18 innovative & Fun Things to do at the Beach with Kids

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Here, I am providing a list of fun things to do at the beach with kids, basically trying to help out all the parents out there looking for an answer.

Is your kid get bore whenever you go to the beach? Are you out of ideas on how to keep your kid busy?

A day at the beach with your loved ones can be awesome and happy. 

To be honest, it takes a lot of hard work, when you are planning a day out with your kids. You have to pre-arrange everything correctly so that your little angel won’t get into trouble.

Kids always get excited whenever you will them take out on holiday. But it gets doubled when it is a beach holiday.

Kids lose interest fast in everything; they keep looking for fun activities or games. They love to run around, swim and play at the beach.

Sand, water and underneath the wide-open sky create a very happy environment for kids to be around unlike your backyard.

It helps creativity to get the flow down.

Last month I went on a beach holiday with my husband to revitalize my inner strength and mind. We were relaxing and observing people, waves crashing down, clouds and thousands of such activities.

There were families with kid and toddler preparing for the picnic, kids running around, parents busy in taking selfies.

Is it all you can do at the beach?

When you have that perfect place and time, let your kids explore. It is an excellent way to get close to your kid, help them and encourage them to learn new things even at the beach.

So, here is a list of things that every parent should read:

18 Innovative and fun things to do at the beach with kids.

  • Get yourself involve and help your kid in making sand art by using stones and shells collected from the beach.
  • Bring a few markers and color pens, have your kid add their creativity to the collected shells. You can also join them.
  • Encourage your kid to write small words like names or city names it could be anything with a stick or by using their fingers. This activity is educational also your kid will enjoy writing on the sand.
girl playing in the beach
  • You can make your kid learn to create sea creatures like octopus, crabs, fish on the beach sand.
  • Get your hands dirty and help your little one in making a ‘Sandman‘ just like a ‘snowman.
boy playing with sand
  • Tell him/her a beautiful fisherman’s story. You can also bring his/her favorite storybook and read them.
  • If your kid is little grown up and doesn’t like being around the water,  then the ideal way is to pitch a tent and play board games inside.
  • “Hey dad, can we play frisbee?” To all the dads, it is the best thing when your kid asks some time from you. Don’t say later, grab the moment and enjoy playing. One of the best things to do at the beach.
  • I remember, how much I was enjoying flying kites on the beach of Ocean Shores, in Washington State, USA. Let your kid have that opportunity with you to learn how to fly a kite. Memories that will be worth remembering.
  • Did you ever play tic-tac-toe? I played a lot with my friends in the backyard of our house, in the school playground and even on the beach. Playing tic-tac-toe is refreshing and good physical exercise too. A good thing to try.
boys playing in sand
  • Won’t it be a wonderful gift if your kid can craft a shell necklace? You can join with your kid crafting shell necklace from the gathered shells. He/she can gift you or can gift grandma.
  • Making a sandcastle is always fun and creative. You will sometimes wonder, how they fabricate stories about a princess who lives in this castle. Try to encourage more on her creative side.
fun things to do at the beach with kids
  • Kids enjoy playing with sand. They will dig around, lying down on the beach, will act like the little mermaid. Let them do that freely.
  • Say your kid has participated in a running competition in the school. You can motivate your kid to practice running at the beach.
three children on beach
  • If you see, your little one loves taking pictures of nature. It is always appreciable to encourage her/him. Maybe this hobby will lead him/her way in the future into a good photographer. Photography needs creativity and keen sight if your kid has that you must be proud.
  • This is the funniest thing that I used to love doing when I was a kid. Digging a hole with a plastic spade and fill it with water.
  • Involve your kid to interact with local sailors and fisherman to learn about sailings and fishes.
  • Educate them about ocean cleaning and beach clean. Make them understand the effect on marine life due to sea pollution.
18 innovative & Fun Things to do at the Beach with Kids 1

A beach holiday could be fun when you could spend meaningful time with your kids. These memories are precious than keeping yourself busy on phones. There are so many things one could do at the beach.

You can share your thoughts with me that you love to do with your kid at the beach.

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Thank you, guys.

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