35 Incredible Date Ideas for Rainy Days to Fall In Love Once Again

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It’s raining outside and you are feeling romantic. Wondering about some amazing rainy date ideas? How will you spend the day with your partner?

I love when it rains. Here, in India, during the monsoon season, my husband and I love to go on a short drive and sip tea from the roadside tea stalls. It always feels so refreshing and romantic indeed.

When you want to plan a date, you don’t have to always go outside or plan extravagantly. You can keep it simple. There are so many incredible rainy day activities for couples at home to do. You can make them creative and fun.

Even if you go out, certainly you will get drenched, your pants will get all muddy, your hair will get wet, carrying an umbrella is a headache, etc. You won’t enjoy if you think about all these.

To enjoy a rainy date, you just have to go with the flow with your partner.

Today, it’s raining outside and with my 4 months old baby boy we can not go out.

So, to make the moment special, my husband has arranged a dinner date at home. He cooked the meal while I was busy putting my baby asleep. After that we got the time to be ‘us.’

In this blog post, I will give you some amazing and cool indoor rainy date ideas.

Date Ideas for Rainy days

Home Cooked Meal

This is one of the best cheap date ideas for anniversary, for birthday and also young couples enjoy this date idea when their partner is sick at home.

When its raining outside, you can enjoy a home cooked meal together with a glass of wine. Enjoy the drizzling of rain with a hot bowl of chicken soup or some Italian delicacies.

home cooked meal for rainy date ideas

Wine & Paint

I enjoy painting when it rains. The pleasant weather gives me inspiration and lets my imagination flows freely. Though I am not in favour of consuming alcohol but I rejoice painting with a cup of black tea.

Those who love wine, they can certainly enjoy the combination of both.

This is something you can do to enjoy your own company as well. Else you can encourage your partner or be the muse to him/her.

 red wine on wine glass

Visit a café

A rainy day and a good café always is a brilliant combination. Café is an incredibly amazing place to hang out and a perfect spot for the teens to date.

When it rains outside, cafés in the cities usually get filled with the young crowd. It is the perfect weather to drink hot beverages.

If you and your partner are looking for cheap date ideas where both can spend a quality of time and don’t cost you much, café are the best to be around.

barista latte

Cuddle Under a Blanket

On a rainy day, the most romantic date idea would be to spend quality time with your partner cuddling under the blanket.

The cool and pleasant climate is perfect for romance and it is the best date idea for married couples and young adults who are newly in love.

To make it more happening, you can binge watch movies on bed sipping cups of tea or morning coffee.

man kissing woman's forehead while lying on bed

Play Board Games

While it rains outside, you can’t sit at home and do nothing. You can play board games with your partner like ludo, monopoly, carom board, etc.

It will be fun, exciting and a perfect way to spend quality time indoors.

monopoly boardgame

Go for a Road Drive

This is my favourite date idea on a rainy day. Even when I was living in Seattle, I used to love city drive with my husband. We used to go to Kerry Park, Alki beach when it rains and enjoy eating fish and chips.

road drive date idea for rainy days

Pizza Indoor Picnic

Pizza outlets are perhaps the only food outlet that delivers, even when it rains. You can order pizzas and arrange a tent house in your balcony or in the hallroom.

You can decorate it with lights and inside the tent you can make a cozy place where both can chill and enjoy.

35 Incredible Date Ideas for Rainy Days to Fall In Love Once Again 1

Go for a Rain walk

I love walking in the rain with an umbrella which my husband holds and I hold him back. It’s an absolutely romantic thing to do on a rainy day.

If you care less about your clothes, you can enjoy the rain and the walk with your beloved partner.

Dance in the Balcony

Dating doesn’t have to be always gifting each other expensive gifts, or involve into something lavish. The primary purpose of dating is to spend quality time where you can express love in different ways to each other.

You can convince your partner to move a few steps with you on the balcony. Do not bother about who is watching you. There is nothing embarrassing in loving your partner.

Hold each other firmly, look into each other’s eyes and dance to a beautiful romantic song. Let the gush of wind touches you both.

Enjoy Tea at Home

Tea rejuvenates your mind. To make your day romantic, you can make her bed tea with breakfast. This is one way to make your wife happy.

clear drinking glass with brown liquid on brown wooden tray

Do Nothing

Yes, do nothing. I love this idea of doing nothing sometimes on a rainy day. Treat the day as your lazy day or slow down to revive yourself back.

Meanwhile, both can communicate about things that are important or random things that can improve your relationship.

Cook a New Cuisine Together

You can try cooking a new cuisine together. It will be fun and romantic as well. You can try a pasta recipe, or Mughal recipe or it could be anything of your and your partner’s choice.

If either of you is a novice at cooking, watch a video and then try to cook it together.

Cooking brings a couple closer and enhances better understanding and builds trust.

My husband and I cook together frequently. We help each other, and it is a great way to bond with each other.

person holding knife slicing vegetable

Arrange a Candlelight Dinner

Having a candlelight dinner at home arranged by your loving partner is way more romantic than spending a night at a hotel. The famous quote, “Money can’t buy happiness is indeed true.”

To make your spouse/partner happy and feel special once again, you don’t have to buy her a diamond ring. You can arrange a candlelight dinner at home, prepare it from the scratch and seize the moment when it rains outside beautifully.

pasta food

Binge Watch Romantic movies

It is one of the best and cheap dating ideas ever. You and your partner can binge watch romantic movies or a set of good rom-com on streaming channels.

To add more entertainment to it, cook home, cook pasta or pizza and enjoy binge watching.

My husband and I love binge watching for hours. I know it isn’t healthy but when it rains and you are lazy enough; I bet this is the entertainment that we want.

Enjoy watching Sitcom like FRIENDS

More than any movies, we absolutely love watching the best ever sitcom ‘Friends’ on Netflix. We have watched it six times and still we love to watch it more.

There are many other great sitcoms to watch that are worth the shot. You can enjoy Seinfeld, The Middle, How I Met Your Mother, etc.

Try Indoor Go-Carting

I am sure you have enjoyed go-carting with your partner somewhere, but have you tried indoor go-carting?

There isn’t much difference, indoor go-carting is the same sport where it is only played indoors in a closed area.

If there is an indoor go-carting nearby your place, and you have a four wheeler for commutation you can plan your date there.

black and blue cars on parking lot

Read Together

The percentage of people love reading is less, and it is increasingly going down because of an elevation in digital consumption.

For example, my husband doesn’t enjoy reading books, whereas I do. So, definitely we are not the couple who can find enjoyment in reading together.

But if you and your partner are alike and love reading. Instead of reading separately, just chill and read to each other. This would be a lazy date idea for a rainy day.

books modern

Fall In Love Once Again

Falling in love all over again is the most incredible feeling and you can do may be hundreds of things to express of love and impress your beloved partner.

Be indoors and spend the next 24 hours doing stuff that makes you fall in love once again with your partner.

You can share pasty memories of togetherness, share intimacy, tell each other why they love and what they love the most about each other, hug each other tightly and embrace the moment.

person in blue denim jacket

Take a Warm Bubble Bath

When it is cold outside, bubble bath is the best way to relax yourself. Have you ever thought of taking a bubble bath together? Of course, this is only possible if you don’t have a kid at home.

You can make the next 20 minutes of bubble bath romantic by turning on a melodious song, scatter some rose petals on the water, fill the bathroom with aromatic infuser and lastly, pour a little wine on two glasses.

That’s it. The perfect ambience for a romantic date at home is ready.

Try Roadside ‘Bhajis

If you are in India, during the monsoon season, I would recommend traveling to the western ghat as it looks mesmerizing.

People love having ‘bhajis’ both roadside and homely when it rains. It gives a boost in the taste because of the climate. If you are a tea lover, there is no other snack that goes well with it.


Take Pictures or Videos of Rain

If you are a photo enthusiast, you can take brilliant pictures or videos of rain with your phone camera. You can edit them and use them professionally or post them online.

Share Old Memories With Each Other

When your relationship is old, and you have spent years of togetherness, you create a heap of memories that are worth sharing time to time.

A rainy day is one such day when you can be lazy, romantic and slow down yourself to feel the wonderful magic of nature.

Sharing old memories can also be a unique date idea. My husband and I often share memories we are proud of and wonder how time flies and life has been so wonderful to us.


I have seen such couples who love to do exercises even during holidays. They are so obsessed with fitness and getting into shape.

Well, holidays are for fun, spare those days and be with your family.

If you love keeping yourself fit and toned, you can do yoga or exercise together by motivating each other.

two woman dong fitness exercise

Take a Power Nap

I love taking quick nap. When there is nothing to do or don’t intend to do anything, especially if it rains outside, my husband and I take a power nap snuggling each other.

It is perhaps the cheapest dating idea ever for couples.

Binge Watch Horror Movies

If you are scared of watching horror movies, and your partner loves it, accompany with him/her. Snuggle and watch. There are many amazing horror movies streaming on Netflix. You can binge watch them.

binge watching

Try Karoake at Home

Karoake is fun when you do it together as a couple. Many pubs and modern themed restaurants do Karoake nights for their customer’s entertainment. You can try at home as well.

Don’t bother even if your singing skill is worst, at home you are free to sing with your partner any time.

Cook a Big Bowl of Chicken Soup

It’s raining and a warm bowl of chicken soup comes first in my mind. If your partner cooks good food, encourage him/her to cook it.

Meanwhile, you can set up the table with plates, may be a vase with flowers to lift the mood.

chicken soup

Jot Down Together Bucket List

Everybody has a bucket list where they note down points on what all things they wish to do. It would be great to let each other know about your wishes by making a bucket list of things to do.


You can decorate your balcony or backyard with beautiful plants. If you have an open backyard, you need not to water them as rainwater is the best.

But if you live in a flat and you can water the plants or enjoy by just looking at them together.

Plants touch our life and refresh our mind. Even they have a positive impact on relationships and gardening brings so much happiness when done together.

person holding green plant on black pot

Turn Off TV and Listen to Soothing Songs Together

Sometimes watching TV doesn’t feel good. All we want is to have a good time when the outside climate is pleasant.

Listening to soothing songs is a pleasure. You can sing them together, dance on them or just listen to it and relax.

Play your Instrument

If you or your partner can play any instrument, you can play them and create a wonderful atmosphere. It is one of the best ways to impress your girlfriend by playing an instrument on a melody.

man sitting white playing guitar

Try Yoga Together and Rejoice the Rainy day

You and your partner can do yoga together in the morning or evening while it is raining outside. Yoga not only balances your body and mind, but also is a perfect thing that couples can enjoy doing together on a rainy day.

Have a Barbecue Night

Rainy day and barbecue go well together. You can try so many barbecue recipes and enjoy be at home on a rainy day. It could be a great date for married couples.

person grilling meat outdoors

Plan a Game Night

If you and your partner love sport, both can drive to a sports bar and enjoy a beer and sports on the big television.

Or, if you want to be at home, you can barbecue meat and root vegetables while enjoying a football match or tennis on the television.

black sony ps 4 game controller

Organise the Home Together

Not all possess a good organizing skill. A rainy day off gives you the opportunity and time to work on your organizing skill. You and your partner can help out each other by organizing your home neatly and may be redecorate it.


In a nutshell, this blog post is the accumulating of 35 incredible date ideas for rainy days. Amazing things you can do at home with your partner while enjoying the rain.

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