The Ultimate Revelation of Why Solo Traveling Is Trending

Traveling is always fun and inspiring. But you will be surprised to know how much ‘solo traveling‘ are people opting for.

Planning a trip all by yourself, taking care of everything related to travel sounds itself so amazing and adventurous.

Why do you think people of all age choose to do solo travel at least once in his/her lifetime?

There must be something unique about it. Isn’t it?

Solo travel can be anything a road trip or trip to a country where your heart desires to go. There are absolutely no boundaries or if and but. You are free to make any travel related decision.

There are a bunch of wonderful reasons why solo traveling is trending so popular these days and why you should too give yourself a chance to plan a solo trip.

The Ultimate Revelation of Why Solo Traveling Is Trending 1


When you travel with your partner or anyone, you have to listen to his/her wishes and demands too. You can’t always be on the same page. One or the other sometimes have to compromise with some of the choices.

But solo traveling gives you that freedom. You can plan as per your wish. You can go anywhere your soul want.

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Focus on yourself

Modern life is tiresome and dull. Traveling is a way to revive your mind and soul. Solo travel can give you what we all look for ‘re-connection with our inner thoughts/soul.’

It will provide you with the time to discover about yourself.

Solo traveling will boost your confidence and growth.

An opportunity to learn about other culture/ meeting new people

If you love meeting new people, then I would say ‘solo traveling‘ can be very helpful and inspirational.

Making a connection with the locals, knowing their culture and tradition can feel refreshing.

You can also meet like-minded travelers on the way.

You can share with them your travel experiences and vice-versa.

Discover more about everything

Going solo on a trip is more engaging as you can explore the destination altogether. You will have more time, and you can utilize it even in learning something new about that place and its people.

Helps in cultivate confidence

Solo traveling isn’t a thing that you can think of doing on each trip. It involves a lot of planning and mental preparation. The whole planning thing, taking care of everything all alone brings together a feeling of a boost in confidence.

Your confidence and strong conscience will make your solo trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Now, over the past few years, the percentage of female solo travel enthusiast has increased dramatically.

As per the travel industry association report, 70% of travel agent says solo female travelers are more in numbers than solo male travel buff. 

The world around us is beautiful but never too safe for a woman or girl to travel alone.

Here are some of the tips that could keep you safe while traveling. As safety always remain the priority.


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Keep all your essential documents always with you

Always carry a bag with you and keep documents like passport, identity card, insurance card, important contact numbers with you.

Before leaving for your trip make sure to make copies of all the documents.It is always better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

You never know when things could go wrong. You can also take photos of each document on your phone. I do that often.

Stay connected with your family and close friends

Always let your family and close friends know your details like where you are going, which hotel you are staying and things like that.

If you have any change in plans, update your parents/spouse/friends accordingly, so that they won’t worry much. Get your phone internet access or local wi-fi so that even if you can’t call, you can at least contact them over VOIP.

Keep little bit cash with you always

Having no money in your pocket? Only cards in your wallet?
Its signal trouble is calling my friend.

Mostly in small towns stores and restaurants don’t accept cards. So, imagine after eating or purchasing something, you offer them to pay by card, and you find no atm nearby for cash, what will happen?

You don’t want to ask a stranger for help. You can avoid this kind of situations by keeping some cash with you.

Avoid taking walks at night

In some countries, it’s not safe to walk alone at night. In other words, it is dangerous. Stay at your hotel room and do your planning only at day hours. If you want to go out make sure you go in groups.

Dress appropriately

You can try to adapt to the culture of the destination, for example, you can dress like a local, try to blend in by making an effort to speak their language.

Before going to the destination, do some research on what’s appropriate to wear. As a tourist, if you respect their customs and culture, they will admire you and also make you feel safe.

Keep a map with you

You must keep a paper map with you of the desired destination. Also, you can update google map on your phone which could direct you with details.

Trust your instinct

When you are traveling solo, you have to trust your gut feeling more than anything. If you aren’t feeling safe or if your gut is saying that something is wrong, take precautionary action immediately.

Keep your phone always active with an emergency number like a local police station, hotel help desk number.

Traveling sounds exciting, but some people don’t have the best intentions, so you need to be always beware of your surroundings.

Don’t drink alcohol

I strictly recommend “DON’T CONSUME ALCOHOL’ when you are out alone.

It is important always to be in the right conscience and conscious. Some people might want to take advantage of you.

By saying this, I don’t mean to scare or discourage you, but there is no harm in staying aware and calm, by avoiding the alcohol part.


To the closing, I would say traveling solo is adventurous and irrespective of the gender, a person must at least try and experience the journey.

If you are too afraid then ignore going aboard, you can do ‘solo traveling’ within your country. You can choose any state where you have always wanted to go and explore its beauty on your own.

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