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15 Awesome & Perfect Honeymoon Destinations in South India

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Southern India is that part of our country which has some of the best honeymoon destinations.

Couples always look for beautiful places that are closer to nature, breathtaking landscape, romantic views, and colder climate, an ideal honeymoon spot.

Isn’t it?

So, South India could offer you both, stunning hill stations and gorgeous beaches, if chosen the right time to go to these places then you can have a splendid honeymoon that you have always dreamt of.

There are abundant of beautiful places to visit in South India, if you are wondering which one should you pick, then here I have compiled a great list of places which includes hill stations, beaches, and cities.

Honeymoon Destinations in South India:


Munnar is one of the widely popular and most picked destinations by the couples for a honeymoon, according to the survey.

With lush green tea plantations that cover the hills and valleys, looks gorgeous when you drive through the narrow-curvy hilly roads.  

The pleasant weather of the hill station is loved by the tourist and is a factor that makes it quite a romantic honeymoon destination in South India.

The landscape of Munnar is eye-pleasing and creates a beautiful memory and moment to witness with your loving partner.

You can see how the tea-picker ladies pick the tea leaf, and they are very friendly, if you show your interest to know about tea plantations, they will tell you.

So, spend a week of quality time together in this tranquil environment would be joyful.

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year, Munnar looks different at a different season of the year, but according to me during the September to April, it is the best.

 Munnar honeymoon destination in South India


Alleppey in Kerala is very popular for its beautiful backwater rides. The best thing is you can stay in houseboats for backwater tours.

There are a wide range of houseboats available in Alleppey, and you can pre-book them as per your need like Premium houseboat, luxury houseboat or you can also choose to explore the backwaters on canoes and ordinary boats.

So, for your honeymoon destination, the wonderful Alleppey would be an exotic place to spend time with your partner.

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport

Alleppey the best honeymoon destination in South India

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Among all the other places, Coorg is said to be one of the most amazing hill stations in Southern India for honeymoon.

Known for its coffee plantations, exotic homestays, lush green surroundings, and the Western Ghats, Coorg had to be your next honeymoon destination in South India.

The hill station is like a carpet of green valleys and coffee estates everywhere you look around.

So, for the coffee enthusiasts couple, Coorg would be a romantic paradise.

Nearest Airport: Mysore Airport

best honeymoon destination in South India is Coorg


Could Mysore be a place to visit in South India for a honeymoon?

A definite yes.

Mysore is a city of culture and represents the history of Southern India if you love the cultural heritage of India, then exploring Mysore with your partner would be a good honeymoon trip.

There are pretty much various things to explore like Mysore Palace is one of them, this is certainly one of India’s most spectacular things to see.

Mysore is an integral spot of South India, you can hop into several places around Mysore on your honeymoon trip, or you can just have fun in exploring the wonderful city.

Best time of the year: Avoid summer as it remains very humid in Mysore. I would recommend you to come during the winter



Wayanad of Kerala is among the least populous and most attractive places in South India. Situated on the Western Ghats and the river Kabini passes through this pristine, beautiful spot.

Although, it isn’t a commercial tourist place, unlike Ooty, Coorg, or Munnar. Wayanad is more known for its unspoiled nature and wildlife.

You could explore part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary where you could see different species of birds.

If you are thinking of staying in Wayanad amid misty mountains and forest for your romantic honeymoon, there are a lot of resorts and homestay available to stay with utmost comfort.

Honeymoon Destinations in Wayanad in SOuth India

Best Time to come: During monsoon and winter


Out of the many honeymoon spots in South India, Coonoor in Tamil Nadu is a perfect destination for the nature enthusiasts.

If you and your partner love romantic walk, serene landscape, and pleasant weather, then Coonoor is the next best in South India which is coming on my mind.

Coonoor is situated in the Nilgiris which is a place of great biodiversity and species of flora and fauna.

There are some significant viewpoints like Dolphin’s nose, which is quite popular in Coonoor. For a romantic walk, you can visit the Sim’s Par, which is a botanical garden boosted with a great collection of flora.

Best time to come: Coonoor has a pleasant climate almost throughout the year. But summer attracts a lot of tourists, so, if you want a quieter Coonoor, you should come during the monsoon.

I know it’s an offbeat season of the year to visit a hill station, but any hill station looks gorgeous and greener during the monsoon.

But the best time to come with your spouse would be from October to March.

Photo Credit: Goibibo


Pondicherry is the French colony of Southern India. A city of colorful streets and European architecture, French cafes and communities. It gives a feeling like we are in an era of history. So much to explore and learn.

If you are that couple who loves to talk, read, and think about the cultural ethics of our country, you should definitely come and visit Pondicherry. It will give you and your honeymoon moments a different experience.

For your romantic honeymoon time, Pondicherry does have some of the best and beautiful beaches, which look stunning at sunset.

Best time to visit: Don’t come during the summer for it remains scorching hot and monsoon for its heavy rainfall.

Winter would be an ideal time of the year to come here and spend quality time with your spouse.

Pondicherry, Kerala for honeymoon destination
Photo Credit: Trodly


Goa is the most visited and chosen place for honeymoon by the couples. But Goa has become over-crowded now, and couples are now looking for a calm and more tranquil spot for their honeymoon.

If Goa is so overcrowded then why am I adding this to my list?

Goa looks like a small spot in the map, but it is pretty much big enough to cover. It is divided into two spots ‘North Goa and South Goa.’

The majority choose North Goa for its crazy parties, pubs, and nightlife. South Goa, on the other hand, is for them who want some peace and serene environment, away from the noise and chaos.

Hence, if you are picking Goa as your honeymoon destination, go for South Goa.

Goa the best honeymoon destination in India

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Couples often like to go to the beaches on their honeymoon.

If you are looking for romantic beaches in South India, Kovalam has many pristine beaches where you can take a stroll together at sunset or experience the various water sports.

Goa may be the king of all beach spots in India, but the beauty of Kovalam beach in Kerala is different. It is more relaxed, and you will get a lot of sea-facing resorts.

Just sit on the beach shacks, chill with your partner and cherish each moment.

Best time to visit: The best time of the year to visit Kovalam would be during the winter

 Kovalam in Kerala
Photo Credit: Kovalam.com

Varkala, Kerala

Another sizzling beach destination which is perfect for a honeymoon in South India. Varkala is a great weekend gateway and a place for the newlywed couples to relax and chill on the beaches.

Varkala is located in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala and is right next to the Arabian sea coast.

This beach is one of the most pristine and peaceful beaches in Kerala where you would definitely like to spend your honeymoon vacation mode.

Best time of the year to come: winter months i.e. from October to February

 Varkala, Kerala
Photo Credit: Kerala Tourism


Thekkady is yet another one such an offbeat place in Kerala, which could be your next perfect honeymoon destination in South India.

Thekkady is an evergreen land with the beauty of nature surrounding it. There are abundant viewpoints that could totally amaze you and your spouse, making it your unforgettable journey.

A couple’s paradise because it is less crowded, unspoiled nature and has one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries ‘Periyar Forest Reserve.’ It is a paradise to the nature lovers, you can discover the undiscovered parts of Thekkady with your partner under proper guidance.

If you are an adventurous couple and love to explore, then you can go on a jeep safari, enjoy a bamboo river rafting or even a jungle safari.

Best time to visit: While the winter is the right time to visit, I would highly recommend that

Thekkady in Kerala
Photo Credit: Tripadvisor.com


The picturesque landscape of Yercaud is situated on the eastern ghats in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu.

It is a lesser known hill station in South India though, but these days people are more looking for offbeat places that are less crowded, so ‘Yercaud’ is gaining popularity.

Yercaud is named after the Yercaud lake and forest. There are a few viewpoints and places that you would make you fell for this place.

Best time to visit: Throughout the year the climate remains cool considerably if you are into sightseeing then try to avoid coming during monsoon.



We all know about Ooty, which is one of the most populous honeymoon destinations in South India.

Ooty is a hill station which is meant for all. Here you will get low-budget hotels and also luxury resorts to stay.

I believe Ooty has earned its name for a very long time. Earlier days, even movie shootings were also done in Ooty for its clandestine beauty.

But now, with over-crowded tourist, Ooty is dirty and feels claustrophobic. Despite all these, it has remained one of the favorite romantic destinations for newlywed couples.



Valparai is situated in the Anaimalai hills, which is a small hill station covered with plantations. Valparai is a fabric of lush green plantations and forest.

It is a lesser known spot for honeymoon. For once, you can forget Ooty or Coorg and can consider Valparai as your romantic destination.

Best time to visit: It would be between September to March

Image result for Valparai
Photo Credit:MouthShut.com


Gokarna in Karnataka is a piece of heaven for the beach lovers.

If you don’t want to spend your honeymoon vacation in Goa and want to experience something offbeat, then Gokarna is what you could think of.

Best time to visit Gokarna: the best time to visit Gokarna will be during the winter, i.e., from November to February.

Photo Credit: Trillophilia


Honeymoon is the time when you would love and want to spend as much as time possible with your spouse in a beautiful romantic destination.

In India, there are many stunning honeymoon destinations that one could pick. But if you are looking in the South of India then above mentioned are the 15 lovely places to visit for honeymoon.

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