Transpacific Journey

Asia Transpacific Journey was awarded the world’s most knowledgeable and travel enthusiast agency. They try to offer the best tour services to their prestigious customers.

They offer group trips to some amazing places like Laos & Thailand and other Asian countries too.

Online travel industry/agencies are growing fast. They do offer a great opportunity to the hotels, restaurants and airlines industry to provide easy and secure booking service to the customers/travelers. But with the upcoming advanced technology, these companies might face some serious challenges.

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List of Best TV Series That Have Every Reason to Get Started This Weekend

You may have noticed there is a craze going on with the television series. Big platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, HBO, Hulu, they are all competing against each other to come up with the best television content than ever.

Almost every month, there is more competition for them to have the best television shows.

For a variety of reasons, television shows are favorite than movies. One significant advantage is they can captivate a big audience if the show is a hit. You can take shows like ‘Games of Thrones,’ ‘Friends,’ ‘House of Card’ and few more as an example. They have a bigger audience with each season coming up every year.

With so many contents and so many options, it is pretty hard to categorize them as the ‘best shows. Because each content is different from the rest and each has a unique contribution.

What if you are confused with so many options available right in front of you, and you can’t decide which one to watch in the first place?

So, I being a movie and television buff, after watching uncountable episodes and series, I have come up with a list of ‘Best TV series’ that you can add up on your ‘to do’ list.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is one of the best television shows ever. The deeply damaged protagonist Mr. Walter white, the evolution of his character from being a sane, simple man to becoming insane for power and money towards the end, his blatant criminal skills have made him a vicious character. This one is one of the groundbreaking TV shows.

Breaking Bad is still streaming on Netflix. I can’t describe more in words which will explain why this particular show is so popular. You need to watch if you haven’t yet.

House of Cards

House of Cards is one of the best political TV shows that depict the story of an ambitious congressman who utilizes his powerful influence to climb up the political ladder by manipulating his several colleagues. How he plots behind the closed doors and accomplishes every personal crusade. There are many other good political television shows, but House of Cards has earned its place.

It is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime both.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most famous American TV show. People love to watch the show for its laughter, jokes, and story which was out of box idea. The Big Bang Theory being a sitcom genre of the TV show is very simple nothing too complicated ‘geek culture’ but surprisingly went well through its time. Even now in 2018, if you want to spend your lazy Sunday evening watching television ‘TBBT’ will be a good choice.

Gilmore Girls

The television series ‘Gilmore Girls’ is available on Netflix. The show is revolving around the lives of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (mother and daughter). It is a show which illustrates the mother-daughter relationship which is one of the purest and beautiful forms of love. The show did touch several other elements too, which are essential in our daily life also. The audience did love and admired the two principal characters then, and now too you can relate yourself while watching Gilmore Girls.

Peaky Blinders

If you like ‘Breaking Bad,’ then I guess you should keep ‘Peaky Blinders’ on your next to watch list. This British gangster drama has been considered as a deserving show that can join the club of ‘Best TV Series.’ The show has a collection of some of the best actors in the UK incorporating with fantastic music, acting, criminal mastermind scenes, and plots.

If you have missed it by any chance, don’t miss it now after reading.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars on Netflix is quite a popular show amongst the young generation. The layers of stories it has with each episode, secrets, the darkness of character, love, lust, family, murder every element that can glue you to it till the end. There are seven seasons and each season will give you enough suspense and thriller to enjoy. The show has multiple characters and each interrelated, in some episodes, the storyline might confuse you and force you to think about it all day. Interesting isn’t it?

There is news that season 8 is going to air soon but if you haven’t watched it then start this weekend.

The Handmaid’s Tale

This is a show which you should never miss. The Handmaid’s Tale was nominated 20 times for different categories. The subject of the show has set it above everything. The writing, political issues, social hostility it does focuses on the intricate details. To fully understand, you need to get to watch the show starting this weekend. You will see the different aspects that the show talks about through situations.


A Netflix Original series ‘Narcos’ is like a documentary of a drug lord named ‘Pablo Escobar.’ The show reveals the rise and fall of Escobar, his millions criminal activity, how he infiltrated drug business in the US. The entire show is compelling and gripping. The lead actor who has played the role of Escobar has done an impeccable job.

A perfect show to watch this weekend with your wife or maybe alone doesn’t matter. But must watch it.


Many don’t know or heard of the TV series ‘Broadchurch.’ It is available on Netflix in the British category. The show is set on a beautiful remote town based on a police investigation drama. An 11-year-old boy whose body was found lying on the beach, throughout the investigation of the crime reveals several hurtful secrets of the people, families, and town.

Broadchurch is one of my favorite television shows mainly because of the emotional sequences and trauma that each goes through. Each character portrayed so naturally and with precision.

I strongly recommend Broadchurch to watch.

Jane the Virgin

Very recently, I completed watching ‘Jane the Virgin,’ a television drama with a unique storyline ‘a woman named Jane who gets artificially and accidentally inseminated, and her journey throughout. The character Jane has brought forth the ‘motherhood’ element in the show which has successfully won audiences heart. Not only this but Jane the Virgin has also talked about issues like economic, immigration.

One reason people loved the show because it has embraced the Latin Language, the importance of Catholicism, and parental guidance.

It is available on Netflix.

The Wire

As per the report, The Wire has crossed 4 million viewing figures on HBO. You can imagine what makes the show so popular.

For that, you seriously need to watch the classic show ‘The Wire.’ Critics say it is ‘one of the best things ever on TV.’

I can say a ton about ‘The Wire,’ but I rather leave it to you the audience to figure out why it is the best of all.

Jack Ryan

The new Jack Ryan is like the small screen Bourne. Lots of action, terrorist activities, plan and plot with the motive to end terrorism. Jack Ryan the character is a very bright and smart government agent, with the superb intellect he aids solutions and crack codes. If you are a fan of Bond or Mission Impossible series, then I guess you will love watching Jack Ryan too.

It is an Amazon Prime Original Series.

The Crown

The Crown is the best show on Netflix. A queen is fighting for her survival, maintaining the legacy, torn between duty and family. It is a period British drama that depicts a part of the history of the Queen. Critics have showered praises for the remarkable performances. Claire Foy, who played the Queen has been awarded the Golden Globe for her marvelous performance. The Crown is an expensive television show, but it is worth your time at every respect.

Bates Motel

For a long time, ‘Bates Motel’ has been my all-time favorite unconventional television show. The story is very eccentric to capture your attention. The mother-son duo with a psychological twist. A psychotic, over-sensitive son who slide into a dissociative state turning him into a murderer in which he finds pleasure. The madness and horrific character flaw is something to watch.

Big Little Lies

The show mainly centers the female characters, has combined several secrets, lies, and revelations with each character. The plot is surprising enough to hold the audiences’ the attention. I have added ‘Big Little Lies’ because it deserves to be in the top.

Cable Girls

‘Cable Girls’ is yet another Netflix Original Series set in a period of 1920s in Madrid which follows the story of four cable operators. It is Netflix’s first Spanish production, so worry not if you don’t know Spanish that’s why subtitles are for.

The storyline has twist and suspense, a core drama series.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, the show is a period-comedy series. The lead character Midge Maisel is a flawed fictional character who tries to find her path. A simple light-hearted beautiful story.  Season 2 is soon coming too, so better you wrap up with Season 1.

Better Call Saul

One must watch ‘Breaking Bad’ if he/she wants to understand ‘Better Call Saul’. Saul Goodman who was the lawyer of the meth kingpin Walter White (Breaking Bad). The show is all about him, his character, his cases.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The show is an absurdly delightful gothic genre of drama. A wonderful masterpiece, brilliant performances, and detailed production might encourage you to watch. It is a modern fairy tale highly fascinating to watch the show on Netflix this weekend with a big bucket of popcorn.

If you have something else in your mind or you want me to add anything left out, you are welcome to engage in a conversation in the below comment section.

Thank you so much.

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Why Am I So Addictive to ‘Netflix’?

A year ago, I was in Seattle living my peaceful life away from my people. It was tough and was the first time I went outside the country. Needless to say, a fantastic city to stay and I had a mixed feeling about my experience staying aboard. After working vigorously, entertainment is all that I needed at the end of the day before going to bed. Being an introvert, I like to stay being myself doing my things at my leisure time.

Watching good movies is one such thing that I like. I didn’t have a television either was I intend to buy. I had my amazing laptop with me and had a wi-fi connection.

Wanting to watch movies at night, I started looking for movies online, but it wasn’t enough. Most of the sites were untrusted, movies were old and even the annoying part was the quality of the video.

Now, what to do? Annoyed and irritated I expressed my annoyance to one of my dear colleagues. She was living in the States for a long time, and she has been quite helpful to me.

“There are sites where you can sign up and enjoy watching some great contents if you want?”


Okay, this might work. After a whole crazy day, I grabbed my dinner from the ‘Whole Food’ along with some other items. Drove back home, took 10 minutes to do things, opened my laptop googled and set an account in Netflix.

After a few moments, I was gazing at the categories and what amazed me? It has every genre of movies. I do still remember, for like 20-25 minutes I was only searching and looking at the contents that Netflix had. I was more curious to watch the television styled series.

There were less of Indian content at that time as compared to now where you can see more participation from the Indian film industry.

So, the first Netflix series that I enjoyed watching that night was ‘THE ORIGINALS.‘ And I finished two episodes that night. I found the content very fresh and quite enjoyable. All the vampire fantasy stories that I used to read when I was in college. I was sleepy, tired willing to shut down my brain for that night but still, it hooked me up.

From that night my journey with Netflix started, and it still goes on in India too.

It’s been months when Netflix has started streaming in India too. With more than a million subscribers Netflix is still competing with Amazon Prime Videos in India.

No Commercials

Yes. No commercials which I find superb. You can watch hours of content without obstructions. I always find commercials very distracting. It takes away the moment of excitement.

Unique Content

One of the key strategies of Netflix is ‘they are focused on their content from the starting.’ If you look in detail, you will come to understand how much they give priority and put their investment on creating exceptional content. They try to live up to customers demand and sustain higher quality content to compete with other television giants like HBO, HULU

It is from the year 2011 (correct me if I am wrong) they have started to add original content to its streaming service. Popular Netflix Original shows like ‘Orange is the New Black,’ ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘The Crown’ and a few more have successfully created a magic line in the entertainment world.

Some other quite legendary TV series like ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Narcos,’ Marvel’s superheroes ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Luke Cage,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ ‘House of Cards’ and the list goes on and on. There is no end. But these are a few that I guess every Netflix lover has admired.

Apart from the TV series, Netflix does offer some of the fantastic movies too. You need to choose which genre of film you want to watch, and their website will deliver you that. They also have several independent movies. Some of my favorites are ‘Ankhon Dekhi,’ ‘That Girl in Yellow Boots,’ ‘The Meyerowitz Stories,’ ‘The Fundamentals of Caring.’

I can not deny the fact that because of its ability to provide the viewers something offbeat and refreshing we who love Netflix want to keep coming back to see what’s more it has to offer.


I think we all agree with this, how Netflix addiction has poisoned our brain. I used to watch a lot of Netflix, but then I realized how my mind was getting restless in the thoughts of streaming. With so many options available right at my fingertips, I had Netflix all caught up inside my mind and free time. As a result, I wasn’t using my time in doing anything productive which is a step backward in ‘self-improvement.’

Too much indulgence in Netflix damages your time management. I was lucky enough to realize it sooner and mend my way.

I believe I am not the only one with a Netflix problem. The company has given us every reason to get glued with it.

I admit I love Netflix more than Amazon Prime Videos or Hulu or anything. They have added a few theme oriented contents like ‘The Haunting of Hill House’, ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, ‘Haunted’ especially for this year Halloween.

I am currently watching ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ which is quite enchanting. I desire to watch more every night but prefer to stick to one episode per day.

We still don’t have a cable connection, so Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the two that I enjoy watching at the end of the night.

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Facts You Should Know About the Statue of Unity in India

The 182-meter-high gigantic ‘Statue of Unity‘ is a tribute to the country’s first Home Minister ‘Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.’ He was known as the ‘Ironman’ of India. His contribution to independent India is noteworthy.


It is believed to be the world’s tallest monument now leaving behind China’s ‘Spring Temple Buddha Statue‘ and the renowned ‘Statue of Liberty‘. It is 29 meters taller than the Spring Temple Buddha Statue and almost 93 meters taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York.


The statue is located at the Sadhu Bet Island on the Narmada river, between Satpura and the Vindhya mountain ranges in Surat. You could imagine the scenic view from the description of the location.

Now, to pay respect to the great legend, our honorable Prime Minister has chosen the date of the inauguration on the 143-birth anniversary of Sardar Patel.

It is indeed a massive project, and it is said that it took a whopping amount of around Rs 2,989 crores to complete the project. That’s a considerable amount.

This prestigious project was given to the Turner Construction and the Larsen and Turbo company. They have done an incredible job.

Things to see

Apart from the statue, there is a museum and an exhibition hall that has been constructed inside this enormous structure, representing the life and contribution of Sardar Patel. An overview of pre-independent and post-independent India.

It has also constructed an additional 52 guest rooms, auditoriums, and galleries for the tourists.

One of the fantastic things about the statue is, it has a viewing area where you can reach by elevator.

After all the overindulgence, there remains a question:

Is the amount invested in the project is worthy? Will, the project itself, can attract tourist? Can it boom the tourism sector?

The Gujrat government expects flourishing business in the tourism industry. The motive is to promote ‘sustainable economic growth and to promote the local culture.’ But investing almost 3000 crores towards a statue isn’t worth for economic development. As per research, it won’t drive that much tourist unless they are offering something more for the tourist.

Some people think ‘the government could have invested this much amount of money towards the agricultural and industrial sector.’

The economic growth of which the government is talking about or expecting can be attained if there is a better agricultural facility, ways that could give rise to more job opportunities.

The youth of our country needs motivation.

If the core purpose is to bring forth the tourism business then it is my firm opinion ‘our government could have financed the money in the maintenance of the numerous historical ruins of our country.’ Those are neglected and left behind for decades.

Still, I would say, it is a proud thing for all the citizen of India. The ‘statue of Unity’ symbolizes discipline, unity, and determination. I hope Indian citizens especially all state governments and the central government will hold to what it stands for.

Featured Image Credit: India Today.

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