What Should be Your Monsoon Travel Packing List

Well, are you planning to spend your vacation somewhere in India which looks stunning during monsoon?

But wondering what should be in your backpack or what we say ‘monsoon travel packing list?

Before jumping straight into that, I would like to share something beautiful about why monsoon is so special.

India has such fantastic monsoon destinations that are worth a visit. The entire region of Western Ghats, the Southern part of the country and the northeastern states are always the ideal places to enjoy the monsoon scenic views and climate.

Although most people don’t want to step out of their house when it rains. They say it feels better indoor. Does it?

I can’t tell about others, though, but I feel overwhelmed when the monsoon starts.

Now, because I live in Pune, which becomes lively and greener when the monsoon hits the state. It makes me happier thinking about the road drives around Pune that I, along with my husband, prefer to experience each year. Staying indoor on weekends is a big no for us.

Likewise, people who love to travel even during the monsoon without thinking much about the climate. Instead want to feel the freshness of air and beauty of nature, for them, there are some monsoon essentials that they should carry with them always. It will make their travel easy and convenient.

(This is not a sponsored post. I am sharing this content as I want to help to make your monsoon travel go smooth and safe.)

Here, are some of the monsoon travel packing lists for you when you are traveling during monsoon.


If you want to keep yourself dry during monsoon at your travel destination, you must carry an umbrella with you always. Two-fold umbrellas are very comfy and portable than the bigger one. You can slip into your backpack easily. It doesn’t take much space.  

I know you may find the black umbrellas pretty dull so, you can buy colorful ones. They look great when you open them.

GIF of rain


Those who don’t want to carry an umbrella when traveling, for them a raincoat is always an ideal option. Raincoats are much convenient, especially if you are hiking or trekking. Umbrella will occupy one of your hand but raincoat won’t.

So, the raincoat will serve the purpose of keeping you dry when raining.

Also, a thin and light-weight raincoat doesn’t take much space in your backpack. The best raincoat that you can buy is the one that comes in pair; a coat with a hood and a pant.

GIF of raincoat

Backpack Rain Cover

A backpack is an essential item when you travel. Obviously, you wouldn’t want it to get wet, you want to keep it dry and safe from the rain.

So, a solid backpack rain cover should be on your monsoon travel packing list. While purchasing, you must consider the quality of a backpack rain cover.

The better the quality will be, the better it will protect your backpack from the rain. So, always go for the high-quality waterproof backpack rain cover.

 backpack rain cover for monsoon travel packing list

Waterproof Phone Case

Well, its pouring and you wouldn’t certainly want your phone to get damaged by the rainwater.

Once there was a time when people could survive without a phone, but these days you could pretty much say that the mobile phone has become the second most important part of life.

A gadget which is needed at every step of our day to day life. Especially when you are traveling, you can’t think of leaving your phone behind.

So, what will you do to keep your phone safe and protected?

Buy a waterproof phone case, which is good enough for your phone to keep it safe even it gets wet.

waterproof phone case

Dry Bag

The next item that you must add in your monsoon travel packing list is a ‘dry bag.’

You are out on the way to your travel destination, and suddenly it started raining. To cover up the situation, if you have a dry bag, you can keep all your essential items that are needed to stay safe from the rain into the bag.

Not only this, a dry bag during monsoon comes handy. If you can afford to buy a sturdy dry bag, it would be better.

 Dry bag for monsoon travel packing list

Extra pair of shoes/clothes

If you are traveling during monsoon, it is always advisable to carry an extra pair of shoes and clothes. In case you get drench you can change your wet shoes and clothes. This will help you keep warm, and you won’t get sick later.

(Ignore wearing canvas shoes or sneakers as they aren’t waterproof. I love wearing crocs footwear during monsoon because it won’t get ruined even if you dip your crocs in water or mud. Also, it gets dry quickly.)

monsoon shoes

Extra pair of socks

I always carry an extra pair of socks when I travel during monsoon. Here is the thing you should know that never stay wearing a wet sock for a long time as it will stink and will give you skin problem.

Even though you carry either an umbrella or wear a raincoat, your socks and shoes will always get wet if it rains.

So, it is always wise to keep one pair of dry sock into your bag.

extra pair of socks for monsoon travel

Hand Towel

A small size dry hand towel always proves useful, specially during monsoon. You can quickly wipe your wet face and hands to keep yourself dry.

 hand towel

Mosquito Repellent

The insect and mosquito kingdom are out in full force during monsoon. If you get stung or bit by them, there is 99% chances that you fall sick or get malaria. So, mosquito repellent is the best way to keep them away from being bitten.

There are various kinds of mosquito repellent available in the market, some are ointment and spray. The spray is more effective, though.

 mosquito repellent for monsoon travel packing list

Reusable water bottles

If you go to the market these days, you will see plenty of reusable water bottles are at display. There are reasons why there is a growing demand for reusable water bottles.

These are cost-effective, reduces waste, and are safer to the environment. Non-plastic reusable water bottles are better as they are made of stainless steel or ceramic.

You can also use reusable vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug. You can check out on Amazon, they have a great collection of reusable water bottles.

Whenever I am out on vacation, I always carry two reusable mugs and water bottles (one for me and one for my husband).

reusable water bottles

Travel Power adapter

If you have a travel power adapter on your journey, it always makes your travel comfortable. With a travel adapter, you can charge your devices anywhere.

If you are traveling cross-country, the power plugs may be different, but if you have a travel power adapter with you, you could simply charge your devices without any hindrances.

Now, not all adapters are good, though, the better ones have better safety features. Generally, you need not buy two-three adapters, if you have one universal power adapter, it will work in any country.

 travel power adaptor

Good Waterproof Travel backpack

`When traveling, your travel backpack is the most important thing as it holds all your valuable items like camera, phone, cash, books, water, etc.

But what if it starts raining?

It would be a nightmare if your backpack gets drench, the inside gets wet too, and most of your things got ruined also.

Investing in a good waterproof/water-resistant backpack can solve this issue and will keep you tension-free.

Buying a backpack always depends on the purpose of traveling. If you are planning for a few days of hiking, then you would need a bigger backpack.

Likewise, there are different sizes and features of a backpack, but whichever you buy always aim for a good and solid waterproof backpack for your travel.

You can also check out this article if you are looking for the best travel backpack

waterproof travel backpack

Emergency Snacks

It’s raining, and you are stuck somewhere safe, but you can’t find neither a restaurant nor a supermarket where you will get food. You are starving like hell.

You opened your backpack, and you don’t find anything better to eat except a granola bar. You ate that and felt relieved.

Now, wouldn’t be it nice if you had more snacks in your backpack?

I call them ‘emergency snacks’ which I always keep intact into my backpack when I travel. It saves you from hunger, and you always need energy whenever you are out.

energy snacks


During monsoon, the climate remains windy and little bit chilly in temperature. A scarf will keep your throat warm from the cold climate also it will add an essence to your fashion.

scarves for monsoon travel packing list

A Coffee Mug

A cup of hot tea/coffee is much needed when traveling during monsoon. In the constant drizzling, windy climate, and pleasant temperature, your heart always wants a hot cup of coffee/tea. Without this, your day isn’t complete.

You won’t get a Starbucks or Café Coffee Day everywhere, so carrying a small stainless-steel travel coffee mug will be convenient.

Image result for coffee mug

First Aid Supplies

Last but not least, it is incredibly crucial to carry a few emergency first-aid supplies when traveling for a few days during monsoon.

First-aid supplies like a band-aid, antibiotics, an ointment will be sufficient. You can keep them on a small pouch/medicine kit. This is also one of the reasons to carry a dry bag and backpack rain cover on monsoon trip.

travel medicine kit


These are some of the essential ‘monsoon travel packing list’ that everyone should carry with them when travel.

Why restrict yourself from going out even during monsoon? If you carry all the essential items with you, you can enjoy your monsoon trip pretty amazing.

If you have any suggestion, please mail me so that I can add them too.

Thank you, guys, if you like my post, please share it. If you want to ask anything related to travel in India, I would be happy to help you.

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