10 most Instagrammable spots in India that will make you fall in love with the country

Just a few years ago, I wasn’t even aware of a social media platform named ‘Instagram’. It was only Facebook I knew, and before that, it was ‘Orkut’ which has now got disappeared in the air.

Anything visual is always attractive and beautiful. Instagram is such a cool social media platform that introduces itself as a “platform to share a series of pictures with the world.” Over the years,  microblogging platform like ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’ has become much more popular than Facebook.

Some people are earning in thousands of dollars from ‘Instagram’ only by sharing beautiful travel pictures and promoting. Even, I also follow Instagram more, post my travel pictures and share.

Let ‘s come straight to the point through this article; I will share 10 such popular Instagrammable spots in India that are truly beautiful and make you travel to those places. Have a look!

  • Taj Mahal

The 17th-century Mughal-style most alluring and beautiful monument is worth a visit for all. Who doesn’t want to capture the beauty of Taj Mahal and its aura?

It very much represents the Mughal graciousness and love for art. Now that Instagram is the most lovable social media platform, you will find pictures of Taj Mahal in the Insta feed frequently.


  • Hampi

One of the most beautiful and ancient monuments situated in Karnataka and one can photograph the place in different directions resembling its grandeur. Hampi is UNESCO heritage site, and its ruins are its beauty.

It is one of the places that I have added in my travel list and you should too if you haven’t yet.

  • Hawa Mahal

Jaipur is itself a very popular place among the tourist. Its impressive architecture, colorful buildings, local craft, and Rajasthani culture, is what tourist are attracted towards.

While planning to Jaipur, your list of ‘to-do’ can be extended. As there are several places that you won’t get tired of exploring and the journey will take you to such magical places that you will fall in love with.

And among all the landmarks, ‘Hawa Mahal’ is one of the most instagrammable spots in India.


  • Amber Fort

Amber Fort is yet another widely recognizable landmark in Jaipur where tourist love to visit and try to blend in with the local culture and tradition. The fort is, so there are numerous spots where you can capture amazing architectural details and share that on your instafeed to gain more followers and likes if you want.

  • Pangong Lake

One of the most picturesque lake and most prominent tourist attraction spot in our country is Pangong Tso situated in the edge of Himalayas. The allure and wide-open sky with mountains, rugged terrain, and blue water is a perfect blend for a fantastic picture on Instagram.

Every traveler in India or a travel enthusiast would dream to go on a bike trip from Manali-Ladakh. The experience is something worth remember throughout your life.


  • Munnar

When I say Munnar, the visual image of scenic tea plantations come across my mind and believe me, it is the only reason Munnar is so beautiful. Indians love tea. Perhaps the love for tea and love for mountains has driven many tourists to go there.

It is one such tourist place in India that people love to Instagram the most.


  • Golden Temple, Amritsar

Do I need to say more?

Have you ever heard anyone saying that he/she was in Amritsar and didn’t visit Golden Temple?

You simply can’t miss it.

Let me tell you; it isn’t a temple it is a Gurudwara (holiest place for Sikhs)

Irrespective of caste and creed, Golden temple is for all.

  • Pondicherry

A place with a series of historical events, exotic blend of French, Portuguese, British and Indian culture, French quarter, colonial architecture and influence in cuisines. All these elements represent Pondicherry. A popular holiday destination and a lot of spots within the city to photograph.

If you scroll or swipe up and down on Instagram, you will at least see a picture of Pondicherry at every refresh.

  • Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Sikkim

I believe, almost every destination that we visit is instagrammable but yet there are a few that gives us a purpose of traveling. The Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Sikkim is a spot that you will often find on Instagram. The Tibetan culture, their lifestyle, cuisine, the mountainous road everything together is itself unique and adventurous. Traveling in that altitude will give an opportunity to get yourself near nature.

If I talk about photography? It is definitely a place which will give you ample such themes to photograph like nature, portrait, landscape, and culture.

  • Jodhpur

The famous blue city of Rajasthan is no less known place for the tourist across the world. The city is all about representing culture, delicious food, friendly locals, amazing talent in handcraft materials, rich history and fantastic architecture.

Do you need more?

Then I must say go and visit this amazing vibrant place.


If you want to add any other places, kindly let me know.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this article.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Thank you.

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10 Things Bengalis Love to do During the Days of Durga Puja in Kolkata

“Maa asche..matro r ko ak din baki..” which means the idol of Durga, the most awaited festival of Kolkata is coming in a few days from now.

Although a festival is for all. Regardless of caste and creed, a festival brings happiness and joyful moments in everyone’s life. But, when I talk about the ‘Durga Puja’ it is predominantly a festival celebrated by Bengalis. A celebration which is no less than a carnival, and depicts our Bengali culture.

I have grown up staying in Kolkata and enjoyed the Durga Puja session each year. For the past three years; I haven’t got the chance to visit my hometown during this festive time which I terribly miss. Even this year too, I had to give it a miss for some reasons.

You won’t believe until you see the city how beautiful and vibrant does it look during this time. The city, its people everyone waits for this festival to come. People believe that the arrival of Goddess Durga will shower happiness and merriment in our life and will take away all the pain and struggles.

“A holy moment to hope for the good.”

Now, I will tell you what we love to do during the days of Durga Puja in Kolkata. How we Bengalis celebrate and why it is a part of our life.

  • The most obvious Shopping

So, the last-minute shopping is done. Everyone is rushing to the shopping malls, grabbing the best-designed clothes at a fantastic festive deal. If it is not sufficient or didn’t get time to shop then online platforms like Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart and Amazon are the best with a huge collection.

I am heavily dependent on online shopping as it saves my time and I often get a superb sale which is a respite to my wallet.

  • The countdown begins with Mahalaya

With Mahalaya; the first day of the auspicious festival sets the mood. We love to start this particular day by listening to the special Mahalaya chants. These chants are spiritual, and almost all the Bengalis love hearing to them early in the morning of Mahalaya.

  • Puja special edition

Every magazine publishing house releases a Puja special edition which we Bengalis follow enthusiastically. These special edition magazines consist of things and events happening around Kolkata during these puja days, like the latest fashion to follow, and several other entertainment stuffs.

I remember, how I used to buy the Bengali “Anandamela” magazine from the local newspaper salesperson each year before the festival gets started. So, basically, we go through these magazines because they publish pretty amazing things during these festive times.

  • No mood for work or study

Durga Puja is a festival that we keep waiting for the year.

How could we concentrate on work or study? Because our concentration is always on what to do these 5 days, where to go, what to wear to look the best and it’s an unending list that the mind occupies.

Most of the corporate offices remain closed on these 3 auspicious days (Ashtami, Novomi, and Doshomi). Schools and Colleges remain closed during Durga Puja.

  • Waking up with the sounds of ‘Dhak.’

Well, there is no escape from the beat of ‘dhakis.’ Dhak is a musical instrument which in layman’s word we say ‘drum.’

The early morning ‘dhak bajna’ means the ‘rhythmic sound of the drum beating‘ which is so hypnotic and it makes your heart feel alive and cheerful.

Durga Puja without dhak er awaj (drum beating) is impossible.

I love the spellbinding rhythmic sound of the drum beating. I feel like to dance. It gives me a different happy feeling.

  • Saying no to food is a crime

If you are on a diet?

It is better to forget about that for these 5 days.

Imagine you are surrounded with a lot of varieties of some lip-smacking food, and you can’t taste it.

Of course, be it any festival one should always enjoy, and the food is one such way that keeps us happy.

You can never resist yourself with Kolkata’s famous kathi roll, puchka, chaat, kobiraji, bhog in the pandal etc etc.

  • We don’t forget to post pictures in Social Media

Hey tag me also if you are posting on Facebook and don’t forget to post all the picture.”

With social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, posting pictures nowadays seems to have become an important thing to do.

“I still don’t understand why there is such an urgency of posting pictures in social media. During my days, there wasn’t this much craze of social media. I didn’t even have an account with any of this. Unlike now, I didn’t have that privilege of buying a smartphone. My first handset was a Nokia simple phone with no camera.

I can feel the difference, and I had enjoyed way more in those growing years than now.”

Anyways, let us move from my story to what we do now during the Durga Puja days.

  • Reunion

Festival is a great time for gathering with family, old friends, and neighbors. Because it is a 5 days occasion people have time to meet and gather around. Those who live outside of Kolkata for work they also try to come.

Like me, I live in Pune which is in Maharashtra; a western state in India. I try to go home during this time and if I can I make plans with my old childhood buddies to meet and ‘adda‘ which means ‘a friendly get together‘. It always feels amazing to be around friends and family.

But modern life doesn’t allow that to happen every time whenever we want, so a special occasion like Durga Puja is an appropriate time to share some amazing moments with some amazing people of our life.

  • Ashtomi is always a special day for ‘Onjoli’

Onjoli’ is a short prayer to Goddess Durga where we chant some ‘montro‘ meaning rhythmic slogan or Vedic hymn with flowers in hand.

We take an early morning shower, wear clean clothes and go to the ‘mandap’ (temple) to perform the prayer.

  • Doshomi Visarjon – Sindoor khela and special misti (sweets)

Doshomi‘ is the last day of the festival where the idol of Goddess Durga is being immersed in the water which is called ‘Visorjon’.

It feels little sad watching the idol getting immersed and at the same time the feeling of departure to our old monotonous and busy life.

During this day, most of the local sweet shops make special sweets like ‘goja’, ‘mihidana’, ‘jalebi’, and several other varieties which are truly delicious.

‘Sindoor khela’ (vermilion) is something that every married woman plays after they take blessings from the Goddess Durga. It is a fun activity with cultural value.

In the end, I would say, we Bengalis have a unique way to celebrate the most happening festival in Kolkata. If you ever want to visit Kolkata I would suggest you come to this festival; you will be awestruck to see how everything in the city looks unimaginably gorgeous.

If you want to share your experience or anything related to Durga Puja, I would be happy to know.

Thank you.

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Is It Okay to Think Traveling as A Way to Escape from The Boredom of Life?

“We travel not to escape life.”

We all love to travel whenever we get time or wherever possible by briefly shrinking the boredom of life.


After continuing with the same sequence of daily activities of life, at some point, we get bored of the repetitiveness, and we look for a temporary closure, a respite which travel gives us.

What is the boredom of life?

The truth is we can never escape from the “reality of life.” I have seen and heard many people saying “I need to travel. My life is getting boring. I am tired of the same old everyday thing happening to me; I need closure.”

It is wrong to pretend or think that traveling will make go away permanently “the apparent mundane environment that we all are leading.” Yes, it can break the monotony of life and refresh your heart and mind. But you have to again come back to the same territory tomorrow. So, it is the same repetitive process that nature follows.

Individuals often try to attain an adventurous and cheerful life through ‘traveling.’

So, the reality of life is the routine that we follow every day. Waking up, eating, getting ready, doing work, sleep. This is the mandatory thing that we all tend to do. While doing the same never-ending activity, we feel confined and tedious.

Why do we travel?

We all urge to travel more often when we want some excitement and inspiration in our life. I feel the modern western life has brought quite a pessimism. Despite being open to advance technology, we are so isolated, always desire for attention and the constant rat race that we all are following. With this increasing dissatisfaction with our urban lifestyle, we view travel as a form of ‘escapism.

Does travel help to escape?

Yes, it does.

But saying this, we travel to discover ourselves in the process which is very important. We tend to get lost in the fast city life. Going to new places brings in us the element of wonderment, and throughout the journey, it reveals our strength and limitations.

With no disrespect, I read blogs and several articles on the internet where an individual says that how traveling has changed their life, how traveling is their livelihood, how their life is different from the rest of us and how we can also find traveling as a meditative way to escape from the mundane life.

Whenever I see those fantastic travel pics, I assume how beautiful and carefree their life would be. I wish I could also have the same vibrant life. But I don’t know the truth of their life. How they are living or how they arrange money for traveling.

What I mean to say is, the truth of life and the purpose of traveling is different for everyone. Some travel for leisure and relaxation, some travel only on vacations to spend quality time with family, and some travel because they love to explore and experience.

Traveling more often brings you happiness

Several people have a weird notion about travel. They think traveling is a waste of money and time. They say the money you are spending on traveling and enjoyment can be utilized in doing something productive.

Do you think traveling isn’t productive enough?

Here is the thing:

You work hard 9-5 Monday to Friday. You spend your weekend hanging out with friends or watching Netflix sitting on the couch. A moment comes when your mind and body have given up and you desperately in need of a break. You planned your trip to say Sydney or Rome or London, booked your flight online, packed your bags, and you are super excited to start your journey.

You spend the next 10 days away from the monotony. These 10 days you have would probably one of the best time of your life, no longer to answer to your boss or clean up your home or wait for the train to come. You are way out of the box.

You are back home with a smile on your face still cherishing the moments of travel. The break has boosted you up and made you more productive than before.

Travel harvest your inner being and gives you happiness.

Some travelers call themselves ‘nomad.‘ According to them, they have attained great happiness in traveling. Although, initially they had to sacrifice their worldly aspirations to become a full-time traveler. But they claim traveling has given them a ‘new meaning to life’ and ‘liberty from the limitations of modern life.’

Accept your life with a flow

Monotony will always remain a part of our life. It comes and goes with the life cycle. We have to work and earn money to survive. Each day can’t be surprising, but it is you/we who can make your/our day less depriving by doing several little things. Always be grateful for your life.

Travel wherever you want at least twice a year. Explore the new roadmaps and momentary phase of your journey. You can’t keep moving constantly. You need to stop and live somewhere.

Regardless of what you do to break loose your chain, it will tie you up again. The more you will want to run away, the more it will block you.

So, let your life go on like a river flows make its path. There will come tons of struggles on your way but if you are positive you can overcome them all.


Photo Credit: Nick Fewings from Unsplash

Thank you all.

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8 Reasons for Settling Down in Pune is a Good Decision for You

I have been living in Pune for the last 3 years, and I realized how much the city is developing. Last year, Pune was listed among the top “Smart Cities“.

Inside and out, in many ways, the smart city concept is getting well appreciated by the people. New thinking indeed to bring positive changes in the city and their well-being.

Pune has everything that anyone needs to live a better and sustainable life. My husband works in an IT firm in Pune and before that he had lived in cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

What about me?

Well, practically lived the 25 years of my life in Kolkata and then two years in the USA. My opinion of living in Pune is based on what I see and how I feel about the city.

Through this article “I would be stating the 8 reasons for settling down in Pune is a good decision”.

  1. Growing IT hub

The city has a great career opportunity to offer in several sectors specifically in manufacturing, automobiles and IT. It has gained prominence in the IT sector and has been able to establish an IT hub in Magarpatta and Hinjewadi.

Most of the companies have their corporate headquarters in Mumbai.   But Several companies find Pune a better option for investment and opening their offices as compared to Mumbai. With increasing in job opportunities, the real estate sector is also booming as I see. Over the past few years, I am witnessing many real estate developments taking place in the city.


IT hub Hinjewadi is rapidly improving its infrastructure and connectivity to attract more and more investors. Not only this, the IT corporate offices are now spreading quickly in areas like Baner, Blewadi, and Kharadi.

    2. Improving Infrastructure

If we see the infrastructure of the city?

I would say, it is progressing. With the excellent connectivity between Mumbai and Pune through Mumbai-Pune Expressway, it has never stopped working on different infrastructure projects ever since. The PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation) has been recently approved of their metro rail project and a new airport. The work for the Pune Metro has already started.


Furthermore, the PMC is expecting to invest around Rs 30,000 crore for infrastructure development of the city. The city is yet to improve seriously on the public transportation, water supply, and traffic control.

   3. Smart City Project

The Smart City Mission has remained one of the prime priorities of the government of the state and Centre. The smart city project includes efficient public transportation, improved traffic management, power generation, go green environment, better road connectivity and communication, drinking water treatment and several other projects that are on the way.

A positive initiation to make the life of the citizen easy and sustainable.

   4. No language barrier

Every state has their language that is spoken by the locals. As a non-Marathi, I can say living in Pune is easy-going. 80% of people speak here Hindi which is the national language of India.

Even, the locals are so friendly that if you try to speak their language, they feel pleased and correct you when you are saying it indifferent. It feels good. I now understand a bit not thorough of course. So, no problem at all for the non-Marathi speaker.

   5. Clean and Green

I was surprised when I found “Pune bags the 10th position in India for cleanliness“. I won’t lie, I have seen places around the city where there are dumps of garbage. The state needs to check on the ground reality. But also, areas like Hinjewadi, Magarpatta, Kalyaninagar, Koregaon Park they reflect pretty much clean surroundings.

If I have to say about “green“?


Pune is quite a green city. Trees on both side of the broad road. There are gardens for kids and recreational activities.

   6. Closeness to holiday destinations

There are no fewer options for the people who live in Pune to go to beautiful places to refresh mind and soul. Those who love to drive will never get bored of Pune. What do you want to see? or go?

Beaches, hill stations, hiking through forest and trekking to forts you can spend your weekend in traveling activities and fun.

Some of my favorite places are:

  • A drive to Malshej ghat during monsoon
  • A drive to Tamhini Ghat during monsoon
  • Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani
  • Alibaug
  • Matheran
  • Ratnagiri

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

   7. Safe to travel at night

We often go for late night movie shows and return home quite late at night. I never felt unsafe traveling in this city. Ola cabs and autos are available at night, young men and women are always seen returning from pubs at midnight. I haven’t heard of anything wrong happened with anyone at night. But it is still better to travel at your vehicle.

   8. Good traffic Controlling

Traffic is one of the things that we all face while staying in a city. Under the smart city project, they have plans for better traffic management that will ease the daily commutation. Constructions of several fly-overs in the city might improve the condition of traffic as per the PMC.

Still, I will say Pune traffic is much better than cities like Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi.

   9. Good Education Institutes

Pune is indeed a good city for education. With top management institution like Symbiosis student across the country come here to study and job. How can I forget about the Pune University and Fergusson College?

One of the top prestigious university and college in India.

All the above 9 reasons determine the fact according to me that Pune could give you a better lifestyle and is certainly a better city to settle down.

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Photo Credit: Copyright free images

Slideshow Image: by Paulomi Dutta

A List of 29 Europe’s Best Less Traveled Holiday Destination

If I ever get a chance in my life to travel to Europe, then I will probably pick every city and town of this continent. Every country represents something unique about its culture, art, history, and nature.

Let me ask you all. What destination comes on your mind when you think of the beautiful continent Europe? Amsterdam, Rome, London or Venice?

Do you not feel like to go to places that reveals more and travel to the less known cities or towns?

Now is the time, if you have the opportunity and you are traveling next to Europe, you might want to reconsider your list of places.

If you are open to explore and experience new destinations then here is the list of 29 Europe’s best less traveled holiday destination. Give it a try.

  1. Leiden, The Netherlands

A small academic landmark in the Dutch country which attracts a considerable amount of tourist although. Leiden is the homeland of ancient university and museums.


If you are in the Netherlands, Leiden could be stopping by place.

    2. Toulouse, France

Settled in southwestern France not very far from Spain. The city has earned its title “La Ville Rose.” A destination like Toulouse would be ideal for a laid-back holiday.

Spending days under the sunny climate, learning French, reading books over coffees at outdoor cafes and a walk through the narrow lanes. Toulouse is home to some of the ancient archeology and excellent art museums.


With ample time in hand, admiring these extensive art collections and monumental rooms could be the best.

     3. Galway, Ireland

The county of Galway is a proud homeland sport and traditional music.

Not a very sports person? Not to worry because Galway is situated along the great Atlantic way and you could see some of the best sights of the coastline areas. And of course, experiencing Irish food and culture could be great for any traveler.


Galway is worth going on your way to Ireland.

    4. San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian, the European capital of culture, is no longer a secret to people. Situated in the Basque county in Northern Spain. The city is one of the most lively, vigorous and a gem of exceptional food.


The best holiday destination for summer, for its wild stretch of Atlantic golden beaches.

    5. Pag, Croatia

As you all know Croatia is a beautiful summer destination, so does Pag. It is said to be the party island of Croatia, but it is unusually a beautiful island which relatively barren with fewer trees and almost no vegetation. Pag has historical values and the economy of the island based on the salt production.


   6. Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is Germany’s most friendly city full of historical tales and striking architecture. You can’t escape the city’s dozens of canals which makes it look like ours very known ‘Venice’. There are several reasons why you should choose to come to Hamburg for your holiday destination.


   7. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is a magical place indeed. It is a dry plateau in the middle of Turkey which was once suppressed underneath volcanic ash. It is one of the most beautiful destinations for the photographers.


Cappadocia is worth a stop by if you are in Turkey.

    8. Porto, Portugal

A long weekend in Porto, which is situated on the northern coast of Portugal could be one of the best places at a possibly cheap rate. Often, Porto is outshined by the popular city Lisbon. The city’s coastal streets, disintegrating yet colorful buildings, postcard architecture and Porto’s local culinary are the reasons why it is uniquely different to visit.


   9. Transylvania, Romania

Romania’s Transylvania is the most popular for its Dracula’s Castle. Not only this, it has a historical background that you will enjoy after visiting Transylvania which is a kid-friendly place and a perfect family holiday destination in Europe.


  10. Luxembourg

Situated right at the heart of Europe, with its uncountable natural treasures and rich cultural background. Luxembourg is often a forgotten place by the tourists. It has everything to offer that a tourist wants. Give it a try once. It is no less than London or Paris.


  11. Utrecht, the Netherlands

When someone is planning for a Euro trip, most of them keep Netherland in the top of their list. Utrecht is the bustling university town with fantastic local shopping, brews, and cafes. It is a small town that can be covered by foot.


  12. Sardinia, Italy

Who doesn’t love a holiday in Italy? Italian cuisines, county road drives, breweries. But if you are looking for beaches? Sardinia has some of the brilliant Mediterranean beaches. Tourist can have unlimited beach activity fun and food, nightlife, historical events, and city tour.



A trip to Sardinia will pretty much cover everything that you aspire to do during the holidays.

  13. Whitstable, England

If you are visiting the United Kingdom and instead of spending your days in London, how about stop by in the countryside? Whitstable is only about 50 minutes from London, a beautiful English seaside. An evening walk along the seashore with your dog or partner watching the boats come and go with the crashing sound of countless waves is worth a look.


  14. Lille, France

Lille in France is a warm and hospitable city. There are tons of heritage and historical places to explore and experience around the town. The best thing about the town is the connectivity. It is only 80 minutes away from London, and 60 minutes away from Paris through high-speed trains.


  15. Tirana, Albania

Are you familiar with the name Albania?

Even a few months back, I wasn’t aware of Albania. I came to know about the country when I read about it in a travel magazine.

Albania is a place that has been less-traveled and unexplored. It is a city of colors with lots of cultures, heritage, and entertainment.


  16. Bordeaux, France

France has so much to offer to its tourist. Each city has a rich historical and cultural background from the decades. Bordeaux is also such a city that grew from the ages.


  17. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is a rich blend of architecture and culture and makes it a charming holiday destination. It is situated on the northern coast of the country which is nearer to Finland. The Old Town of Tallinn is also listed in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE sites.


An offbeat vacation to Tallinn could be much more inspiring and exciting for you.

  18. Minsk, Belarus

Minsk has a history. It was, unfortunately, got destroyed about 80% in the World war II and it was rebuilt in the 1950s. What made Minsk a fantastic place to visit?


Its Soviet architecture and winter will indeed give you an awestruck moment in Minsk.

  19. Azores, Portugal

The Azores is said to be “Europe’s secret island of adventure.” One of the amazing factors about the Azores – it is situated on the node of the European, American and African tectonic plates. The Azores is naturally rich surrounded with lush green all around.


Hopefully, the tourist and the government of Portugal can keep Azores pollution free zone and sustainable.

  20. Cologne, Germany

If you are around Germany, then a stop by in Cologne won’t be wasting of time. With its cathedrals, food, city life and leisure, the city is a quite lively and dynamic one. Though, nothing much to say about Cologne if you have a day of free time during your stay in Germany.


You may visit Cologne with your friends.

  21. Helsinki, Finland

Finland has been nominated quite a few times for being a peaceful country. Helsinki is the capital of Finland which is a modern city with advanced technology and business. Due to its proximity to the sea, fishing is one of their main occupations that boost their economy. Finish people are friendly and hospitable. But I believe the most amazing thing about traveling to a city in Finland would be to taste Finish culinary.


  22. Maastricht, The Netherlands

Maastricht is yet another beautiful city of Netherland. Quite famous among the people of Netherland for its ancient churches and cathedrals. Spending a day or two in Maastricht during your stay in the country would be interesting for its exposure to be able to explore the Dutch architecture and designs.


  23. Split, Croatia

A fantastic city with a blend of the modern and Roman era. An excellent option for the tourist those enjoys the nightlife, drinking, and architecture. The city of has tons to offer to its travelers and tourist. So, if you plan a long weekend to Split in Croatia? Won’t be a bad choice.


  24. Bergen, Norway

Norway is an incredibly beautiful country to visit and live. Bergen is Norway’s second largest populous country, but it is less known to the tourist. With its photogenic neighborhoods, buildings, street, museums and galleries a trip to Bergen would give you ample of things to explore and worth your time. A picturesque walk, Norwegian food, admiring artwork, Norwegian mountains and tons of other things to see.



  25. Bergamo, Italy

The Medieval town of Bergamo in the northeast of Milan is one of the less traveled destinations in Europe. You will tend to get lost in the rich heritage and ancient architectural world of this truly magnificent city. You can enjoy a city walking tour. A city can be explored best by foot. And of course, how can I forget Italian cuisine?


Don’t forget to take your camera with you. Some spots are worth capturing.

  26. Valletta, Malta

This tiny town in Malta is giving a fierce competition to the other European cities concerning tourism. Valletta is listed in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site as a European capital culture. The beautiful narrow streets, Mediterranean blue sea, museums, the architectural buildings, a walk around the city will give several reasons to stop here and explore more of its culture.


  27. Gothenburg, Sweden

It is said to be the fifth largest city in the Nordic countries. If you want to enjoy a pure city life? Gothenburg has everything to offer. It is a vibrant city with significant economic development. Several big industries hailed from Sweden.


  28. Lake Bled of Slovenia

A less-known place in Slovenia, Lake Bled is a treat to watch as it is a fairytale-like setting. Although Slovenia isn’t much famous as a holiday destination among the tourist, still you can give a try for something different.


  29. Naples, Italy

Who loves pizza? Naples of Italy is a worth holidaying a long weekend. The city that depicts the contemporary by revealing the old Roman exciting town to its tourist. Famous for its Italian cuisine, you can devour the delicious Pizzas as much as you can.


so, colorful isn’t it?

No matter which one you choose for your holiday destination but each of these places are unique, has a history to tell and extremely beautiful to enjoy. Europe will always be everyone’s ideal destination for holidaying with family or friends, but there are tons of places that are yet to explore more. Take the off beaten roads, start your journey and beat the crowd.

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Why Should You Keep Your Ego Aside in Marriage?

A small three letter word “EGO” is so powerful and evil that if not appropriately dealt with can create significant issues in any relationship.

Let’s be honest. We all have an ego, and there have been several occasions in our life when we let our ego control us. Ego is a sensitive part of our psyche at the same a negative quality.

Ego is killing your relationship

In a relationship, everything needs to be balanced. Several elements help to keep a marriage healthy. But ego is one such thing that ruins a relationship which means eventually kills your marriage.


Do you think ego is more valuable to you than your love?

When a couple loves each other, there shouldn’t be left any space for negative feelings to erupt. The ego is a part of the brain that needs to be accepted and loved.

In different occasions, ego struggles to cope up with the reality of life. We can say, ego is that evil thing which loves to take control of us.

If you keep holding your ego and let it gets dominate over you, it will put a barrier between you and your spouse. Even if, your love is genuine, this ego of yours will stop you again and whenever you will try to approach towards your spouse. It will make you feel weak. It will make you do things that you don’t like but end up hurting yourself, your soul mate and your marriage.

For example: Let me tell give you one such common example where our ego shows its evil spirit.

“It happens in several marriages where a wife’s earning is more than her husband. The husband although loves his wife dearly, but his ego comes often and pokes him feeling “dominated by her wife.”  The wife may be contributing more to the household expenses, doing everything that she does to make her marital life blissful but his ego can’t accept the fact that his wife is earning more than him. With each passing day, months this ego will start drilling his mind with evil thoughts. And the rest you can imagine..”

Do you see how ‘ego’ has turned up a good relationship into bitter?

It doesn’t matter who earns more. What only matter is love, mutual respect that a husband and wife should share in a marriage/relationship.

If you feel your ego is coming on your way, then shakes it off immediately. Be positive about each other. Be honest. Share your feelings with your spouse. Stop thinking “what she/he will think if I say this.”

“I won’t deny it. Even I have an ego; it happened quite a few times when my husband and I had an argument and ended up hurting each other’s feelings and ego. We didn’t talk for a day or two, and the silence between the two is even more hurtful, and we can’t let ego let our happiness get ruin.”

Now, to keep your ego aside, you need to work on specific areas.

How can you let go of your ego?

Several incidents will happen, where you both mightn’t agree with each other but always try to maintain the dignity of your relationship. Don’t let cultivate ego in you.

  • Acceptance

Marriage is an institution where a husband and a wife are equal and have equal importance. It is an ideal way to handle/avoid ego to come between a relationship if partners accept each other as they are. Every person has negative and positive qualities. Embrace and respect each other at every situation of your married life.

  • It is alright to be wrong

Overcome the feeling of need to be better than your spouse. It is okay to be wrong sometimes. Don’t let your ego control your mind thinking “I am never wrong and I haven’t done anything wrong.” Have that courage to accept your fault. You will make mistakes you will learn. There is no shame in that.

Always remember, you and your spouse are equal.

  • Acknowledge each other’s weaknesses

As I always say, communication is the key to a happy relationship. Try to communicate as much as possible and accept each other’s difference of opinion. Listen to what your partner wants to convey and discuss everything so that both can find a solution.


Every couple deserve to be happy and if you think –

“he/she has hurt my ‘ego’ that is impossible for me to forget and forgive.”

Then, my friend, I would say you are terribly wrong. You need to embrace your relationship and marriage.

Take positive initiatives in small things of your daily marriage life, and by letting go of your ‘ego,’ you will see where your relationship stands. You will hold in a better place with your spouse in your marriage.

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18 Innovative and Fun Things You Can Do at the Beach with Your Kid During Summer

A day at the beach with your loved ones can be awesome and happy. But will your day be as happy and awesome if you have kids and you are planning to spend the time at the beach?

To be honest, it takes a lot of hard work, when you are planning a day out with your kids. You have to pre-arrange everything correctly so that your little angel won’t get into trouble.

Kids always get excited whenever you will them take out on holiday. But it gets doubled when it is a beach holiday. Kids lose interest fast in everything; they keep looking for fun activities or games. They love to run around, swim and play at the beach.  Sand, water and underneath the wide-open sky create a very happy environment for kids to be around unlike your backyard.

It helps creativity to get the flow down.

Last month I went on a beach holiday with my husband to revitalize my inner strength and mind. We were relaxing and observing people, waves crashing down, clouds and thousands of such activities. There were families with kid and toddler preparing for the picnic, kids running around, parents busy in taking selfies.

Is it all you can do at the beach? When you have that perfect place and time, let your kids explore. It is an excellent way to get close to your kid, help them and encourage them to learn new things even at the beach.

So, here is a list of things that every parent should read: “18 Innovative and fun things to do at the beach with your kid”.

  • Get yourself involve and help your kid in making sand art by using stones and shells collected from the beach.


  • Bring a few markers and color pens, have your kid add their creativity to the collected shells. You can also join them.


  • Encourage your kid to write small words like names or city names it could be anything with a stick or by using their fingers. This activity is educational also your kid will enjoy writing on the sand.


  • You can make your kid learn to create sea creatures like octopus, crabs, fish on the beach sand.


  • Get your hands dirty and help your little one in making a ‘Sandman‘ just like a ‘snowman.’


  • Tell him/her a beautiful fisherman’s story. You can also bring his/her favorite storybook and read them.


  • If your kid is little grown up and doesn’t like being around the water,  then the ideal way is to pitch a tent and play board games inside.


  • “Hey dad, can we play frisbee?” To all the dads, it is the best thing when your kid asks some time from you. Don’t say later, grab the moment and enjoy playing. One of the best things to do at the beach.


  • I remember, how much I was enjoying flying kites on the beach of Ocean Shores, in Washington State, USA. Let your kid have that opportunity with you to learn how to fly a kite. Memories that will be worth remembering.


  • Did you ever play tic-tac-toe? I played a lot with my friends in the backyard of our house, in the school playground and even on the beach. Playing tic-tac-toe is refreshing and a good physical exercise too. A good thing to try.


  • Won’t it be a wonderful gift if your kid can craft a shell necklace? You can join with your kid crafting shell necklace from the gathered shells. He/she can gift you or can gift grandma.


  • Making a sandcastle is always fun and creative. You will sometimes wonder, how they fabricate stories about a princess who lives in this castle. Try to encourage more on her creative side.


  • Kids enjoy playing with sand. They will dig around, lying down on the beach, will act like the little mermaid. Let them do that freely.


  • Say your kid has participated in a running competition in the school. You can motivate your kid to practice running at the beach.


  • If you see, your little one loves taking pictures of nature. It is always appreciable to encourage her/him. Maybe this hobby will lead him/her way in the future into a good photographer. Photography needs creativity and keen sight if your kid has that you must be proud.


  • This is the funniest thing that I used to love doing when I was a kid. Digging a hole with a plastic spade and fill it with water.


  • Involve your kid to interact with local sailors and fisherman to learn about sailings and fishes.


  • Educate them in about ocean cleaning and beach clean. Make them understand the effect on the marine life due to sea pollution.


A beach holiday could be fun when you could spend meaningful time with your kids. These memories are precious than keeping yourself busy on phones. There are so many things one could do at the beach.

You can share your thoughts with me that you love to do with your kid at the beach.

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Thank you, guys.

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