41 Ways to Be a Better Husband

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Being a good husband is one of the most important roles that men can take up in life. Whether it’s showing appreciation, taking out the garbage without being asked, or just making sure your wife feels loved and supported—it all comes down to the little things.

As a husband, you play a crucial role in your marriage. You are not only a partner but also a friend, confidant, and supporter. A healthy and successful marriage requires effort, commitment, and a willingness to grow and evolve as individuals and as a couple. Being a better husband means actively working on yourself and your relationship to create a strong and loving bond with your wife.

Your actions and behavior towards your wife can have a significant impact on her happiness, well-being, and overall satisfaction in the marriage. When you make a conscious effort to be a better husband, you’re not only improving your relationship but also creating a positive and supportive environment for your family.

But how to be a better husband? There are several ways to be a better husband for your wife, all you need is love and know certain things.

If you want to improve your marriage and your relationship with your wife, I am sure you would want to improve a few habits of yours or would love to do something for your wife that will make her happy.

Once you are married, you are not your own anymore. You have your beautiful wife with whom you dream of sustaining a happy married life.

Sometimes there occur issues in a marriage where the situation demands a husband and wife to takes care of their relationship. But why to wait till that?

Let’s explore ways to be a better husband for your wife, so that you can strengthen both your relationship and connection to each other.

So, in this article, I will share a great many ways that if a husband follows, can improve themselves and be a better husband with time for your beloved wife.

I guess you must be thinking that why it has to be only a husband, why I am not talking about ‘how to be a better wife’?

Well, if you could wait and keep following my blog, then I can tell you that in the next article, I will share ‘How to be a better wife.’

But for now, let’s focus on how you can please your wife and become not only a better husband but also a better person which is more important.

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41 Ways to be a Better Husband

41 Ways to be a Better Husband

Make Efforts in Knowing Your Wife

You and your wife both are two different individuals. Both have different likes, dislikes, opinions, and views.

So, when you are married to her, you ought to make an effort to know her. Talk to her about anything and try to learn about your wife. Try to understand her hopes, dreams, and wishes.

ways to be a better husband for your wife

Talk Openly About Your Feelings to Her

You might be an introvert person and mostly shy away from talking about your feelings. Because you aren’t open about things to your wife, she has no clue of how you feel or what’s your opinion.

This causes a huge emotional gap between a husband and wife.

So, as a husband, you don’t have to be rigid and strong every time. It is okay to let flow your emotions and talk to her about your feelings honestly.

holding hands - ways to be a better husband for your wife

Listen to her Patiently (How to be a better listener in a relationship)

Being a woman, I can tell you this honestly. We want our man to listen to us when we are saying something.

Often what happens, husbands don’t give much-required attention to their wives which is when the moment gets bitter.

If your lady love is saying something, let her speak her heart out. Even if you don’t agree to what she says, hold yourself a bit longer and continue to speak your mind only after she completes.

If you do this, I can guarantee you there will be no arguments whatsoever.

Prioritize Your Relationship First

Prioritizing your marriage/relationship is essential. This is important for both a husband and a wife. You must have a to-do list like traveling, career, etc., all this rank below your wife.

As a husband, you always have to make sure that you never neglect your wife and always give her the importance and priority which she deserves.

how to be better husband for your wife

Don’t Yell at Her

Often during an argument, we say hurtful things to each other, which we later regret saying. This easily damages the trust that a husband and a wife shares when they don’t respect each other in words.

It is okay to validate what she is saying, but it is not okay to belittle or put down your wife and her opinions.

Stop Hiding Anything Important from Her

Stop ignoring and hiding from her about anything. You may think that it is not necessary to share everything with her, but sharing everything and keeping yourself open to discussions will lead your marriage on a stronger foot.

Do the Finance Related Discussions Freely

Well, it is one of the most important and common reasons for divorces in couples.

‘Finance’ related talks seem to be unnecessary for a husband. Mostly think if they share money-related issues to their wife, it may demean their (husband) honor, which I feel is bizarre.

Instead, start thinking your wife as your equal and sharing with her about your financial status or troubles will be useful.

She may have some better solutions with how to manage your finances more appropriately. Also, this act of yours will make her feel responsible and important.


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Give Her Undivided Attention

Your wife will always love your undivided attention from you. Now, you cannot always be with her neither can always be around because you have a job to do for living a good and healthy life.

But still you can make her happy, and you can tag yourself a better husband by using your extra time in devoting to her. You can spend quality time with her in doing things that she believes will create a bond with you.

Husband and wife hugging each other

Look at her Eyes while Talking

When both having an interaction, the most romantic thing would be to look at her eyes. Don’t keep wandering your eyes here and there, this act of yours might make her feel ‘unwanted.’

When you’re talking to your wife, it’s important to maintain eye contact. This shows her that you’re interested in what she has to say and that you’re paying attention. 

Bring Positive Vibes

A good husband always keeps away negativity from his wife and home. A happy life is when you bring the positive vibes with you and fill your home with happiness.

For example, don’t come home by consuming alcohol out from a pub if your wife is not comfortable with this.

Positive Vibes Only quotes

Encourage in Pursuing her Dreams

It is important to encourage your wife to pursue her dreams. This shows that you believe in her and are supportive of her goals. It can be easy to get caught up in your own life and forget to encourage your partner, but this is an important part of being a good husband.

If you want to be a better husband for your wife, keep supporting and encouraging her in pursuing her dreams is highly advisable.

If she is good at music or painting, try to motivate her in doing that she loves to do. Don’t hold her back by saying, ‘this isn’t of any use.’

Support her when she faces setbacks. Everyone faces obstacles, but it is how we deal with them that makes the difference. Showing your wife that you are there for her during tough times will make her feel loved and appreciated.

Celebrate each accomplishment along the way. When she reaches a milestone, whether it is big or small, take the time to celebrate with her. This will show her that you are truly invested in helping her achieve her dreams.

Happy couple

Make an Effort to Communicate More

As I always say, communication is the critical element of a happy married life. If your wife isn’t too keen on communicating, then it is you who have to try and make an effort to communicate frequently.

Talk about anything and everything. Make her feel safe and comfortable, make an atmosphere, and build the trust where she can open up and don’t feel hesitate to communicate with you.

Always Be Kind

Always be kind and respectful to your wife. Respect her wishes and opinions, respect her choices. Be kind to accept her the way she is. Look for reasons and ways to encourage her and boost her confidence.

Newly wed couples often get confuse about how they can maintain a balance in their relationship. This is one way to make your relationship last longer.

Get Intimate with her

Intimacy plays a pivotal role in a marriage. The more you are intimate to each other; the bond will get stronger. It is normal if one person says your wife, is not very comfortable with the whole idea of getting intimate.

As a husband, if you can make her feel relaxed and comfortable with you which involves more communication, trust, and understanding, that’s a true sign of a better husband.

Couples getting intimate

Think as a team ‘We’, not ‘I’ or ‘You.’

Sometimes couples fight issues that concern ‘self,’ and this is dangerous for a marriage.

When you are married, both are tied to ‘one,’ there shouldn’t be any space for ‘I’ or ‘You’ irrespective of anything.

Consider each other as partners who can rely on each other for life. See yourself and your wife as ‘We.’

Half of the solutions to any problems lies in ‘We.’

Make her Feel Special

Embrace every moment spent with her. Do something special for her like make her breakfast or tea, this small gesture/act of yours will make her feel special and loved. Make her laugh, smile and important.

make her special

Talk About the Future

On an off day like Sunday or any other suitable time, you can talk to her about your career aspirations, planning or the future of both.

Also, ask her about what she thinks or want to do with her career and how she is thinking to go forward in life with you.

All these are an essential part of discussions that you should insist or motivate her to speak.

Take All the Important Decisions of Life Together

Well, you are the husband that doesn’t mean you have to take all the decisions.

Instead, it would be more cordial in a marriage if you let your wife take some decisions or together make mutual choices of life. By doing this, She will feel equal and more responsible in taking care of the family.

togetherness in marriage

Stand with her Always

When she is emotionally down, be there for her. Your wife will need you the most in times of emotional trouble. Life is not smooth always, there are ups and downs, and sometimes we need our spouse beside us.

So, if you want to be a better husband for your wife, don’t ever leave her when she needs you the most.

Treat her with Dignity in front of your Children

One quality that can be seen in a good husband is ‘a good   husband never mistreats her wife in front of their children.’ Kids are sensitive, and a healthy atmosphere at home will help the kid in growing better.

If you shout and talk disrespectfully to your wife in front of your kids, it will affect them profoundly. Maybe he will act the same way you did when he grows up.


It is Okay to Compromise Sometimes

Compromise is not about sacrifice. In a marriage, both the husband and wife need to compromise sometimes where the situation demands to keep your family safe and happy.

As a husband, don’t ever think by compromising you are making great sacrifices for your family. You have to keep your wife and family comfortable and safe.

Try to Avoid Doing Things that Annoys her

I am married for 5 years, and my husband often does things that I don’t like; hence annoys me very much. Like me, I am sure many wives have the same complaint from their husbands.

So, to all the husbands out there who are reading this article, stop annoying your wife. If you know that leaving the wet towel on the bed upsets her, you can simply stop doing that over and over again.

Protect your Wife’s Honor

I have seen some husbands keep complaining about their wife to their friends or relatives. Doing this is an insult to your wife. It is okay to have differences, but issues have to be solved together by the husband and wife.

Never criticize her in public. If you have something to tell her, you can do that at home and made her understand politely.

A better husband always protects her wife’s integrity and dignity. Never try to belittle or breaks the trust of the relationship.

married couple

Never Isolate her from you

More often, it seems that after several years of marriage, husbands turn themselves cold and almost stop hanging out with their wife.

That happens due to several reasons, understanding issues, no intimacy, and love. They find no spark in each other, which makes them stop spending time.

With years passing by, the gap between the two increases and left each other isolated. Hence, marriage gets a bitter ending.

Note: Don’t let the gap comes between your marriage. Do everything together even if you spent several years being together. Let your love create an unbreakable bond.

be a better husband

Love her strength along with her thousand flaws

We all have flaws. No one is perfect. If you love your wife truly, find a way to love and accept her flaws too.

It takes a strong man to be a good husband for his wife. He has to be able to handle her many flaws along with her amazing strength.

The best husbands are those who can see the beauty in their wife’s strength and love her for all of her flaws. A great husband is one who can handle anything that comes his way. He’s the one who is always there for his wife, no matter what she needs. He’s her protector and her confidante. Loves his wife unconditionally and is always there for her, no matter what.

You be her Best Friend and Companion

A wife always wants her husband to be her best companion for life. A person on whom she can blindly keep her faith on and can be absolutely herself. The majority of husbands find it silly to be called her wife’s ‘best friend or companion.’

But a loving and better husband knows how does it feel when your wife looks up to you as her best companion.

Couple in love

Be Dependable

If you want to be a better husband for your wife, be more dependable. By dependable, I mean emotional dependency. You have to make sure that your presence will always be there for her whenever she needs you.

 Your wife needs to know that she can rely on you, and that you will be there for her when she needs you. You need to be someone she can talk to about anything, without judgement. 

Overall, being dependable is about being there for your wife in whatever way she needs you, whether that’s emotionally, physically, or both.

Make her Smile

This is the best thing a husband can do to his wife, i.e., cracking some jokes which makes her laugh. Seriousness isn’t always appreciated.

A relationship needs a light and laughter mood and moment too.

Happy couple

Pamper your Beloved Wife

Well, by pampering, I don’t mean to fulfill all the heavenly wishes of your wife. I meant, create lovely moments with her like giving her hugs more often daily, kisses whenever you get a moment.

Do small things for her like making her bed tea, walk with her by holding hands. All these small gestures that you will express will make her feel loved and happy.

Be active for her

Even if you don’t really like exercises much, you can at least do-little bit with her to keep yourself active and healthy.

You can start exercising along with her like jogging together or hitting the gym together. This will keep both of you motivated.

Handle Arguments Maturely

Keep in mind that while arguing, you should never raise your voice and use derogatory words for her. Even if there is an argument going on, maintain decency, and keep yourself calm as much possible.

Try to handle the situation with maturity, i.e., by communicating properly. Talk to each other about the issues and don’t play the ‘silence’ treatment.

Plan a Romantic Trip

Traveling is important in life. Honestly, our life has become miserable driven by fast city-life. Sometimes career and mundaneness of life too can be one of the reasons to affect a marriage.

Traveling breaks that tedious pattern of life and brings freshness and excitement in a couple’s life.

So, to all the husbands, please take frequent travel breaks with your best companion (wife).

better husband enjoying travel with wife

Help with the Household Chores

When a husband does his share of household chores or if may I put in this way, helps her wife to do her household chores, it is the best way to keep your wife happy.

Husbands usually, don’t like much to do household chores. Some even dare to think that household chores are a woman’s job to do.

But time is changing and these days husband loves to lend their hand in work like cooking, doing the dishes or cleaning.

A good husband helps his wife in household chores

Don’t buy her love, care to give her your time

Well, you may have money, and you buy her expensive gifts but does she really want that?

Have you ever noticed that your wife wants your time not of course gifts every time? You can plan an outdoor date with her that she will appreciate more than your gifts.

Give her Compliments and Show your Appreciation

Women love to get attention, appreciation, and compliments. Don’t hesitate to tell her how great she is looking or how yummy does she cooks.

Appreciate her when she is doing good work.

Your appreciation and compliment will matter to her the most, and also it will continue to motivate her to grow.


Write her Love Notes/letters

Well, I find leaving love notes incredibly romantic and genuine. We often can’t express our emotions completely. But we can pour out all our feelings on papers and that is precisely what you have to do.

You can write ‘how much you love her’ in a note and leave it randomly somewhere at home like beside her pillow or in the drawer. It can be anywhere. Let her feel your emotions.

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Let her Take the Leadership of your marriage

You may be the man of the house, and you are taking all the decisions mostly for your family. But how about letting her take the leadership of your marriage for a while.

Let her guide you in certain situations. Sometimes doing that will boost her confidence.

Pay Attention to little things for her

You should start paying attention to small things like if your wife works late till night, don’t wake her up early in the morning.

Treat her sweetly by offering tea and make her breakfast.

If she is having a bad day at her workplace which upsets her, you can ask her what’s bothering her, and you can give her the much-needed support.

 If she is tired or not feeling well, you can do the dishes and laundry and let her rest for the day.

So, these are the small activities which are signs of true love and a better husband.

Be Yourself

Always be true to yourself first. Be a happy man, then only you can make her happy and be faithful to her as well.

Stop pretending to do anything for her because whatever you do won’t be coming from your heart.

If anything is bothering you, you can clear the clouds by talking to her openly.

Unplug when you are with her

These days it is tough to keep ourselves away from the tech gadgets.

But as per several relationship pieces of research, it is prevalent that as couples are getting more attached to devices like phones, laptops, tablets, etc, they are drifting themselves apart more frequently.

So, you can leave your phone switched off for at least an hour and make use of that time with your wife.

Be a Gentleman for her

Sometimes you can dress up the way she likes. Be a gentleman for her, be the person whom she will admire and be proud of always.

compliment your wife

What a woman expects from her husband?

A woman expects her husband to be a loving, supportive partner who is there for her when she needs him. He should be someone she can rely on and trust, and someone who makes her feel loved and special. 
He should be able to listen to her and understand her needs. He should be able to communicate with her freely without any judgement.
A woman also expects her husband to be a good father to their children. He should be someone she can look up to and respect.
Be able to protect her and their family during thick and thin times of life. Lastly, a woman expects her husband to be faithful to her.


So, I hope this massive list will help you in determining how to be a better husband and will help in improving your marriage.

Remember, in a marriage, both the husband and wife have to give time and effort to make it a successful and happy marriage.

Above mentioned points are something that a husband can do for his wife.

Note: If you want any help related to relationship or marriage, please feel free to mail me Paulomidutta89@gmail.com.

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