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Welcome to my blog!

Worldupclose is managed and owned by Paulomi Dutta & Atanu Basu, which got started in 2018.

I have always been an ardent lover of reading and writing. After spending years in teaching, I moved my profession to content writing.

I have been to different parts of India and lived for 3 years in the USA. I have had an amazing opportunity to travel and explore beautiful places with my husband. I loved to learn about the different topography, languages people speak, and cultures I experienced at each place.

In this blog, you will see several articles on ‘travel’; they are all an accumulation of my experiences that I love to share here.

Beyond traveling, I am crazy about movies & TV shows. I have all the major subscriptions of streaming platforms that are available in India, and all my recommendations are based on my experiences after watching them.

You can also read a lot of content on ‘Relationship’. I am happily married for six years now, and I love sharing all my relationship/marriage tips and advice that had helped me establishing a beautiful relationship. I have known many couples who are struggling in their relationship; writing on this niche gives me the motivation to help and guide other couples.

The goal of this blog is to share informational content and the wonders of ‘simple life’ and how Productive can you make.

I hope you will all enjoy reading. I am hoping to create more content and reach a wider audience.

If you want to collaborate, please mail me at ‘paulomidutta89@gmail.com’

We have started taking paid sponsored posts, brand collaboration, product reviews. We hope to give our best services and most importantly, make our readers satisfied with the contents.

For detailed information, please refer to the ‘Advertise’ page.

Thank you for visiting.

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