How Giving Space to your Partner can make your Relationship strong 1

How Giving Space to your Partner can make your Relationship strong

Love is a beautiful and the purest feeling in the world. But only love can’t make a relationship stronger. There are many other things that a relationship needs to maintain it.

You need to take care of it at every step. When you are in love, you give your entire attention to each other to build up a beautiful relationship.

You love to do things together, to ensure each other that “I am always with you.”

Now, if your partner is asking for little time off from you or some space, then would you react?

Asking for space doesn’t mean that your partner doesn’t love you anymore. It is okay to give each other some time off to do things that you like to do in your time; i.e., ‘Me Time.’

It can be reading, watching sports, doing yoga or going out with friends, go to parlor get yourself pampered. You can do anything in your personal space.

It is essential to give yourself time and attention, that will make you feel great about yourself which leads to a happier relationship.

To, maintain a happy relationship you need to be happy first then only you can make an effort to do every possible thing that will make your partner happy.

Having a healthy life outside your relationship won’t harm, instead it will help you to stay committed and focus on each other. No one likes to stay glued to each other all the time.

You will love it at first, but after some days or a few months, you or your partner might get irritated. So, why waiting for that situation to occur?

By giving space, I never mean to ignore each other. Taking a break is something like recharging your energy that you are committed to providing with all your heart and soul in your relationship.

So, if you feel you need a little space for yourself, it is always the best way to convey your thoughts to your partner.

If you see he/she is misinterpreting the whole notion of giving space make her/him understand ‘why you need it and why it is important.’

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You are genuinely in love with each other, want to devote all your time and attention to your partner but never let your identity get lost. There should always be a sense of independence and personal freedom.

Get yourself to engage in positive activities that can help you build a better mindset. Like, if you want to join a gym or dance class, you can do that, and that will be your productive activity in your “me time.”

My husband and I often take “personal space from each other.” It helps us to boost individuals’ growth and commitment towards one another.

I love reading so I utilize my time in doing things that I love, and that keeps me motivated.

Likewise, he plays video games, does his training or even goes for a walk alone early in the morning to keep his mind fresh.

To sum up, ‘giving space will keep your relationship strong’ but how?

  • It will help you to keep your individuality
  • When you are happy, you will make your partner happy too
  • It will not let you feel confined in a relationship, with personal space you will get that freedom and eventually won’t affect your relationship
  • It won’t bring boredom towards each other
  • Lastly, love will keep growing between both

People often have a misconception that spending some time away from your partner means your relationship is struggling. Instead, it makes your relationship stronger, increases your love and grow fond of each other.

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Note: But don’t distance yourself from one another, if there is an issue going on, better try to communicate instead of giving each other too much space.

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