42 Best Anniversary Date Ideas on A Budget 2023

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Hey, guys, if you are looking for anniversary date ideas on a budget, then this post is for you.

Don’t skip yet, just give it a read as you will find pretty amazing anniversary date ideas that you could use on your anniversary day.

Celebrating an anniversary is important. It is that special day when two individuals who are in love tie the knot to spend the rest of their life together forever.

Now, I would like to ask how do you want to celebrate your anniversary day?

4th June was my anniversary day, and my husband has made me happier by arranging everything so perfectly. Nothing extravagant but on a budget.

So, I was in my hometown, which is located in a different state in India. When I came back home, I found a few simple changes that surprised me.

“A letter attached with a magnet on the fridge front door expressing his feelings, two indoor plants, five photos of us ‘together’ on frames, a set of showpieces and a wind chime.”

These are all simple things but given with love so makes it more special. Now, because this post is focused on ‘date ideas on a budget,’ all the things mentioned above are within a thousand rupees (around $14).

So, if you are like us and looking for anniversary date ideas which could be pocket-friendly and want to make your spouse happy, this blog post is for you.

Follow below the points, I am going to give you some of the fantastic ideas which we (my husband and I) often celebrate.

Anniversary Date Ideas on a Budget

Binge-Watch Netflix Series

You can pretty much enjoy spending your anniversary day in binge- watching some of the amazing Netflix series in your pajamas with a big bowl of popcorn.

It is actually fun and relaxing. Sundays are lazy days for us (me and my husband), we often spent the entire morning till noon watching Netflix and Amazon Prime movies and series.

This is an entirely budget-friendly date idea for your anniversary.

Netflix on Annniversary

Throw a Small Party

If you both have a group of close friends and your spouse wants to celebrate the big day with everyone.

To make it unique, you can plan to surprise your spouse by pre-arranging everything with the help of your friends.

Many love this anniversary date idea too. You can invest a little amount on a small party just a cake, wine and some snacks would be fine for a celebration, I guess.

Anniversary date ideas

Wine and Home Cook Meal

We all love home cook meal.

What could be a better anniversary date night?

A table beautifully decorated with candles and a vase of flower. You see your spouse has made an effort to make a meal for you served with a glass of wine on your side.

This one is an idea which is on a budget and amazingly romantic too.

Wine and meal

Write a Letter

Earlier couples used to write each other letters expressing their feelings but now as the technology advanced WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, all these communication apps have come.

Literally, people have forgotten the art of writing. I feel writing letters are emotional and romantic. It is a great way to let your spouse know what you think about her/him.

The best part is this lovely gesture will not even cost you a dime.

Explore the city on a local food tour

If you are looking for a cheap anniversary date yet want it romantic and fun-filled, how about exploring a day in the city on a local food tour.

This date idea will be a lot of fun for the foodies. Grab a dairy and list down all the best places in the city that serve the best food.

42 Best Anniversary Date Ideas on A Budget 2023 1

Relive Your Wedding Day

If feels amazing when you relive your wedding day on the anniversary day. Both days are special and should be celebrated in a way that makes you both happy.

Relive the wedding memories and promises that you both made to each other.

Music and Dance at Home

If you want to stay indoor and spend quality time with each other, I would say this is the best way to celebrate an anniversary day. You can do anything together.

You can cook together, bath together, watch television, laugh, sing, share stories literally anything.

Among the many, one of my favorites is to turn on some rocking music and shake legs with each other. This is not only a fun thing to do but a way to share a light and cheerful moment with each other.

Image result for music and dance at home
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Spend the Day at the Beach

Your anniversary is coming, and you are wondering how to surprise your spouse.

Here is an anniversary date idea for you which won’t cost you much.

You can take her/him on a short drive around the city to a nearby beach and together can spend the day enjoying on the beach.

Couple walking on the beach

Dinner at your Spouse’s Favorite Restaurant

How about dinner date on your spouse’s favorite restaurant?

I have a favorite place in my town ‘Marine Drive’ where I love eating their ‘Grilled fish in butter sauce,’ so often on a dinner date on a particular day like anniversary, birthdays, my husband takes me to this amazing place.

A Cruise Dinner Date

Have you ever thought of planning an anniversary dinner date on a Cruise?

If you think that this isn’t budget-friendly, then let me tell you that you can make it possible if you book hourly on a cruise.

When my husband and I went to Goa to celebrate our 3rd anniversary, my husband booked the dinner on the cruise for 2 hours and it was on a budget.

Although not every cruise offers hourly charges. You can confirm and accordingly book your table.

cruise dinner date on anniversary date

Arrange a Romantic Picnic

Anniversary date doesn’t have to be overgenerous, even simple things can make your day happening. You can start planning your anniversary date with a romantic picnic in your backyard.

You just need a spare table, two chairs, some food, and music. If you want to make it more romantic, then you can arrange a tent inside which you can set the table and chairs and do some lighting to make it look subtle.

anniversary date arrangement

Go for a Swim on a Lake

Can this be considered as a date idea?

Why not? Both of you enjoy swimming, it relaxes your mind. Grab your costume and drive to the nearby lake. You can enjoy an hour of swimming in the sparkling water under the sun.

Not only this, but you can also arrange a picnic near the lake.

“When I was in Seattle, I used to stay near the Washington Lake and mostly in the evening I used to enjoy watching couples swimming together laughing out loud and relax on their picnic spot all by themselves.

I don’t see that happen in India.

man and woman jumping towards body of water

An Evening to a Comedy Club

Stand-up comedy is a much-hyped thing these days. You can pretty much enjoy watching live in a comedy club. The tickets aren’t much costly. Continuous laughing for an hour or two well worth your money.

 Comedy Club

Local Fair

“My husband took me to the ‘Puyallup Fair’ on our 2nd anniversary in Washington State, USA. It was great fun.”

Many might think going to a fair isn’t a good idea for an ‘anniversary date,’ trust me if you are a minimalist and love rides and games, then local fair is for you.

group of people on grass field under sunny day

Go for Antique Shopping

If your spouse loves shopping or collecting antique things. Then taking her/him for an antique shopping could be a good anniversary date idea.

You will find a great many antique shops in every city, a tour of those shops or gallery will make your partner happy.

Visit the Spot Where You First Met

I remember the first time I met my husband was in a small café in my hometown and I would love to revisit the same café. Unfortunately, that café has shut down long back.

Going back to those places brings back memories that are sentimental. If you want to surprise your partner, walk them down to the memory lane.

Revisit those places where you both first met, and that turned out to be the best day of your life.

Wine Tasting

Is your spouse a wine lover?

If the answer is yes, then what could be a better anniversary date idea than ‘wine tasting in a vineyard.’ For a wine lover, it is a great way to celebrate the special day.

wine tasting


You can reserve a seat on a karaoke club for two. I have been to a Karaoke club; it isn’t that costly. I am sure you have saved a bit to celebrate the most memorable day with your spouse.

A night of singing would bring you happiness and to your spouse.


You and your spouse both love hiking and to explore nature. Spending your day amid nature would be a different experience.

No materialistic approach, it would be purely an earthly and on a budget kind of celebration.

couple hiking together on an anniversary

Go, Bowling

This was precisely what I did on my third anniversary. A drive around the city with my husband and went for ‘bowling’ where we had to pay only $12 for an hour of enjoyment.

I hope it is a budget-friendly idea for you because for me it is.

person in black pants and brown shoes sitting on glass ball

A Movie Date

A movie date is one of the most common dates ever. Most couples do pick this date idea to celebrate their day because it is not time-consuming, is entertaining and pocket-friendly.

Plus, if you have a bucket of popcorn and coke with you, then it made your day.

Drive-in Movie Date

Do you know that a drive-in movie date is way more enjoyable than watching a movie in the movie theatre. You can enjoy watching the entire film by just sitting in your car.

Those who haven’t tried, you must at least try this as an anniversary movie date. It is fun, relaxed and something new.

Go Camping

Camping would be a great anniversary date idea for them who are adventurous. You can spend the entire day camping at your and your spouse’s favorite spot.

Camping an anniversary date ideas

Candlelight Dinner

Yeah, have I told you about how candlelight dinner at home could be a romantic one?

If you and your spouse prefer to stay indoors and spend quality time together, I guess candlelight dinner with a home-cooked meal would be one of the purest and idealistic anniversary date ideas.

Perfect anniversary date idea Candlelight Dinner

Find Out Free Local Events

When you want to celebrate on a budget, you have to look around and see what ‘free local events’ are going on.

Events like musical shows or local band performance or an art exhibition, it could be anything. There are communities in the town who host ‘free events’ sometimes. These are quite good for spending time.

Ferry Ride

How about a ferry ride to another small island or place?

I believe a ferry ride for an hour or more with your partner would be a great anniversary date. Taking your spouse on a ferry ride, surrounded by water all around is romantic.

I remember when I was in Washington state, my husband and I often used to enjoy a ferry ride from Seattle to Whidbey Island on weekends. It used to be fun and relaxing.

Happy Hour Brunch

Yes, you read it correctly. Happy hours brunch is a unique anniversary date idea on a budget. Happy hour means when you can have a meal at a much lower cost than expected. It’s like a discount coupon.

These are great for them who are great foodies. Even I like happy hours too. But definitely, you can turn your happy hour into an anniversary date.

lunch date

Go Fishing

Do you like fishing?

Do you know that fishing is an art of patience? But how could it be a date idea?

Well, this date idea isn’t for everyone. Those who love fishing, they will like the notion of catching fish together in a quaint lakeside area. Quite romantic in silence too.

person holding black and silver fishing reel

Bonfire Anniversary Night

Have you ever tried a bonfire anniversary date night?

It is like two romantic individuals celebrating the unforgettable day of their life in front of a bonfire at night.

Game Night at Home

You and your spouse both love playing Xbox, and on your anniversary night, you can plan for a game night at home itself.

To make it more interesting, together you can prepare your meal and decorate the table with some awesomely cooked food and start playing the game.

Make a Brunch/Dinner at Home

A simple way of celebrating your anniversary day is to make brunch/dinner together as a couple. As per the research, it says couples who cook together are the happiest.

Also, a date idea like this is budget-friendly.

Pizza Night

If you are a couple who loves pizza, then a pizza date night would be the perfect one to rejoice the togetherness.

Pizza for anniversary date idea

Fruit Picking

An unusual date idea for an anniversary. Fruit picking is something which you can enjoy doing in a big fruit garden where all kinds of fruits are grown.

Usually, this is a very original idea as big fruit gardens are hardly seen in the cities.

So, try this if you want to feel different.

Hot Tub Bath

Who doesn’t love to take a hot tub bath?

Well, imagine it’s your anniversary day, and your spouse got two spa coupons. What would be your reaction?

It’s okay if you don’t want to spend a dime because you have a money crunch situation. But that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating the day.

You could arrange your bathtub with lukewarm bubble water, with a few aromatic candles and two glasses of wine.

Even this way, you have all the benefits. You can save your money; you both can enjoy some private space and the romantic ambiance too.

A Food Truck Tour

The food truck is trending. Find out when is the next food truck tour/events and schedule your calendar accordingly for your anniversary.

woman in brown coat standing in front of food stall

Ice Cream Date

Who doesn’t love ice cream?

An ice cream date is fun, cheap and romantic too. If your pocket doesn’t allow you to spend much, but you want to have a lovely anniversary date night, I can bet that going to an ice cream parlor will make your spouse happy.

person holding ice cream in cone

Volunteer Together to Make the World a Better Place

Together as a couple, you can also volunteer on purposeful things like cleaning the roads, feeding the poor, helping old people.

Basically, try to do something together, which will make a difference in the society/planet for the greater good.

Go on a Motorcycle Ride

Some love motorcycle ride, choose your destination, pack light, and go on.

If you want to go on a budget, then you can also give a ride to around the city and explore your city. I am sure you will discover many new things that you haven’t seen earlier.

Bike ride

Plant a Garden at your Backyard

A very few couples have a similar passion/interest in gardening. They enjoy spending time planting and nourishing the plants. So, you can turn your interest into a date idea for an anniversary too.

green potted plant on brown clay pot

Visit a Botanical Garden and Arrange a Picnic

Visiting a Botanical garden is always rejuvenating because you will be surrounded by lots and lots of plants and trees. To make the day merrier, you can plan a small picnic sitting amid the greenery and share beautiful memories of the past.

man in black t-shirt sitting on woman in white tank top and man in black

Long Walk

I enjoy a long walk with my husband the most. This is the best time I would say that we both enjoy because we can keep talking about so many stuff without any distraction. Also, walking is good for health.

Sometimes you don’t have to spend a hundred bucks for celebrating your anniversary just a long happy walk can make your special day memorable.

couple long walk

Bake a Cake Together

It’s your anniversary day, how about baking a cake together?

baking cake


So, these are some of the simple yet effective anniversary date ideas, that is romantic and budget-friendly. Along with this, you can also read another interesting article on Sunday date ideas at home for married couples.

If you like this post, please do share with others. I need your support so that it will motivate me to write more such amazing articles for you.

Thank you all.

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