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Why Should you Stop Traveling in the Himachal Now for Vacation?

Today I am going to write something different than my usual content.

This article is more of an awareness to my readers about traveling to the Himachal.

You all have read many articles on ‘travel in Himachal in India.’

Certain places in Himachal are ‘paradise,’ people from all over the country, from different parts, come to this ‘Heavenly paradise’ in search of solitude and a good vacation.

Himachal pradesh

Those who live in the north of India Himachal Pradesh is like a second home to them. They prefer to spend their long weekends going there instead of other parts of the country.

Now, here is a concern.

What do you think had happened that has made me write this article pleading you to stop traveling to the Himachal now?

Hill stations in North India like Nainital, Shimla, Manali are recently witnessing a massive number of arrivals of tourist from all over the country.

With the rise in the temperature, people are vacationing in the colder places thinking of getting a temporary respite from the heat.

Well, I have absolutely no problem with people vacationing. But if this whole thing of tourism creates an imbalance in the ecosystem, then definitely being a citizen, it’s my responsibility to aware you through the means of the platform which is available to me.

Climate Changes is a significant issue

It is the Himalayan region that makes these places so unapologetically beautiful. The Indian Himalayan Region covers a vast area.

Some areas are inaccessible to the layman, but they can still see and explore the beauty from a distance.

We all know how much global climate changes have impacted the entire planet.

It has also impacted the vast Himalayan Ecosystem. Experts say the climate changes are a matter of concern for food security, water security, and biodiversity loss.

Although we get to see a gorgeous scenic Himalayan view on our trip to the Northern Indian hills, the truth beneath is something else.

If you are following the daily news, you will know that the changes in these regions are hugely affecting the lives of the local people.

Locals are facing an acute crisis of water these days. The situation is getting harder as the days are passing by. Places like Kullu, Manali, Chamba, Solan, etc are the worst-affected due to water scarcity.

water crisis in himachal pradesh

So, next time, whenever you will see a picture of these beautiful places on Instagram or Facebook, think once about the condition of those local people.

Undoubtedly, the photos are so great that it is hard not to think about its beauty.

I love photography and love to explore places. I frequently post pictures of the places where I have been to.

So, I know what it feels like when you see a picture of a snow-clad mountain or a narrow, smooth curvy road with greenery all around. Like I said before, ‘it lures us.’

But ignore the feeling and think of the bigger picture.

You as a traveler or tourist might not pay attention to this predominant issue thinking ‘you are here just for a few days for vacationing.’

But it should be known to you that the people of this small hill towns have to literally wait for days to get clean water in their homes.

So, yes, it is a severe issue that is needed to be discussed.

The economic status of Himachal Pradesh is primarily dependent on tourism. Each day a vast number of tourists come and stay in the hotels.

In a way, it is helping in generating greater economy but also profoundly affecting the ecosystem.

Even these days, it is seen that the traffic has aggressively increased, an uncountable number of tourist cars trapped in the hilly sloppy narrow roads.

Can you imagine how much gas these cars are emitting?

Of course, by polluting the air, it creates an imbalance in the Himalayan Ecology.

Traffic in Himachal Pradesh

Now, this isn’t a one-day activity. It is years and years of torture of humankind to the environment.

To increase the tourism of Himachal, the state government has upgraded the infrastructure, raised in the numbers of hotels, invested crores in promoting.

Local travel agencies, social media influencer post mesmerizing pictures of different places of the Himachal and lure more and more tourist to come.

By doing this, there is no doubt it is helping the local people in generating their income, but who will think about nature?

It is our responsibility to take care of our environment.

Not all people are responsible travelers. A few days ago, on the news, I saw volunteers cleaning up the waste products loitering around in the areas near the hills.

They collected a massive number of bags of wastage. You could imagine now how much it has affected the climate and its environment.

Do you know the farmers of Kullu-Manali region are suffering terribly?

Due to a decrease in rainfall and rising in temperature, it has dramatically affected the agriculture and horticulture in this region.

The snowfall in the Himachal is decreasing with each year. Although you won’t understand the difference as it is changing in a small percentage, this change is a major issue. The flow in the pattern of the valley rivers is also changing a bit.

These intricate details may not be that crucial for you, but experts are saying that if collaboratively everyone makes an effort to stop these environmental changes, then this eventually will save the planet and ‘us.’

Securing the environment has become and should be the main focus of the people.

I am not against traveling to this beautiful earthly place, but I plead everyone to travel responsibly.

I have written an article on ‘how to travel responsibly’, so you can read the article too.

It is our sole duty to restore the beauty of mother nature.

Thank you, everyone, I hope you all have read this entire article and understand the importance of it.

Please do share with everyone and write back to me if you have any queries.

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