8 Best Nearby Places to Visit Outside India During This Diwali Break

Diwali is coming, and it’s a holiday time when kids and adults both love to enjoy. Some prefer to spend the days traditionally with family and relatives at home whereas some plan for traveling to new places. Traveling overseas to celebrate the festival with family and friends is the latest trend although India has several such beautiful places where you could go. But because it is a festive season, flight ticket and hotel cost a lot. And to skip that, planning has to done 4-5 months before.

What if you could travel someplace else without much planning and celebrate Diwali the way you want?

When in today’s market, international destinations are accessible, and if you are willing to spend little extra from your pocket, then I would say, an overseas traveling could bring you a lot of fun with unique experiences.

People’s mindset is changing, and you can celebrate the festival with your loved ones in a different challenging way. Diwali shouldn’t be limited only to sweets and shopping, let’s do something more and explore the outer world.

Here is a list of best nearby destinations that you might find interesting:


Dubai celebrates all Hindu festivals. It has plenty of places where Diwali visitors can go and celebrate starting from shopping, buying gold in Dhanteras, sweets, and food. Dubai is a fantastic place when it comes to shopping. The Dubai Mall in Financial Centre Road is one of the largest in the world offering great shopping options. For cultural and traditional events, Sheikh Mohammed Centre is a good one. You can also witness the Light show during the Diwali day.


The Southeast Asian country is a perfect beach holiday destination. There are a lot of things to do and explore in Thailand. Thai culture and tradition are something that I am often read about. The historical stories of its monarchy, religion, Buddhist temples everything is so rich and unique. Spending the Diwali, knowing something new could be quiet interesting rather than doing only shopping and be at home.



A trip to Singapore can be a bit expensive but if you are a travel enthusiast and love to explore then adding Singapore on your travel list is smart. The accommodation in Singapore isn’t cheap, so if you want to lower your budget, then there are plenty of other things where you can save your penny. Like, taking the public transport, taking a free walking tour, dining out during the happy hours. If you are looking for India cuisine, Singapore has ‘Little India’ where you can get delicious yet cheap foods.

The best way is to book your tickets two months before so that it won’t hurt your pocket much. With Makemytrip.com you can now cancel your ticket anytime with the refundable amount.



Bali is yet another exciting holiday destination where culture is everywhere you look. With thousands of temples, ancient deities, traditional ceremonies, and rituals Bali is for them who loves to explore. You can enjoy both the incredible beaches of Bali and the culture paradise of Bali.


Just research properly before going, you can either hire a guide or download ‘guidebook of Bali trip.’ It will smoother your journey.


The Maldives are the ‘love to go’ holiday destination for the honeymooners. With access to easy visa policy, travel to this tropical island- clear water, luxury stay, beaches, warm sunny days and lot of many other things to do.

You can make your Diwali this year more romantic and happening in the Maldives.


Nothing beats an excitement when you are in close proximity to the Himalayas. Spending the Diwali in a mundane way will be much more adventurous and interesting if you pick Nepal as your travel destination. This beautiful country where nature bestows everything that it has to offer. It is indeed, one of the best tourist attractions.

Why going to Switzerland when we have Nepal our neighborhood country. As there are limited flights, booking tickets 2-3 months before will be better.

Sri Lanka

Another neighboring country Sri Lanka, which is a paradise on the earth. Sri Lanka has a significant historical story where it is connected to India. Learn more about their cultural background, locals, delicious Sri Lankan cuisine and their connection with Buddhism. Sri Lankan cuisine does resemble the Indian cuisine not only this a lot of other things too.


Diwali is celebrated in Sri Lanka too, and it is their public holiday. It will be a memorable experience, watching and able to observe the ‘Festival of Light’ in a different country but in a similar pattern.


This small Buddhist nation is tucked between India and China. Nature has showered all its blessings on it, and it has grown to be one of the most wanted destinations for the Indians. Those who love spending their Diwali holidays in peacefulness and want to be surrounded by only nature Bhutan would make the right choice.


So, bring a change in your way of celebrating the Diwali. Let this Festival of Light bring happiness and love on everyone life through traveling.

Happy Diwali to you all in advance.

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