Why Should You Keep Your Ego Aside in Marriage?

A small three letter word “EGO” is so powerful and evil that if not appropriately dealt with can create significant issues in any relationship.

Let’s be honest. We all have an ego, and there have been several occasions in our life when we let our ego control us. Ego is a sensitive part of our psyche at the same a negative quality.

Ego is killing your relationship

In a relationship, everything needs to be balanced. Several elements help to keep a marriage healthy. But ego is one such thing that ruins a relationship which means eventually kills your marriage.


Do you think ego is more valuable to you than your love?

When a couple loves each other, there shouldn’t be left any space for negative feelings to erupt. The ego is a part of the brain that needs to be accepted and loved.

In different occasions, ego struggles to cope up with the reality of life. We can say, ego is that evil thing which loves to take control of us.

If you keep holding your ego and let it gets dominate over you, it will put a barrier between you and your spouse. Even if, your love is genuine, this ego of yours will stop you again and whenever you will try to approach towards your spouse. It will make you feel weak. It will make you do things that you don’t like but end up hurting yourself, your soul mate and your marriage.

For example: Let me tell give you one such common example where our ego shows its evil spirit.

“It happens in several marriages where a wife’s earning is more than her husband. The husband although loves his wife dearly, but his ego comes often and pokes him feeling “dominated by her wife.”  The wife may be contributing more to the household expenses, doing everything that she does to make her marital life blissful but his ego can’t accept the fact that his wife is earning more than him. With each passing day, months this ego will start drilling his mind with evil thoughts. And the rest you can imagine..”

Do you see how ‘ego’ has turned up a good relationship into bitter?

It doesn’t matter who earns more. What only matter is love, mutual respect that a husband and wife should share in a marriage/relationship.

If you feel your ego is coming on your way, then shakes it off immediately. Be positive about each other. Be honest. Share your feelings with your spouse. Stop thinking “what she/he will think if I say this.”

“I won’t deny it. Even I have an ego; it happened quite a few times when my husband and I had an argument and ended up hurting each other’s feelings and ego. We didn’t talk for a day or two, and the silence between the two is even more hurtful, and we can’t let ego let our happiness get ruin.”

Now, to keep your ego aside, you need to work on specific areas.

How can you let go of your ego?

Several incidents will happen, where you both mightn’t agree with each other but always try to maintain the dignity of your relationship. Don’t let cultivate ego in you.

  • Acceptance

Marriage is an institution where a husband and a wife are equal and have equal importance. It is an ideal way to handle/avoid ego to come between a relationship if partners accept each other as they are. Every person has negative and positive qualities. Embrace and respect each other at every situation of your married life.

  • It is alright to be wrong

Overcome the feeling of need to be better than your spouse. It is okay to be wrong sometimes. Don’t let your ego control your mind thinking “I am never wrong and I haven’t done anything wrong.” Have that courage to accept your fault. You will make mistakes you will learn. There is no shame in that.

Always remember, you and your spouse are equal.

  • Acknowledge each other’s weaknesses

As I always say, communication is the key to a happy relationship. Try to communicate as much as possible and accept each other’s difference of opinion. Listen to what your partner wants to convey and discuss everything so that both can find a solution.


Every couple deserve to be happy and if you think –

“he/she has hurt my ‘ego’ that is impossible for me to forget and forgive.”

Then, my friend, I would say you are terribly wrong. You need to embrace your relationship and marriage.

Take positive initiatives in small things of your daily marriage life, and by letting go of your ‘ego,’ you will see where your relationship stands. You will hold in a better place with your spouse in your marriage.

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18 Innovative and Fun Things You Can Do at the Beach with Your Kid During Summer

A day at the beach with your loved ones can be awesome and happy. But will your day be as happy and awesome if you have kids and you are planning to spend the time at the beach?

To be honest, it takes a lot of hard work, when you are planning a day out with your kids. You have to pre-arrange everything correctly so that your little angel won’t get into trouble.

Kids always get excited whenever you will them take out on holiday. But it gets doubled when it is a beach holiday. Kids lose interest fast in everything; they keep looking for fun activities or games. They love to run around, swim and play at the beach.  Sand, water and underneath the wide-open sky create a very happy environment for kids to be around unlike your backyard.

It helps creativity to get the flow down.

Last month I went on a beach holiday with my husband to revitalize my inner strength and mind. We were relaxing and observing people, waves crashing down, clouds and thousands of such activities. There were families with kid and toddler preparing for the picnic, kids running around, parents busy in taking selfies.

Is it all you can do at the beach? When you have that perfect place and time, let your kids explore. It is an excellent way to get close to your kid, help them and encourage them to learn new things even at the beach.

So, here is a list of things that every parent should read: “18 Innovative and fun things to do at the beach with your kid”.

  • Get yourself involve and help your kid in making sand art by using stones and shells collected from the beach.


  • Bring a few markers and color pens, have your kid add their creativity to the collected shells. You can also join them.


  • Encourage your kid to write small words like names or city names it could be anything with a stick or by using their fingers. This activity is educational also your kid will enjoy writing on the sand.


  • You can make your kid learn to create sea creatures like octopus, crabs, fish on the beach sand.


  • Get your hands dirty and help your little one in making a ‘Sandman‘ just like a ‘snowman.’


  • Tell him/her a beautiful fisherman’s story. You can also bring his/her favorite storybook and read them.


  • If your kid is little grown up and doesn’t like being around the water,  then the ideal way is to pitch a tent and play board games inside.


  • “Hey dad, can we play frisbee?” To all the dads, it is the best thing when your kid asks some time from you. Don’t say later, grab the moment and enjoy playing. One of the best things to do at the beach.


  • I remember, how much I was enjoying flying kites on the beach of Ocean Shores, in Washington State, USA. Let your kid have that opportunity with you to learn how to fly a kite. Memories that will be worth remembering.


  • Did you ever play tic-tac-toe? I played a lot with my friends in the backyard of our house, in the school playground and even on the beach. Playing tic-tac-toe is refreshing and a good physical exercise too. A good thing to try.


  • Won’t it be a wonderful gift if your kid can craft a shell necklace? You can join with your kid crafting shell necklace from the gathered shells. He/she can gift you or can gift grandma.


  • Making a sandcastle is always fun and creative. You will sometimes wonder, how they fabricate stories about a princess who lives in this castle. Try to encourage more on her creative side.


  • Kids enjoy playing with sand. They will dig around, lying down on the beach, will act like the little mermaid. Let them do that freely.


  • Say your kid has participated in a running competition in the school. You can motivate your kid to practice running at the beach.


  • If you see, your little one loves taking pictures of nature. It is always appreciable to encourage her/him. Maybe this hobby will lead him/her way in the future into a good photographer. Photography needs creativity and keen sight if your kid has that you must be proud.


  • This is the funniest thing that I used to love doing when I was a kid. Digging a hole with a plastic spade and fill it with water.


  • Involve your kid to interact with local sailors and fisherman to learn about sailings and fishes.


  • Educate them in about ocean cleaning and beach clean. Make them understand the effect on the marine life due to sea pollution.


A beach holiday could be fun when you could spend meaningful time with your kids. These memories are precious than keeping yourself busy on phones. There are so many things one could do at the beach.

You can share your thoughts with me that you love to do with your kid at the beach.

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Thank you, guys.

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How Giving Space to your Partner can make your Relationship strong

Love is a beautiful and the purest feeling in the world. But only love can’t make a relationship stronger. There are many other things that a relationship needs to maintain it. You need to take care of it at every step. When you are in love, you give your entire attention to each other to build up a beautiful relationship. You love to do things together, to ensure each other that “I am always with you.”

Now, if your partner is asking for little time off from you or some space, then would you react?

Asking for space doesn’t mean that your partner doesn’t love you anymore. It is okay to give each other some time off to do things that you like to do in your time; i.e., ‘Me Time.’ It can be reading, watching sports, doing yoga or going out with friends, go to parlor get yourself pampered. You can do anything in your personal space. It is essential to give yourself time and attention, that will make you feel great about yourself which leads to a happier relationship. To, maintain a happy relationship you need to be happy first then only you can make an effort to do every possible thing that will make your partner happy.

Having a healthy life outside your relationship won’t harm, instead it will help you to stay committed and focus on each other. No one likes to stay glued to each other all the time. You will love it at first, but after some days or a few months, you or your partner might get irritated. So, why waiting for that situation to occur?

By giving space, I never mean to ignore each other. Taking a break is something like recharging your energy that you are committed to providing with all your heart and soul in your relationship.

So, if you feel you need a little space for yourself, it is always the best way to convey your thoughts to your partner. If you see he/she is misinterpreting the whole notion of “giving space” make her/him understand ‘why you need it and why it is important.’


You are genuinely in love with each other, want to devote all your time and attention to your partner but never let your identity get lost. There should always be a sense of independence and personal freedom. Get yourself engage in positive activities that can help you build a better mindset. Like, if you want to join a gym or dance class, you can do that, and that will be your productive activity in your “me time.”

My husband and I often take “personal space from each other. It helps us to boost individuals’ growth and commitment towards one another. I love reading so I utilize my time in doing things that I love, and that keeps me motivated. Likewise, he plays video games, does his training or even goes for a walk alone early in the morning to keep his mind fresh.

To sum up, ‘giving space will keep your relationship strong’ but how?

  • It will help you to keep your individuality
  • When you are happy, you will make your partner happy too
  • It will not let you feel confined in a relationship, with personal space you will get that freedom and eventually won’t affect your relationship
  • It won’t bring boredom towards each other
  • Lastly, love will keep growing between both

People often have a misconception that spending some time away from your partner means your relationship is struggling. Instead, it makes your relationship stronger, increases your love and grow fond of each other.


Note: But don’t distance yourself from one another, if there is an issue going on, better try to communicate instead of giving each other too much space.

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25 creative and cool Sunday date ideas at home for married couples

Please share your opinion in the comment section below.

Thank you all.

25 creative and cool Sunday date ideas at home for married couples

How about staying this Sunday at home with your spouse and plan for a date? Well! That might sound bit weird thinking what possibly can you do the entire day on a date at home?

When we say ‘date,’ we plan a day out on for a movie with some good food or even go out on a day trip. Will a date at home be enjoyable? Won’t that be boring?

I feel that a date means spending a good time together and sharing good memories.

My husband and I sometimes prefer to stay indoors on Sunday when we are too tired to spend another day out driving through the city traffic. We manage to do plenty of exciting things which keeps us motivated and of course not dull. There are so many creative and happy things you can think of on a Sunday date at home. Here are my 25 cool Sunday date ideas at home for married couples.

  1. Pizza Night

A date idea for a pizza night could be fun. Just order your favorite pizza for home delivery and enjoy the dinner date with some soda.


  1. Home Dance Studio

If you and your spouse love to do some dance, then you can think of creating an ambiance for dancing with some music playing in the background. Start dancing with your partner like you are on a dance floor.

  1. Play a Board Game

I love playing board games. We pretty much enjoy playing every alternative day of the week. Don’t make a mistake to think that board games are only for kids. Even grown-ups can enjoy playing board games.

  1. Make dinner together

I am sure we all enjoy cooking. Cooking together as a couple makes your relationship stronger and healthier. Also, it adds creativity which is interesting, and it keeps you engage in an activity.


  1. Enjoy watching a movie together with a big bowl of popcorn

Do I need to elaborate on it anymore? Who doesn’t love films but it feels great when you watch it together sitting on a couch with a bowl full of some caramel popcorn.

  1. Sing karaoke

Why spending dollars when you can do that free at home? Start singing by just choosing a song on the YouTube with lyrics/CC of it. There will be no one to judge you so who cares about what you sing, enjoy your time.

  1. Arrange a Romantic Candle Light Dinner

When we go out to a candlelight dinner, it is always so romantic visually. But you can arrange that even at your home. You cook something delicious and let your spouse arrange the table with some aromatic candles, flowers, and plates. A glass of wine will lift an essence to your date.


  1. Surprise, Surprise

It gives us good vibes when we receive gifts from our spouse specifically when it is a surprise. You can gift each other and tell each other how much you care and love.

  1. Do Painting Together

Sometimes when we choose to spend our Sunday on doing recreational activities that we love, like painting is one of such things. Grab two canvases, colors, brushes and let your creative thoughts pour into the board. It is indeed a good and creative date idea I believe.

  1. Plan together your next vacation

Planning your next vacation together is a cool date idea that can be done at home.

  1. Look at your marriage album and cherish beautiful memories

Like us, you all want to remember those special moments of your life again and again. Looking at the marriage album makes us nostalgic and makes us feel good about each other.

  1. Bake cake or cookies

The kitchen isn’t only for the woman of the house. Get involved in other cooking activities like baking with your spouse. Plan your day for baking a cake and buy all the ingredients the previous day.

  1. Watch a Netflix/Hulu/HBO/Amazon Prime series

Digital Media Entertainment is booming day by day by featuring more than hundreds of entertaining movies and series. If you love watching the Original series or old classics without advertisement, then simply opt for Digital Content. Although all the above Digital Contents have monthly/annual subscription fees.


  1. Clean your room together

Cleaning? Is it an ideal Sunday date idea? If it fulfills the motive of your date which is to spend good time together then yes cleaning could also be considerate as a date.

  1. Play truth or dare

Besides board games, you can also play truth or dare. What you need is only a bottle and enjoy the game. Trust me; it is a lot more fun game than it sounds.

  1. Play an instrument

If either of you knows to play any instrument like keyboards, guitar or anything. It could be a great date idea that a couple can enjoy at home.


  1. Wash your car/motorbikes together

Yes, washing vehicle together is quite an amusing way to spend quality time together. We tried once, and it turned out to be wonderful. Cleaning car or motorbike together and getting dirty gives a couple to take a shower together which is incredibly romantic.

  1. Write down on a paper each other’s wish list

Everyone has a wish list. Try writing it down and check how many of them haven’t yet fulfilled. Or check out whose is a long wish list.

  1. Do debates on controversial topics

Now debates are something that you can add on your Sunday date. Choose an interesting topic and start one on one debate. Discussions are good as it reveals one’s thinking process.

  1. Read aloud a poem or a story

If either of you writes stories or poems, then you can read them to your spouse and let him or her acknowledge your talent.

  1. Do gardening together

Gardening is an excellent recreational activity and a date idea for Sunday late afternoon. If you have a balcony or a backyard, both can spend their time in gardening and get your hands dirty. Pluck organic vegetables from the garden and can cook a delicious meal.

  1. Watch funny and hilarious videos

Both can enjoy watching funny and entertaining videos on Social Media and laugh out loud. What can be better than laughing together and sharing a happy moment?


  1. Take a cozy nap

Taking a cozy and comfortable afternoon nap on a lazy Sunday is always fun. Sharing the same blanket and with tight hugs, a quick nap is romantic and worth staying at home.


  1. Share your childhood memories

Sharing childhood memories or memories that are close to your heart to each other. Go back to the past and rewind the memories. Listen and know about each other’s past life.

  1. Build a tent

It is something I think about doing every time with my husband, but I never had. Instead, you should try for fun. Make shelter and decorate it with light bulbs inside and lie down together reading or just talking.



Dating more often keeps us connected which is essential in a relationship. You can do more such amazing things on a Sunday date at home.

Please share your date ideas too in the comment section below. Tell us how do you love to spend your Sunday with your spouse.

Happy Sundays!

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Thanks to all for reading.


How too much using of Smartphones can ruin moments in Marriage

We all share an intimate relationship with our smartphones. We never forget them, we carry them everywhere, we kind of literally glued to this device. People say we use them because it has made our life easy.


Do you think that’s true? I don’t think so. We have gone far and too much addicted to our phones that it has now become an integral part of our life. We are giving way more importance to our smartphones than our precious relationships.

Now, the question is can a small gadget like ‘smartphone’ ruin moments or create chaos in your marriage? Is it that powerful?

I am sure it happened several times with you and with me too all that you are out with your spouse on a Sunday lunch chose an excellent restaurant to eat. You both went inside picked a table for two started enjoying the warmth of the restaurant ambience, then after ordering both began to exchange words. All was going smooth, but your spouse’s phone rang.

“Umm, I am sorry honey, I need to take this, it’s business. Just give me 2 minutes.”

You nodded like every other time and waited for the call to get over. In the meantime, you started being attached to your phone just scrolling up and down to social media sites and videos. Where is that sweet and romantic conversation that had been planned on a Sunday lunch?

Is this a healthy and happy moment that you want to remember? I guess no.

Hence, less communication and more unnecessary using of smartphones lead to the ruining of a beautiful moment of your day.

When two persons are busy continually checking their phones and find it more interesting than spending time with each other is pulling each other away creating a communication gap.

I believe the key to a relationship is communication. The more you will communicate with each other; the bonding will get stronger. Although smartphones do connect us to the outer world but disconnecting a husband and wife more quickly.

You might think using smartphones now and then isn’t a big deal. Well! You are wrong. Slowly, the habit of getting too much attached to your phones will be starting to have a negative impact on your relationship.


Negative effects

  • Constant conflict between phone love and marriage
  • Communication gap
  • Reduces intimacy
  • Dissatisfaction between spouses
  • Loss of responsiveness
  • Distractions; which is dangerous especially while driving
  • The feeling of insecurities in relationships

These are the fundamental things that could wreck your marriage if not controlled at the right time.

A marriage is needed to be care and love. To feel connected with each other, keep aside your phone and start focusing on spending more quality time. It will nurture your relationship and bring a positivity that will help to keep your marriage strong in the long run.


How can you not let your phone ruin that moment?

People are beginning to understand that smartphone can’t mend a relationship once broken, so they want to stop phone interference in their relationship but don’t know how.

  • Awareness

I suggest starting with taking small steps. If your job demands too much phone interaction, then make your spouse understand your responsibility. Also, wherever and whenever you will get time to spend with each other try a phone free zone during weekends.

  • Turn-off notifications

Turn-off notifications in your phones so that you won’t get notifications every minute and this won’t spoil your moment.

  • Stop social media addiction

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter has now occupied significant space in human life. People can’t live without either posting or scrolling the social media feed for a day. I don’t say social media is harmful, but one should keep a tab on how much addicted you are. Try to cut short watching the social feed every minute especially when you are at a restaurant or in a movie hall in front of your spouse.

It’s the psychological dependency that needs to be changed. Always remember as long as you are using your smartphones for work and leisure; it is fine but overusing will cause issues in your marriage.



Know 12 amazing reasons how traveling can strengthen your relationship

Who said marriage or maintaining a relationship is an easy task? We all have our bad experiences when it comes to dealing with a relationship.

We are so busy in our daily life that there isn’t a much exciting thing to do. We work hard to earn money and aim to provide a better living for ourselves. Doing the same activity and dealing with the stress of city life makes our life dull and boring. It leaves no spark in a relationship.

My Husband and I have a similar story. Living in a city can be hectic, hardly have time to communicate with each other. We can’t complain because I believe in this competitive world if you want to live a good life then you have to work hard to succeed in your dreams.

This lifestyle has taken a toll on our relationship. But every penny you earn and dream you run after will goes in vain if you aren’t happy.

So, we decided to travel more and give our relationship more time and understanding. We make sure to go on a frequent holiday. I can guarantee from my experience that “travel is a therapeutic experience.” Travel brings us closer to each other and bonds us strong.


Here I will share 12 amazing reasons that every couple should follow and know how traveling can strengthen their relationship.

  1. Develop mutual trust

Trust is the key factor in every relationship. The more you will travel with your partner; mutual trust will tend to develop. There will be situations where you need to keep faith in each other altogether. There will be several decision-making situations on your way, with the mutual trust you can rely on each other.

Note: Traveling teaches you to trust each other.

  1. Spend more time together

It is strange that when you are at home due to circumstances like work or a busy schedule or too much involvement in laptops and mobile phones you don’t get to spend much time with each other. But when you are traveling all the time is yours.

Traveling is the best way to dedicate all your time to each other. You can spend more time together in exploring beautiful places, in eating or relaxing.

  1. Improves intimacy and romance

Traveling together and exploring new places is stress-free. Travel makes you forget about your work life and refreshes your mind. As a result, it brings you closer and improves your intimacy with each other.

It says that couples those who travel often are much happier than those who lead a regular hectic city life.

Romance and intimacy is an essential factor in a happy relationship.

  1. Improves Communication

As you get to spend more and more quality time together, eventually communication between the two increases. Both can communicate about things, life, plans, places and it goes on. Make conversations; most couples fail to understand each other’s needs because they fail to communicate. Communication in any relationship is about connecting with your partner, emotionally or verbally.

  1. Travel teaches to keep patience

Every person doesn’t have this positive trait- “patience.” When you are traveling with your partner, both will have a different opinion, likes, and dislikes. Keeping patience on your partner will boost love whereas impatience might ruin your moment.

  1. Live the best moments together

Try to share and live all the good moments together. Create your exciting travel experiences that you can cherish later in your life. Throughout your travel, there will be several such moments that will be forever unique and unforgettable. Try to live those precious time it will increase the mutual love and take your relationship to one step ahead.

  1. Respect each other’s limitations

When traveling together, you will discover each other’s weakness and strength. As a partner, treat with respect and complement each other. If your partner isn’t comfortable hiking into a jungle because she is scared, tell her “its okay.” There are tons of adventurous activities to do. Encourage her, support her and make her feel safe. Say these words like “don’t be scared, I am with you or okay if you aren’t comfortable, we can enjoy something else.”

I can tell this actually works.

  1. Be each other’s emotional and mental support

Traveling teaches how to support and take care of each other emotionally and mentally. When you step out of your comfort zones, you can’t be sure of any situations. When you are together, that means you have each other in bad and good times.

If your partner falls sick, then don’t leave her in your hotel room and go alone to explore instead be there by your partner’s side.

  1. Travel makes you more responsible towards each other

Traveling will make both you and your partner responsible. The more you will start traveling it will make you accountable and courageous enough to keep each other safe and secure from the risk.

Like for example, while traveling both won’t do such things that might put you in danger.

  1. Go on an early morning walk

Walking miles together by the beach side or in a park is a fantastic thing that a couple can always do.

We as a couple love to cherish small moments like having tea or coffee or a walk or take selfies which is fun.

Try to enjoy doing small activities. It isn’t always important that we do grand celebrations to cherish even to strengthen your relationship small efforts are enough.

  1. Do travel packing together

Help each other by doing travel packing. Make a list of things that you will carry along. Pack those items that you think you both need, but it is worth to make an effort to do the packing together.

It is a fun and quite an enjoyable thing to do. To make it interesting, both can discuss and then start packing each other’s suitcase and bag for the travel.

  1. Share secrets with each other

You all have dirty and funny secrets. When relaxing at your hotel room, both can share funny secrets that you have experienced or done in your school or college days. Share crazy things that you might have done with your friends on a trip. It is an attempt to know about each other.

You can share and do crazy, unnecessary kinds of stuff when you travel because both have plenty of time and ultimate freedom from the hectic life.

A relationship is like a long road which needs love, care, respect, commitment and it is a long list. Traveling together will give you time to build your relationship and a lifetime of memorable moments. Travel teaches a couple, a lot of traits which is helpful in maintaining the relationship in the long run.

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