11 Instantly Best Ways to Make Your Business Trip Fun

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If you think business trips are boring, then my friend, let me tell you that you got no idea how to make it more fun.

My husband often goes out on office-sponsored business trips for days. Initially, it used to be very tiring and boring with endless conferences, presentations, and client meetings.

After coming home, he complains about how boring a business trip can be.

My opinion differs, though; I think you need to know the best ways to make your business trip fun.

Of course, you can’t expect to enjoy your business trip like a typical vacation.

Business trips revolve around carry forwarding the office work outdoor, but certainly, if you plan well and squeeze your schedule a bit, you can make it a little interesting.

Here are the

11 best ways to make your business trip fun based on my experience –

Book Your Travel Properly

Since it is a business trip often, they are sponsored by the company where you work.

They book the hotels and flight tickets for you, provide you with pick-up and drop facility, and take care of all the other travel expenses.

This is usually how a business trip works. Sometimes, a business trip can be independent too; for example, you own a company and have a client meeting to some other destination. You will travel at your cost.

The motto is to get your work done as soon as possible and come back home on any business trip.

But you can enjoy it even in that limited time if you plan your travel accordingly.

For example, if you have the option to book your flights and accommodation, choose the cheaper deal where you can save money if you are traveling independently.

If your company is sponsoring, it is wiser to choose the best location for your accommodation and get the one-stop flight to save time.

ways to make your business trip fun

Use Credit Card for Rewards

To avail of extra rewards on your travel accessories and tickets, use credit cards. One perk of using a credit card is getting rewards on various products.

If you are getting a good deal of your stay or discount voucher at any buffet restaurant, take that advantage. If you see you are getting more advantage by upgrading your card, you can do so based on your need.

For example, we use a credit card, and we avail reward vouchers every 3-4 months. On one of our trips, we used a credit card reward by upgrading our flight seats.

Likewise, you can get so by using credit card reward vouchers if you want to buy travel accessories.

credit card

Balance Your Work Schedule

Balancing is very important when you are working on-field. In some professions, business traveling is a frequent thing to do, and at some point, it becomes a very tedious job.

Away from the family every now and then isn’t a fun thing that everyone enjoys.

You can make your business trip fun by balancing your work schedule.

For example, you can schedule all your conferences and meetings at a flexible time when everyone is free and keep 2-3 hours of the day free for yourself.

You can take advantage of those hours by wandering around the city and grabbing lunch or dinner at a popular or local restaurant near your office.

You can also make time for a short city walk in the evening after finishing all your work.

This way, you can enjoy yourself a bit on your own when landing in a new place.

Balancing work

Pack Light

This is not your vacation trip; this is your business trip; hence, try to pack light and minimal.

Usually, on any business trip, people carry a suitcase and a laptop or office bag.

For me, the ideal luggage for any business trip is a classic leather laptop bag and a small carry-on suitcase where I can fit a few pairs of pants, shirts, one jeans, shorts, tees, and other necessary items.

You shouldn’t carry a big suitcase while on a business trip. Keep it light and enjoy your trip.

pack light

Plan to Go Out with Colleagues

One good thing about any business trip is it allows you to meet new people. After finishing work, you can plan a lunch or dinner out along with your colleagues. You can also invite others and have a good time with all.

Ask your colleague if they can recommend any good hang-out place with a great ambiance and food.

lunch with friends

Squeeze Your Work as Much as You Can

If you don’t want to get bored during your business trip, one of the best ways to make your business trip fun is to squeeze your work as much as you can.

How can you do that?

You can attend meetings online, do your work online if that’s possible and schedule all your work into your timeline.

Just because you are on a business trip doesn’t mean you have to work 24/7. Give yourself a break by switching off the devices and take a walk nearby your hotel area.

You can walk around and grab a cup of coffee/tea, sit and relax.

working on laptop

Extend Your Stay

You can also extend your stay if possible. Of course, no company will bear the cost of your extra stay; you have to bear it.

If you are new to the place and want to explore around, you can extend your stay for a day or two.

You can plan your business trip accordingly; for example, you can wrap up your work and start planning a short trip during your extended stay.

Make the best use of your stay and money.

Take a Morning Walk & Exercise

Usually, a business trip remains hectic with all the endless meetings; by the end of the day, you get all tiring. You would probably want to get to the hotel room and relax.

How about if I suggest a bit of morning walk and exercise?

You can get up early in the morning, take a walk around the few blocks and do some light exercises. This routine will change your pace and make you more energetic to work enthusiastically.

Do not let yourself get too lazy. It is important that you remain hydrated and stay healthy when traveling.


Take a City Tour

When I was in Bangalore on a business trip for 2 days, it was a hectic schedule. My day started with attending conferences and ends with finalizing business deals which involves hours of discussion.

I never liked the business trip, and being an introvert, I never enjoy talking too much.

Instead, I enjoy taking out some of my time from the trip, roaming around the city, and eating out at the local restaurants.

Likewise, you can also do the same by squeezing some of your time and balancing your work.

city tour

Eat Local

Whenever I am out on a business trip, I enjoy the most grabbing a lunch or dinner at some local restaurant. I don’t like going to luxury restaurants; instead, I feel local restaurants can provide comfort food.

Every city has several great local restaurants that serve authentic food, and you should try them.

Go local and go green is the best way to make your business trip sustainable and responsible.

eat local food

Go for Shopping

If you are a shopping enthusiast, I know you will enjoy your trip. But not everyone loves shopping that much if you are one of them how you will make your trip exciting?

You can consider going shopping, but instead of buying random things, you can buy souvenirs which will remind you later of that place.

If you are going on an international business trip, you can buy unique things and gifts for your family.

shopping while traveling

How to Plan a Business Trip

Successful business travel requires preparation and planning. A business trip is not the same as a vacation trip.

Many struggles to get comfortable while traveling for business.

If you are traveling for the first time for business or want to make your travel hassle-free and enjoyable, here are the things you need to consider while planning a business trip.

Arrange all your travel documents

Travel documents are of utmost importance for any travel. You will require a few basic travel documents before planning, like flight tickets, passport, any government ID, Visa for international business travel, and travel insurance.

You can keep all your important travel documents in a file and carry them with you safely. You must also make soft copies of all your documents so that you will have a backup if you misplace them.

travel document for how to plan a business trip

No Last-minute Planning

I have seen many planning their business trip at the last minute and get stressed. That’s the reason often people can’t enjoy their business travel.

Planning is key to any travel. Before starting your business travel, you must plan accordingly, booking flights and accommodation, preparing an itinerary, packing, everything else should be done on time.

Leave nothing for the last minute as you might forget something to carry; for example, last-minute planning may cause unnecessary panic.

last minute planning

Avail Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must. You never know what fate will bring to you; certain things are not in our hands. For example, while traveling, you may face luggage missing issues or health emergencies, which travel insurance takes care of.

Often companies, when send you on a business trip they arrange travel insurance for you. But, if it is an independent business trip, you must buy travel insurance on your own.

Carry Emergency Medicines

You must always carry emergency medicines with you. You will never know when your health will take a toll on you during travel. Keeping basic medicines will give you relief if you get sick.


Stay Hydrated & Eat Healthy Food

Business travel can be a little hectic as it involves work. You have to stay healthy and fit so that you can finish your work and business deliverables on time.

There are long hours of meetings, conferences, and deals where you have to give your best.

Traveling often takes a toll on health, it is tiring, but you have to fulfill your commitments.

Staying hydrated and eating healthy food is key to keep yourself fit while traveling.

 stay hydrated


This is a complete article on ‘How to plan a business trip’ & ‘Ways to make your business trip fun.’ If you have anything to add you can point me.

Stay Safe from Covid-19.

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