Netflix’s Movie Finding ‘Ohana & Court: Recommended

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I watched two movies yesterday on Netflix that I thought to recommend. You must have seen that I often post content on ‘best movies on Netflix,’ ‘best Indian web series,’ ‘best movies on Amazon Prime, etc.

Since I love OTT platforms and watch quite many movies and series, I think I am qualified enough to recommend what to watch on these streaming platforms.

It’s difficult to scroll and find out what to watch as there are so many contents available. Moreover, Netflix, HBO, Disney+Hotstar, Amazon Prime all of them update and add new content almost every week.

Honestly, no one has the time to watch every content, not even me. So, when someone helps you provide the list of best to watch based on preferences, it helps save time.

My job is to help you, and in this blog post, I intend to do the same.

Netflix’s Movie Finding ‘Ohana

 Netflix's movie Finding 'ohana

Netflix’s movie Finding ‘Ohana is an adventure fantasy movie that got streamed just a few weeks ago. It is an absolute delight to watch with the kids. The story revolves around Pili (Kea Peahu) and her brother Ioane (Alex Aiono), who had an amazing life in Brooklyn.

In the first scene, we get an idea that Pili is an adventure enthusiast, but soon their cool and happening life got uprooted when their mother moves them to her native place in Oahu (Hawaii).

Both the kids act restless to their new wi-fi free surroundings. But Pili found a way to keep her engaged with a secret journal that belongs to her grandfather.

The journal discloses an ancient treasure hidden in a cave on the island. As the family was trapped in a financial crisis, Pili thought the treasure could save their Brooklyn house and Grandfather’s land too.

Pili and her new friend Casper (Owen Vaccaro) started their epic adventure of chasing after the journal’s hidden treasure. Soon after, her brother Ioane and local girl Hanna (Lindsay Watson) join them.

While watching the movie, it reminded me of other movies like Indiana Jones, Dora, and the Lost City of Gold. It influences these movies, but again the director hasn’t forgotten to add freshness to the story.

In the background, it connects with the Hawaiin cultural heritage and family values. I liked how the film has considered showing the importance of preserving cultural identity and stick to once true roots.

Pili’s brother doesn’t like being called by his name Ioane as he thinks it’s not cool and it brings a feeling of an outsider living in Brooklyn. But in the end, he understood the meaning of his Hawaiin identity and respected his name.

Likewise, several small nuances in the film spark light on the theme of how younger generations are losing touch and emotions towards their culture and heritage. It is good to chase success, but one should always respect one’s true roots.

The film has mirrored some amazing Hawaiin scenic beauty. It’s greener landscape, pollution-free environment, and how people like the grandfather admire living sustainably in connection with mother nature.

So, it is a sweet and lovely film to watch with kids.

Court: Recommended

Court netflix

Another movie that I re-watched today on Netflix is ‘Court.’ It is one of the best Marathi films on Netflix that I can recommend you to watch. The movie is about a Marathi folk-singer & an activist who is accused of encouraging a sewage cleaner to commit suicide through his singing.  

The movie shadows light on the Indian court proceedings and how inefficiency of Indian police. The movie sets around the courtrooms and the daily lives of the session court advocates.

The movie is not a commercial Indian film. It showcases the reality of courtroom conversations and the years of a case that keeps going on.

It is profound, and the story tightens around you. There are several movies in Indian cinema that are based on courtroom drama, but none are so real, like ‘Court.’

I have already covered a blog post on ‘Best Marathi Films to Watch’ if you want to watch; many are available on Netflix with English subtitles.

These are my movie-related suggestions.

Thank you, friends & keep supporting.

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