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17 best Teen Romantic Movies on Netflix to Stream Right Now

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There are numerous teen romantic movies on Netflix and, they also have TV shows that revolve around teen adults.

Over time now, Netflix keeps adding more original Tv shows and movies each month. Netflix has a massive list of different genres of movies one can search based on their taste.

In this blog post, I will share with you 17 best teen romantic movies on Netflix that are fun, friendly, and can watch any time. If you are a teen or even if you in your thirties but love watching teen romance movies, here are the movies to watch.

Teen Romantic Movies on Netflix Streaming Now

Alex Strangelove

Craig Johnson’s ‘Alex Strangelove’ is a coming-of-age gay teen comedy movie about a boy named Alex, who is a decent boy who cares about keeping his grades up, hanging out with his friends, got his first girlfriend in his senior high school.

But he started questioning himself about his sexuality when he met a charming gay kid from the other side of the town.

It is a likable movie and is similar to another film named “Love, Simon.”

teen romantic movies on netflix - Alex Strangelove 2018

The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth is yet another typical teen romantic movie on Netflix to watch. The sequel of the movie got released a month back on Netflix.

The story follows the love story and friendship of teenager Elle, Lee, and Noah.

The film has a beautiful story of Elle and Lee’s friendship, they are the best friend from childhood, and both always stick together no matter what the situation is.

‘The Kissing Booth’ is a fun comedy and tells the teen love story of Elle and Noah. Their earliest moment of love, long-distance relationship, and other teenage issues have been shown in the movie.

Video Credit : Netflix (YouTube)

The Last Summer

The Last Summer is another Netflix original teen rom-com movie where the final moments of the senior year of high school before going to college is the subject of the film.

The story of the film is the typical teen love story where the couple is introduced as a high school sweetheart but break up because their destinations are different. The title of the film ‘The Last Summer’ denotes their last time of togetherness.

The Last Summer

Let it Snow

Netflix’s ‘Let It Snow’ is a Christmas teen romantic movie set in a small town. The story takes place on Christmas eve when a snowstorm hit the town, and a group of high school students got stuck in a café.

It is a film about friendship, family, and love during Christmas.

It is a one-time worthy watch film adapted from an anthology of three short stories written by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Laureen Myracle.

There are plenty of good Christmas movies on Netflix to watch, and ‘Let It Snow’ is a good one for the teenagers.

Video Credit: Netflix (YouTube)

The Perfect Date

The 2019 American teen romantic movie ‘The Perfect Date’ centers around Brooks (Noah Centineo), a star kid of the high school who dreams of going to Yale.

He wants to make money for his college tuition fees, so he begins renting himself out as a non-sexual male escort. He goes on dates with different females.

After his successful trials, he develops an app where he offered himself as a fake date. The chemistry between Brooks and Celia is fun, unique, and full of angst. How will the two turn out? Watch it.

 The Perfect Date –

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

Netflix’s Original Sierra Burgess Is a Loser stars Noah Centineo as Jamie, Shannon Purser as Sierra, and Kristine Froseth as Veronica, the teenagers in the film.

The story centers around Sierra, who got herself into a mistaken love affair with the star kid of the high school Jamie. The movie leaps certain social issues like bullying, cybercrime, etc. It is a teen romantic comedy with a twist in the climax.

Sierra is a flawed character, but she accepted herself the way she is.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser,

Tall Girl

The 2019 American teen romantic movie ‘Tall Girl’ is about the tallest girl in high school named Jodi and her insecurities and uncomfortable life being not normal like others.

Jodi is played by Ava Michelle, who is 6 feet and 1 inch tall.  It is a coming-of-age film where Jodi discovers herself, her self-confidence, and love in her best friend, Jack.

Video credit: Netflix (YouTube)

The Half of it

Netflix’s original teen romantic movie ‘The Half of It’ is a wonderful film to watch.

The storyline of the film revolves around a shy and introverted high school student Ellie who lives with her father in a small town and shares a beautiful friendship with Paul.

The movie is different from the rest of the teen romantic movies. Ellie agreed to ghostwrite text messages and love letters to Aster Flores on behalf of her friend Paul.           

Through reading and languages, the relationship between Ellie and Aster evolves. Ellie and her father represent the cultural differences, as they are the only Asians in the town and lives in isolation. But Ellie’s coming-out scene takes place in the Church, which is debatable.

I would recommend you watch this amazing movie.

Video Credit: Netflix (YouTube)

To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before

The teen romantic movie on Netflix tells the story of high school junior Lara Jean Covey who writes letters to boys she likes, but she doesn’t pass those letters rather lock it away in her closet.

She has a crush on her older sister’s boyfriend Josh, but before she moves to college, they broke off.

Lara feels it would be inappropriate to date him, so she wrote her latest letter to him and lock it in her closet. Her little sister Kitty came to know about her letters and posted her letters.

Those who received letters they all confronted her, but it is with Josh the story ends. The sequel to the movie got released in 2020 “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.”

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a coming-of-age film directed by Greta Gerwig as her directorial debut.

The story revolves around a teenage girl Christine Lady Bird McPherson, who faces many ups and downs in her personal life with her family and relationships during her senior year in high school.

She is a rebellious teenage girl having a strong perspective about the catholic school, relationship, sexuality, and she struggles as her opinions collide with others.

The film is charming enough to watch.

Lady Bird (2017)

Carrie Pilby

Carrie Pilby is a teen comedy-drama movie streaming on Netflix about Carrie, who is gifted and graduated from Harvard at 19. The entire movie revolves around her notion about the people, relationship, and morality.

She visits a therapist and, after her mother died, lives in New York in an apartment alone. She troubles connecting with people as she finds their general IQ level lower than hers.

Why am I recommending this film? Because of its unique comic and satirical dialogues.

teen romantic movies on Netflix - Carrie Pilby

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The 2012 American coming-of-age drama film directed by Stephen Chbosky adapted from his novel of the same name.

The story is about an introvert teenage boy Charlie, suffering from anxiety and depression disorder after his tumultuous past.

He enters high school and nervous about his new phase of life, but when he made friends with a few seniors, his life begins to get sorted.

His friends helped him cope with his situation and taught him to live life to the fullest. It is an engaging film with some great performances by Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, and Ezra Miller.

Video Credit: Movieclips Trailers

The Space Between Us

The 2017 teen romantic drama film “The Space Between Us” tells a unique love story between an astronaut’s son Gardner played by Asa Butterfield, and a girl from the earth named Tulsa, played by Britt Robertson.

The story begins with Sarah Elliot, an astronaut who dies on a mission to Mars while giving birth to a boy, and he is named Gardner.

The fellow scientist raises him on Mars. Nobody knows anything about the identity of his father until they found a wedding ring and a video from Sarah’s belongings.

In the quest to search for his father, Gardner fell for a lovely girl Tulsa from Colorado.

The Space Between Us

Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart is directed by Justin Baldoni. The storyline focuses on two teenage adults Will and Stella. Stella spends most of her time in the hospital for treating cystic fibrosis. She meets Will, who has the same illness.

With time love emerges between both the young souls but ends on a sad note. It is similar to “Fault in our Star” but couldn’t live up to the audience’s expectation.

I would say you can give it a try.

Video Credit: Movieclips Trailer

17 Again

17 Again is a 2009 American comedy film; it follows 37 years-old Mike as in Matthew Perry, who is popular for his character Chandler in “FRIENDS” wishes he could be seventeen again to live his life.

One day, he wakes up, and he is a 17 years-old young fellow.

The film subjects growing up appreciating life and happiness. Zac Efron as the young Mike nails with his charm and looks.

For all the teenage adults, “17 Again” should be on the list of the watch.

17 Again (film)

All the Bright Places

“All the Bright Places” is a Netflix Original teen romantic movie about mental illness and the power of love.

The story revolves around two young talented individuals Violet (Elle Fanning) and Theodore (Justice Smith); their story brings an emotional depth and enlightens the audience about the complexities of the teen world.

But how even the smallest moments of life can change and bring perspective into life.

All The Bright Places'

The Knight Before Christmas

“The Knight Before Christmas” is a Netflix Original film which is a Christmas themed. A knight who got transported from the medieval age to the present day, and he falls for a high school science teacher.

People love happy movies during Christmas time and Netflix’s “The Knight Before Christmas” delivers happiness, togetherness, magical things, and love. Although there is no touch with the reality of the world, the movie is likable for its joyful plot.

Video Credit: Netflix (YouTube)


These are the best teen romance movies on Netflix, in my view that you should watch if you love teen movies.

Netflix keeps updating its content and adds new content every month. I will keep updating the post with more best teen movies.

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