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About me

Hello !!

I am Paulomi Dutta; the creator of ‘WorldUpClose.’ Before telling you about WorldUpClose, I would like to say a few about myself. I am married and live in Pune, India. Writing and reading have always been my two most favorite things. I love to read about places, food, culture, movies, and the list goes on. I love sharing ideas and thoughts with others. For the last many years, I have wanted to create a blog, but due to several issues, it didn’t happen. In 2018, I finally created ‘WorldUpClose’ with the help and support of my beloved husband.

The goal of ‘WorldUpClose’ is to share information and the wonders of the world with you all. I will share articles on travel tips, places, movie reviews, lists of things, human relationships and marriage problems and solutions. All articles that I post are well-researched and aim only to help you and entertain you.

I hope you will find my articles helpful and hope to get your love and support to motivate me in writing more.

Thank you for visiting.

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