About me

Hello !!

I am Paulomi Dutta; the founder of ‘WorldUpClose.’ Before telling you about WorldUpClose, I would like to say a few about myself.

I am married, living in Pune, India for three years now. I spent my two amazing years in Seattle, USA, where I traveled and explored as much as I could.

Writing and reading have always been my two most favorite things. I love to read about places, food, culture, movies, and the list goes on. I love sharing ideas and thoughts with others.

For the last many years, I have wanted to create a blog, but due to several issues, it didn’t happen. In 2018, I finally created ‘WorldUpClose’ with the help and support of my beloved husband.

The goal of ‘WorldUpClose’ is to share information and the wonders of the world with you all. I will share articles on travel tips, places, movie, lists of things, human relationships, marriage problems, and solutions.

All articles that I post are well-researched, will be sharing my views and aim only to help you and entertain you.

I hope you will find my articles helpful and hope to get your love and support which will motivate me in writing more.

If you find my work interesting and want to ‘WORK WITH ME’/ COLLABORATE, you can mail me at Paulomidutta89@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting.

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