5 Signs of a Healthy Teenage Relationship That Defines Love

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It is important to know the signs of a healthy teenage relationship that will last longer.

There are many signs that show a relationship will be successful in the long term. It is not just about the physical stuff, but it’s about how they communicate, respect each other’s their values, opinion and goals.

Be it for the adults or teens, relationships are hard to maintain and it requires patience if you want to take it ahead in your life. 

Adults are mature and they can deal with their relationship issues maturely. But, same can not be with the teen couples. Teenagers are developing where they are already facing a lot of physical and mental changes.

Being in a relationship sounds smart in their mind, but when issues begin to erupt, it confuses them.

With a lot of changes, and confusions they jeopardize their friendship and relationship both. Often it is seen that due to external issues, some teen couples go through an abusive relationship. 

A healthy relationship is not always a simple task to maintain. In most of the cases, adults are involved in an unhealthy relationship when their kids grow up in that negative environment. They have the high influence on their teen relationship too.

As teens years are a time of transition from being a child to an adult, maintaining a relationship becomes a difficult responsibility.

You might think what if there is immense ‘love’ between a teen couple, can still relationship get unhealthy?


Usually jealousy, mistrust, frequent arguments over petty things are common in teen relationship. When it becomes frequent, it reversely affects the relationship and can be termed as ‘unhealthy.’

Now, let’s learn

What are the 5 signs of a healthy teenage relationship –

Healthy Communication

A lot of changes have taken place in teenage relationships over the past few decades. Teens are more dependent on technologies for their communication.

Their mode of communication is via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. They breakup, propose and even fight through social media platforms.

They hardly communicate face to face. Though digital world has many advantages and connecting people from a distance. But mainly in relationships, it’s having a negative impact.

During our teenage days, there were no such digital platforms. Our way of communication differed from today’s time.

Physical way of communication is important to establish trust and a sense of comfort.

With face chat and video, you can not connect directly with a person. When in relationship, direct communication is crucial.

Teens have so much to talk about. Be the best friend of your partner. Talk about anything and everything. Keep the lines of communication open and try to be a good listener.

Effective communication is always helpful in developing a healthy relationship. The more you will talk with each other, the better understanding both will have.

Eventually, creating an environment where both can feel comfortable talking about their issues and sensitive topics.

For once, try to keep your love relationship away from the digital devices. Meet often, focus on your friendship than romantic.

Teens are always emotionally vulnerable, sometimes what you want to convey sounds different in messages.

If you are serious about your relationship and partner, take the long way. You might have to give a little effort, but certainly your teenage relationship will last longer.

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Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Irrespective of caste, creed and color, you should always respect each one.

Likewise, in a relationship, mutual respect between two individuals who are bonded in love is crucial. Both must respect each other’s opinions, feelings, needs, both must consider each other in every situation.

Include them in your decision making, discuss important things with them. Do not judge them in public, or blame. Show them empathy.

Teens learn everything from their parents and, as a parent, I can pretty well say, how much it is important to teach your son/daughter about ‘respecting.’

Teach them about respect from a very early age.

If you have a girlfriend, behave gently, be kind to her, show her respect, never raise your voice on her, be her moral and emotional support.

If you have a boyfriend, the same as above.

Mutual respect can take your relationship to the next level and maintain positivity in your relationship.

Teen couples usually argue about stupid things and sometimes fight over some serious matter too. In a fit of anger, they often lose control and say disrespectful things to their partners that are hurtful.

Things once said can’t be undone and if it happens again and again, the relationship loses its trust, hence, breaks up.

Many teen couples struggle to respect their partners and find peace. You must first understand each other and be each other’s good friend to establish a level of comfort.

If you fail to do so, consult with your parents.

Mutual respect is all about seeing both on the same page in the relationship. No one is better or worse than each other.

If you truly love each other, accept each other gracefully and always be open to inherit the good things that help you make a better person.

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Kindness is very much needed now in the modern relationship. Human beings are lacking kindness and humility, they have become more self-centered.

Teens have very little control over themselves. Parents need to make them realize why kindness is an important factor and how it makes a person better.

Teenage relationship is the conflict of several things. As teens don’t always understand how they should behave in certain situations, they tend to outburst.

Kindness brings calmness and a sense of gratitude in a relationship. Eventually, it helps maintain a relationship in order.

They keep a good balance, and instead of negativity; it brings positive vibes, which is a sign of a healthy teenage relationship.

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Giving Each other space

Sometimes teenagers like to have their own space, they like to spend quality time with their friends, partying, traveling and sometimes they just like some alone time. There is nothing bad about it. This is very much a normal need.

The teenage years are confusing, they discover so many things about themselves, about the world around them. Everything is overwhelming for them.

So, they need some time off from their relationship to figure out things. They like to play with their million thoughts.

Often it has been seen that one love partner is too clingy and doesn’t care about giving their partner some time off.

If the partner doesn’t want to stick with the significant teen partner for sometime, they think maybe he/she is having an affair or cheating.

These are common teenage relationship problems.

If you want to have a healthy teenage relationship, you must respect your partner’s wish and allow them to have some privacy. This applies to everyone.

For a stable relationship, giving each other space is an essential thing to do.

Every teen is different. They have different mindsets, different issues, different upbringings, and different way of looking at the world around them. They have an increased need for privacy for themselves.

Even the parents have to understand their emotions and trust them in this. I have seen how some parents do not wish to leave their teens alone.

Giving alone time gives them an opportunity to process their thoughts.

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Respecting Boundaries

Boundaries can help teenagers to maintain healthy relationships. A healthy relationship not only should involve healthy communication, mutual respect and kindness. There should also be boundaries.

Teens should be aware of their rights, know their boundaries and respect those.

Boundaries in teen relationships keep them safe from falling into a cycle of unhealthy relationships.

Often teens do not understand that they are already in an unhealthy relationship and when they realize it gets difficult for them to get out.

Before starting a new relationship, talk about boundaries to each other and make sure both never cross that.

Boundaries are like a set of rules where you have certain rules which your significant partner must respect and obey.

For example, teen couples should know about physical boundaries. If your girlfriend has set a rule of no touch or getting intimate, respect her wish.

Thus, boundaries in relationship prevent one person from crossing the limit. Boundaries can be many it can be financial, physical or anything.

Respecting boundaries is one positive sign of a healthy relationship. Once you start respecting each other’s boundaries, it will automatically build ‘trust’ in your relationship.

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There are several many factors that determine a healthy relationship. As we are talking about teenage relationship, the above 5 are the fundamental signs of a healthy teenage relationship.

Together, all will form a beautiful and a healthy relationship which may last longer when they become adults from teens.

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