Ultimate Family Beach Vacation Packing List

Are you looking for a complete and an ultimate family beach vacation packing list to make your vacation exciting and hassle-free?

Pre-covid my husband and I used to plan for beach vacations frequently as we love beaches more than mountains or deserts.

The wide-open beaches, beautiful sunshine, ample spaces to walk around, laying and soaking in the heat feels relaxing.

When you are traveling solo, packing comes in handy as you don’t have to carry more. A suitcase or a backpack becomes our best friend while traveling alone.

When you are traveling to beaches with your partner, it becomes cool as you have a companion to enjoy the vacation in a more relaxing way.

Now, when you plan for a beach vacation with your family, it becomes even more enjoyable but gets tricky when it comes to packing.

You wouldn’t want to miss or spoil the enjoyment of the sunny beach day. You want to pack everything that is needed on a beach vacation. But the question is what all things to pack?

Even if you are too bad at packing, you get easily scared of messed up your packing. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Here is a pro tip: When you start packing, consider writing down all the necessary items that you feel you need on your beach vacation in a journal/diary.

While packing, start ticking those that you have packed already. This way you won’t feel the pressure of packing.

Family beach vacation packing list

What to Pack on Beach vacation?

To simplify the packing list, let us first divide. The most basic thing that everyone needs while traveling is ‘clothes.’

You wouldn’t just want to pack anything on a beach vacation. You wouldn’t want to wear heavy clothes on the beaches. You want to stay relax, and wear lighter clothes, right?

What Clothes to Pack for a Family Beach Vacation Packing List?



Waterproof t-shirt & pant

A good beach towel that soaks water

Shorts & cotton tees – for comfort

Light jacket – to protect from the heat if needed

Cotton pajamas

A good dinner outfit – for a candlelight dinner on the beach

Water shoes

A running shoe – for morning jogging on the beach

A good pair of sandals is always handy when you are on a beach vacation

Tank tops

Sleepwear for hotel nights

These are the essential clothing items that I always carry for myself and my family. You don’t need an expensive dress to wear when relaxing on the beach. Just wear something casual, light, and be comfortable.

Essential Toiletries for the Family Beach Vacation Packing List

Wherever you go, toiletries are one of the essential things to carry for yourself and your family. These are the items that protect your body, hair, and skin while traveling.

You don’t have to carry too many but only the essentials will help you have a comfortable journey and vacation.

Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

Body wash

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Sunscreen (important to carry on a beach vacation)

Lip balm (Again, a crucial item to carry as your lips might get dry and chapped due to heat)

Feminine emergency products (Read/click on the link for ‘tips & Hacks for Female Travelers )

Saving kit for men

What to Pack in Your Beach Bag?

What to pack in your beach bag

First of all, make sure you have a nice big bag to carry all your essential items on the beach. It would be good for you to carry a nice handbag or beach tote along with your carry-on luggage.

So, what all things you can keep inside your beach bag depend on you. As everyone has preferences, but certain items are essentially important.

Sunglass (to protect your eyes from the heat)

Hair clips


Basic medicines

An umbrella

Beach mat

Water bottle



Hand sanitizer

Beach toys for toddlers


Paper plates

Wet wipes

Bug Spray


A small medicine kit

These are the basic things you must carry with you in your beach bag.

Next comes the accessories part. Though I don’t prefer to carry much with me when going to a beach as too many accessories distract me.

Still, I would say, a few accessories make the stay on the beach enjoyable and more engaging.

Essential Digital Accessories for the Beach Vacation

Underwater Digital Camera

Waterproof Phone Case

Selfie Stick



Portable charger

Portable Bluetooth speaker

If you are a solo traveler and do not want to load yourself up with so much beach stuff, you can carry only what matters the most for you.

Minimalist Packing List for Beach Vacation

minimalist packing list for beach vacation

Here is a list of things for someone who wants to pack less for a beach vacation.


A pair of Waterproof cloths

One beach towel

One beach mat




Bodywash, shampoo, Facial Cleanser & hairbrush

A pair of shorts, pajamas, and few t-shirts

Portable Charger & Bluetooth speaker

Camera & Selfie Stick

Water bottle


Extra bag for keeping wet cloths



Tent (Optional)

2-3 Energy bars & a packet of nuts

Essential Travel Packing List for Covid

Alcohol content hand sanitizer

Wet Wipes


Soap papers

N95 Mask

Basic Medicine Kit

You should pay more attention to travel safety tips during Covid times for whatever place you go.

Beach Safety Tips to Consider

beach safety tips

Enjoying the beach during summer is probably the best vacation for everyone.

With the cool water, summer hues, white sand, you can relax for hours with your family and kids playing around.

But with enjoyment, safety is very crucial. You must follow and obey the beach rules and regulations for you and your family’s safety.

Listen/read the beach guidelines if you have any doubts feel free to ask the guards.

Look for red flags that indicate danger. Avoid going to that zone

Do not engage yourself in drinking alcohol if you are swimming or planning to involve yourself in water sports

Keep an eye on your kids. Do not let them go near the water alone

Look for signs like high and low tide

Ocean often takes unexpected changes, so be alert always and do not go far from the beach

Maintain social distancing while on the beach keeping, COVID in mind

Keep your kids protected from sunburn. Keep them under shade, wear them a hat and apply baby sunscreen or aloe vera.


This is the complete packing list for my family when we plan for a beach vacation. The list might look a little terrifying, but if you plan properly it can make your journey and vacation so much fun.

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