25 Best Things to do in Goa: You Can’t Miss

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Goa is India’s one of the best destinations for solo traveling, honeymoon, family vacation, and the best destination to go with friends.

I have been to Goa on vacation twice, and I could tell from my experience that there are tons of things and fun activities you can do in Goa.

Goa is a popular beach destination not only for the Indians but also for each year, thousands of foreigners from across the globe come here to enjoy and explore.

So, for all the travelers who want to explore Goa more, I have a list here that will tell all the 25 things to do in Goa while on your trip.

“My aim is to help you with your travel to Goa. Enjoy reading and mail me if you need any help.”

25 Best Things to do in Goa

Water Activities to do in Goa

Scuba Diving

People usually go to Andaman & Nicobar Island and the Maldives to enjoy under-water activities.  I do not deny though that both these places are incredibly beautiful and you must visit.

But if you have a budget to travel still wants to enjoy the perks, then even in Goa, you can get to explore the under-water life by scuba diving.

Several certified agencies offer scuba diving to their tourists. You will be assisted by a professional; hence it will be in the safe hands.

 scuba Diving in Goa

Jet Ski Ride

Yes, even Goa offers you to enjoy other water sports activities too, like Jet Ski ride on the beaches of North Goa.

For the first time when I went to Goa on my honeymoon, my husband tried Jet Ski in Calangute Beach. He was accompanied by a professional for safety, and he had fun doing that.

Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boat Ride is the most commonly seen water sports on the beaches of Goa. You with few other people, will sit on a banana boat and will be taken on the sea with the help of a boat. You will have a bumpy ride with water splashing on you.

But hang on tight, as you might even fall from the banana boat into the water. But nothing to be scared of, as the professionals will put on you a life-jacket for your safety.

I haven’t tried banana boat though, but many of my friends did and quoting their words, ‘it’s a great and fun thing to do in Goa.’

 banana boat ride in Goa


Do you want to experience another cool yet adventurous water sports?

You might want to go and check out Parasailing on the Baga beach, which is a top-rated and crowded beach in Goa.

With a little bit of investment in Parasailing, you can fly high and get to look at the wonderful view.


If you love kayaking, then the best thing that I would recommend you is to join a kayaking tour. You will find information regarding the best kayaking tours in TripAdvisor.

If not, then you can also ask your hotel staff or Goa tourism office. They are very helpful. There are a few backwaters where kayaking is a cool thing to do in Goa.

The Sal backwater and Aguada river are the places where Kayaking tour are generally get started.  

Things to do in Goa kayaking


The beaches of Goa might not be the best places for surfing, but you can at least enjoy doing that. There are several surfing schools where you will be trained by certified surfers.

So, if you wish to learn surfing you can check out the Banana Surf School, I heard from the locals (hotel staff) that they are the best in Goa to get start your surfing experience.

So, these are the water activities that you will definitely be going to love if you try in Goa.

This isn’t the end yet. There are many and many other exciting things to do in Goa.

Things to do in Goa

Bungee Jumping

I think bungee jumping is one of the scariest adventurous activities to do. It’s a big no for them who have serious height phobia like me.

But if you aren’t scared of the height and willing to experience the fall, then there is a spot near Anjuna where you can do ‘Bunjee Jumping.’

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Have You Visited These Gorgeous Less Explored Places of India?

Join a Cycling tour of the city

How about cycling around Panjim city? Panjim city might be a small city but it has a lot of history. I really like one thing about Goa very much, and that is the easy availability of rental vehicles.

Different tour agencies offer different types of tours. You can anything based on your preference.

If you prefer to go into groups, then they will offer you that, or you can take a private tour, which will give you more flexibility in exploring the place and its local.

 cycling in goa
Photo credit: cntraveller.in

Next comes the walking tour

I really enjoy a walking tour of the city. You take any city in the world, there is always traffic and crowd. Walking is the only and best option to skip away from the traffic of people and vehicles.

In Goa, I would say the best walking tour that I experienced was the Heritage walk in Old Goa. Some churches have historical significance.

The Fountainhas Walk

The first time when I went to Goa in 2015, I didn’t know that there is such a lovely place name ‘Fountainhas’ amid Panjim.

So, I made sure that on my second visit, I will take a walking tour in Fountainhas. Believe me, it’s such an enjoyable experience that I had.

The Fountainhas is a small human settlement that started from the Portuguese era with its narrow alleys and colorful buildings.

It is in fact, Panjim’s one of the oldest parts, and now it has grown popular among the tourist for its history and architectural beauty. You will also see a few ancient small cafes that serve delicious eateries.

Fountainhas in Goa

Bird Watching

Bird watching is an art, and we see birds everywhere. But there are a few places on the earth where you can watch a specific species of bird.

If you are someone who is looking for a quieter place in Goa for bird watching, then I would suggest you visit Carambolim Lake, Maina Village, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, and Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

These are some of the best places where you will encounter various species of birds.

bird watching in Goa

Trek to Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Those who love trekking for them a trek to the beautiful Dudhsagar falls will be an exciting tour. You will have to go with groups and with a professional who knows the trails very well.

Though trekking is not for everyone. You need to be physically fit and should wear proper trekking shoes.

I miss out on the trek because we didn’t have the trekking shoes but I must tell you that the best time to visit Dudhsagar falls is just after the monsoons are over. It looks unbelievably beautiful, and it shouldn’t be missed.

dudhsagar falls

Attend Yoga classes on the beach

There are a few quieter beaches in South Goa where you can join the yoga classes on the beach. It’s refreshing and motivating.

Even a few five-star rating beachside resorts too offer free beach yoga classes in the early morning.

This is one of the perks of staying a couple of nights in a good resort.

 Yoga in goa

Wild Night-life

Goa is known for its amazing nightlife, especially in North Goa. You can drink, dance on music all night.

This isn’t something that I like to do so I can’t give you much information on this. But if you are someone who has party craves, then within a budget, Goa can offer you a fantastic night-life.

 nightlife in goa

Take a cruise trip

Yes, you read it right. From Panjim, you can take a cruise trip for hours. The charges are based on hours and what kind of cruise it is. Like if you want to experience a luxury cruise, then the expenses are higher than the regular cruise.

In fact, if you want to experience something more than just an hour of a cruise trip on the water. Then I must tell you to try India’s first luxury cruise from Mumbai to Goa.

This cruise is something that you never ever have dreamt of. There are different variants of cabins like double, triple, luxury furnished cabin, mini-suite, etc.

So, I believe, as per your need and luxury, you can opt for any of the two.

Cruise goa


Oh yes! There are Casinos in Goa too. Maybe not like Vegas, but Goa has its own charm when it comes to casinos.

I haven’t had the luck of going to a casino in Goa. But this much information I can give that the most popular in the city ‘Deltin Royale casino’ can give you the best Vegas type experience.

There is another I can tell of which guest card I got during my second trip to Goa. But I couldn’t visit that because of some emergency where I had caught a bad cold and had to spent the night in the hotel room.

So, I am talking about Casino Pride.

casinoin in Goa

Long Drive from North Goa to South Goa

If you are like me who loves long drive anytime, then even in Goa, you can have the privilege of driving the road from North Goa to the beaches of South Goa.

On our second trip to Goa, we stayed in a hotel in Candolim, and we drove till South Goa to explore the beaches and nearby coastal areas.

You might find some traffic in Panjim due to fly over construction. But once you get it past, it’s a beautiful drive.


Old churches and Cathedrals

Take a tour of the ancient churches and cathedrals and learn about their history. There are several small churches too that you will find across Goa.

You can get this experience if you take a drive of the entire Goa. You will come across so many small and unknown churches.

This is also a way to explore Goa.

Old churches in Goa

Drink on the Shacks in Baga beach

What other things to do in Goa?

Of course, you can relax and enjoy your time with a bottle of beer/whiskey in a shack on the Baga beach.

If you go on the peak season that is from October – February, you might find it difficult to get vacant seats in the shacks.

So, I say ditch going on these months. Instead, go just after the monsoons. You will get better, Goa.

Image result for shacks in goa
Photo Credit: Holidify

Rent a Scooter

Like I said earlier that you will find rented scooter/bike anytime and anywhere in Goa. At every resort/hotel, they have a collection of vehicles. You can rent one and ride along wherever you want to explore.

I feel this is the best thing to do in Goa.

Visit the Mapusa market

Now, you can not miss a walking tour of the Mapusa market. Every city in India that one unique market where you must visit to explore and learn more about the locals.

The Mapusa market in Goa is a vibrant place that is well-connected to the other small towns of Goa and vendors from all over the Goa comes here to sell spices, pickles, fresh vegetables, Goan sweets, sausages, and many more items.

There you will see the fish market too. I saw women sit on the side of the road and sell dried fish.

So, indeed it is a place to explore in Goa.

 mapusa market in goa

Taste the Delicacies of Goa

Goan cuisine is famous throughout India. I always love to taste the cuisine or special dish of the place where I travel.

There are many dishes that you should at least try if you are here. I had Goan fish curry and Chicken Xacuti with other side dishes.

There are several other delicious Goan specialties that you will get in local restaurants or cafes in Goa.

 goan food

Take a local Culinary Tour

This is also another amazing thing to do in Goa. If you have any friend who stays in Goa or you can hire a local guide who will take you to the old and many small restaurants that are run by the locals.

You can explore the varieties of Goan dishes and learn their culinary history.

This are some of the exciting and valuable things one can do on their trip to Goa.

Mostly people just go, relax, and have fun. You can do so many things out there.

Buy Local Crafts

Anywhere you go for a vacation or travel, try to buy items/things from the locals. It will boost their economy and also help the local people to earn some pennies from the tourists.

Climb up to the Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort is a very known and popular spot in Goa. Ever since the Bollywood movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ the Chapora Fort become a widely likable spot for everyone.

So, you can climb up a little and walk around the place, and the view you will get to see from the top is heavenly.


I hope this article of mine will help you in your Goa travel planning. If you need any specific help related to travel, feel free to connect me to Paulomidutta89@gmail.com.

Happy to help you.

Have a safe and try to travel eco-friendly.

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