Why do we Travel 1

Why do we Travel

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Is Traveling A Way to Escape from The Boredom of Life?

“We travel not to escape life.”

We all love to travel whenever we get time or wherever possible by briefly shrinking the boredom of life.

After continuing with the same sequence of daily activities of life, at some point, we get bored of the repetitiveness, and we look for a temporary closure, a respite which travel gives us.

What is the boredom of life?

The truth is we can never escape from the “reality of life.” I have seen and heard many people saying “I need to travel. My life is getting boring. I am tired of the same old everyday thing happening to me; I need closure.”

It is wrong to pretend or think that traveling will make go away permanently “the apparent mundane environment that we all are leading.” Yes, it can break the monotony of life and refresh your heart and mind.

But you have to again come back to the same territory tomorrow. So, it is the same repetitive process that nature follows.

Individuals often try to attain an adventurous and cheerful life through ‘traveling.’

So, the reality of life is the routine that we follow every day. Waking up, eating, getting ready, doing work, sleep. This is the mandatory thing that we all tend to do. While doing the same never-ending activity, we feel confined and tedious.

Why do we travel?

We all urge to travel more often when we want some excitement and inspiration in our life. I feel the modern western life has brought quite a pessimism.

Despite being open to advance technology, we are so isolated, always desire for attention and the constant rat race that we all are following.

With this increasing dissatisfaction with our urban lifestyle, we view travel as a form of ‘escapism.

Does travel help to escape?

Yes, it does.

But saying this, we travel to discover ourselves in the process which is very important. We tend to get lost in the fast city life.

Going to new places brings in us the element of wonderment, and throughout the journey, it reveals our strength and limitations.

With no disrespect, I read blogs and several articles on the internet where an individual says that how traveling has changed their life, how traveling is their livelihood, how their life is different from the rest of us and how we can also find traveling as a meditative way to escape from the mundane life.

Whenever I see those fantastic travel pics, I assume how beautiful and carefree their life would be.

I wish I could also have the same vibrant life. But I don’t know the truth of their life. How they are living or how they arrange money for traveling.

What I mean to say is, the truth of life and the purpose of traveling is different for everyone.

Some travel for leisure and relaxation, some travel only on vacations to spend quality time with family, and some travel because they love to explore and experience.

Traveling brings you happiness

Several people have a weird notion about travel. They think traveling is a waste of money and time. They say the money you are spending on traveling and enjoyment can be utilized in doing something productive.

Do you think traveling isn’t productive enough?

Here is the thing:

You work hard 9-5 Monday to Friday. You spend your weekend hanging out with friends or watching Netflix sitting on the couch.

A moment comes when your mind and body have given up and you desperately in need of a break.

You planned your trip to say Sydney or Rome or London, booked your flight online, packed your bags, and you are super excited to start your journey.

You spend the next 10 days away from the monotony. These 10 days you have would probably one of the best time of your life, no longer to answer to your boss or clean up your home or wait for the train to come. You are way out of the box.

You are back home with a smile on your face still cherishing the moments of travel. The break has boosted you up and made you more productive than before.

Travel harvest your inner being and gives you happiness.

Some travelers call themselves ‘nomad.‘ According to them, they have attained great happiness in traveling.

Although, initially they had to sacrifice their worldly aspirations to become a full-time traveler. But they claim traveling has given them a new meaning to life’ and ‘liberty from the limitations of modern life.’

Accept your life with a flow

Monotony will always remain a part of our life. It comes and goes with the life cycle. We have to work and earn money to survive. Each day can’t be surprising, but it is you/we who can make your/our day less depriving by doing several little things. Always be grateful for your life.

Travel wherever you want at least twice a year. Explore the new roadmaps and momentary phase of your journey. You can’t keep moving constantly. You need to stop and live somewhere.

Regardless of what you do to break loose your chain, it will tie you up again. The more you will want to run away, the more it will block you.

So, let your life go on like a river flows make its path. There will come tons of struggles on your way but if you are positive you can overcome them all.


Photo Credit: Nick Fewings from Unsplash

Thank you all.

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