How to Play Holi Safely During Covid-19 in India

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Holi, the festival of colors, is knocking on the door. But this year is no different from the last year. The deadly Covid-19 has killed the enthusiasm and thrill that the festival brings with it.

Even though there are vaccinations available now, still it hasn’t eradicated the issue. The numbers are consistently rising due to ignorance and not taking a right precautionary steps.

From the last year, Covid-19 has changed the world. We are no longer do things normally like we used to do in the past.

India is a country of several festivals. Almost every month there comes a festival. Holi is a national festival celebrated by everyone in the country.

Unlike last year, this year gives a little respite from the lockdown and restrictions. But we can no longer ignore our safety.

In this blog post, I will share some important basic tips on –

How to play Holi safely during Covid-19 in India

‘How to play Holi safely during Covid-19 in India.’

Avoid Large Gatherings

Holi is celebrated with a group of people, socially as it is more enjoyable. But what is more important now is to stay safe from the COVID-19.

As per the WHO covid safety protocol, people must avoid large social gatherings. If you want to celebrate Holi, you can arrange a small gathering like a group of 3-4 people and enjoy the day. This way, you can celebrate the day as well as can stay safe.

Avoid Hugs & Handshakes

Apart from avoiding large social gatherings, to keep yourself and your family safe, you must avoid a few social norms like hugs and handshakes while meeting people.

Hugs and handshakes are a courtesy manner when we meet someone, but in the current scenario, it is suggested by the authorities and health department to avoid such things.


Avoid Going to Holi Events

In India’s cities, several clubs organize Holi events that are paid and a large open place where the festival of colors is celebrated with much pomp and fashion.

You can pretty much get everything like colors, food, drink, music, and party in these Holi Events.

No doubt it is a fun place to go, but you must avoid attending these events for your safety. Even if the organizer follows protocols, you wouldn’t know if you are completely safe or not.

Holi events

Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose & Mouth

Since the outbreak of the deadly virus, it has always been instructed not to touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as the virus spread rapidly through these body parts.

Suppose you forgot to sanitize your hands and touched a public property or something touched by several other people. When your hands are in touch with your face, you are likely to get infected.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Washing hands frequently is one of the most important Covid-19 safety tips to follow these days. You wouldn’t know from where you would get infected. So, it is wise to take all the precautionary steps.

If you are out with people or buying gifts and colors for Holi, do not forget to wash your hands frequently with soap.

If you do not have soap and water, just sanitizing will also be fine.

Wash hands

Wear Mask & Sunglass

Wearing sunglasses is always a good Holi safety tip. While playing Holi or when others are applying colors on your face, your eyes might get in contact with the colors. This sometimes impacts the vision of the eyes and causes damage.

That’s the reason it is advisable to wear sunglasses.

If you celebrate Holi in 2021, you would need to wear a mask and sunglasses mandatory for safety.

Both mask and sunglass will allow you to play Holi safely during Covid-19.

Apply Hair Oil & Coconut Oil in Your Body

Oil is a very good substitute for removing colors from your hair and body. Though eco-friendly and herbal colors are available in the market, people are often advised to buy them on Holi.

But some people like to play it naughty by mixing harmful colors. You would never know what colors others are applying to you.

So, to keep yourself on the safe side, rub a good amount of hair oil and coconut oil on your body and face so that the colors won’t stick. Oil helps to remove the colors easily with water.

Use Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic Colour

Suppose you are allowed to play Holi this year amidst the Covid-19 and follow the above safety protocols. In that case, you must also encourage others and buy ‘eco-friendly & non-toxic colors’ for Holi.

The benefit of using eco-friendly herbal colours is it won’t damage your skin.

Herbal colors

Be Cautious Before Touching Anything

When we live amidst the Covid-19 situation, we all have to be very cautious whenever we go out.

Suppose you are playing Holi with a small group of friends, which is fine as long as you follow safety. Often we tend to forget to sanitize our hands after touching something.

The only most important tip on ‘How to play Holi safely during Covid-19’ would be to ‘be cautious before touching anything outside’ your safe place, I,e. ‘home.’

Keep Your Children at Safe Distance

Children love festivals, and they like to play around have fun at any festival. Children are also vulnerable and prone to get infected easily.

If you have kids, ensure they are at a safe place at a safe distance from any large gathering, hugs from others, and toxic colors.

If you don’t want to spoil their enthusiasm and want to let them play, play with them, and keep an eye on them.

Keep your children safe

Take Immediate Shower After Holi Celebration

Gone are those days when we celebrated Holi for hours and hours soaked in colorful water, playing, and enjoying the day of the festival.

Now, during Covid-19, even if you play Holi with your friends and family, you must take an immediate shower without touching anything.

If Someone is Already, Sick Do Not Go Out

If someone is already sick in your neighborhood having a cough and cold, you must stay away from them.

And if you are sick, it is always advisable to consult a doctor and stay indoors.

Wear Light Clothes

Holi celebration is all about colors, so people love to wear light clothes or white clothes. You can wear light cotton clothes which you can throw after use.

It is not advisable to wear sweats or jackets; just a simple cotton tee or a shirt with cotton pants will work fine.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

This is one of the most common mistakes people usually make at any social gatherings. Since many people come and go, there is a high chance of your belongings getting lost.

So, keep your valuable items like phone, wallet, etc., in a safe place in a small bag you can carry everywhere.


These are some of the Holi safety tips to follow, and you can play Holi safely during Covid-19.

Happy Holi in advance to all my readers.  

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