14 Important Hygiene Travel Tips for Your Next Trip

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In this pandemic time, hygiene is the most important thing to keep in mind. Especially when you are traveling, you are getting exposed to the virus. Vaccinated or not, maintaining hygiene should be your priority to keep away the deadly virus from yourself.

Here are the 14 important hygiene travel tips you can’t ignore on your next trip. These are some basic hygiene travel tips that we often forget or don’t bother about. But you must take them seriously during this rough time.

Of course, even amidst the pandemic, no one’s life is at a halt. We all are required to travel for work and sometimes for leisure. There are hygiene things that we all must follow while traveling.

Without much delay, here are the –

14 Important Hygiene Travel Tips

Frequently Wash Your Hands

This is one of the most important hygiene tips you must consider when traveling by any mode of transport – ‘frequently washing hands properly.’

When you are traveling, you are exposed to deadly viruses and germs that could affect you directly.

Frequently washing your hands could save you from getting infected and keep your hands clean all the time.

This will keep you and your family both protected from the outside dust, dirt, and germs.

important hygiene travel tips - washing hands

Use Sanitizer and Wet Wipes

Sanitizer and wet wipes are the second most essential hygiene things to carry while traveling. Even doctors also recommend using 70% alcohol content sanitizers when you are traveling outside.

It will keep both your palm germs free and keep your hands clean.

For example, when you are using public toilets, you must sanitize your hands if you don’t get soap nearby. Or, before eating outside, you must sanitize your hands and probably use wet wipes to wipe away the unwanted dust particles.

Wet wipes are very useful while traveling; you can use wet wipes to clean your face, hands, or anything where you can see dirt.

You won’t get water and soap everywhere; both wet wipes and sanitizers help keeping you safe.


Keep Your Mouth Clean

Do you like bad breath coming out of your mouth?

Nobody does. It ruins the travel mood and freshness. When you are constantly traveling, it gets hard to brush your teeth and keep your mouth clean, resulting in a bad stink.

For example, when you are on a long overnight road trip, where will you get a bathroom? Probably either you have to take a day of halt in a hotel, or you better carry chewing gum or mouthwash with you.

Mouthwash works perfectly fine in such a scenario.

You can carry a small bottle of ‘Listerine’ or ‘Colgate’ mouthwash to clean your mouth and get stink-free for the rest of the trip.


Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough fluids is essential to keep your body hydrated while traveling. If your body is hydrated well, you will be fit and healthy to travel anywhere and for hours.

Why is it important to keep your body hydrated when traveling?

Water intake keeps your body cooler and increases the energy level. Traveling is fun but also tiring; you will require energy and improve your metabolism level.

If you are hydrated enough, it will also keep your mood happy, making your traveling fun and exciting.

staying hydrated

Wear Clean Clothes

Wearing clean clothes is yet another important hygiene travel tip you should always consider. I have seen people wearing the same clothes for continuously 2-3 days while traveling. I find this habit very annoying and dirty.

You should always wear clean clothes as it will keep you fresh and happening.

When you travel, you will get all sweatier, smelly, and dirty. Cleaner clothes not only keep you clean but also gives you a positive vibe about yourself.


Use Body Deodorant or Perfume

You can use body deodorant or perfume to get rid of the stinky smell from your body.

Often it happens while traveling that we couldn’t take a shower for two days. Suppose you are on a long road drive which takes 2 days to reach the destination and you planned not to take a halt on a hotel.

In this scenario, it is quite obvious to smell; a little perfume can kill the bad body odor and prevents you from feeling disgusting.

Keep Your Nails Clean & Cut Short

You should always keep your nails cut short and clean. Nails get dirtier when you are out traveling for days.

You eat with the same hand and do all the other usage with the same dirty nails. Even if you sanitize or wash your hands, the dirt will always be there in your nails, not hygienic.

So, keeping your nails clean is among the 14 ‘important hygiene travel tips’ I would say to consider.


Use Your Towel

Here is another hygiene thing that people usually ignore while traveling is to carry their own towel.

Though if you are going to stay in a decent hotel, they do provide clean towels. But what if you are on the road and take night halts on roadside small hotels or pg.

I would always recommend carrying and use your own washed towel to keep yourself safe.


Be Cautious About What You Eat

When you are traveling outside, you should always eat healthy to avoid getting sick.

You can avoid eating oily and fast food when on the road and start looking for healthy food options.

You should also avoid eating at places that aren’t hygienic. Look out for places that are neat and clean. Often, we forget how important it is to keep ourselves healthy when traveling.

healthy food

Wash & Sanitize Hands After Using Public Bathroom

Whenever you use a public bathroom while traveling, do not forget to wash your hands and sanitize your hands.

Hundreds of people use public bathrooms daily. These places are vulnerable to germs and viruses. These places are hardly get cleaned up.

So, washing and sanitizing hands after using a public bathroom is a curial part of hygiene travel.

Carry Essential Female Hygiene Products

Several essential female hygiene products are important to carry when traveling.

For example, female travelers are needed to maintain extra hygiene when they are on period and yet traveling.

As a female travel enthusiast, I always carry a few essential hygiene products like pads, wet wipes, sanitizer, small hand towels, soap papers, etc.

Take Eco-Friendly Shower

You should take an eco-friendly shower when you can have it.

For example, if you are hiking near a lake, you can take a quick shower on the lake.

Carry Snacks

While traveling, instead of eating outside, you can carry some healthy snacks with yourself. Snacks like peanut, protein bar or oatmeal chocolate bar, etc., are a good option.

travel snacks

Wear a Good Shoe & Socks

Last but not least, wearing a good shoes and socks is an essential hygiene travel tip that you must consider as this will keep your feet warm and in good condition while traveling.

travel shoe


Hence, these are some of the hygiene travel tips that I have in mind and have shared with you so that you can follow as well and make a happy traveling always.

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