Best Places to Explore in Canada during Christmas season

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Christmas is being celebrated each year with much pomp and happiness everywhere.

Cities, towns, stores, and houses get illuminated. The roads and the alley get covered with snows.

People wearing boots and hoods carry with them Christmas trees that they decorate at home and enjoy the winter with peace.

Why Canada?

Now, of all places, why should you spend dollars on vacationing in Canada during Christmas?

I live in India, where also Christmas is being celebrated nationwide with much celebration.

Being at the end of the year, people mostly pre-plan their winter vacation in popular places like Goa, Bangalore, and Shimla.

Goa remains on the Christmas trending destination each year. Well, I will discuss it may be in the next post.

So, Canada is considered one of the most beautiful countries as it turns in winter.

December is traditionally a tourist time in Canada. Although the travel gets a little costlier at this time of the year in Canada so like I always follow and advice ‘book your tickets early and plan early’ to enjoy the perks of happy traveling.

What Places to Explore in Canada during Christmas?

So, my first and favorite best place to explore in Canada during Christmas would be –

Explore Quebec City during Christmas in Canada

When I was living in Seattle, I dreamed of visiting Quebec City in Canada during Christmas 2018. Unfortunately, I had to come back before Christmas as my project work got over.

But a friend of mine who stays in British Columbia now, she, along with her husband, visited the magical Quebec City on Christmas Eve 2018, and she told me things about the town that made me wonder the beauty of it.

She also sent me pictures by seeing which I have already added Quebec City on my travel wish list.

So, a wintertime vacation in this city can be fun and romantic as you can pretty much explore everything from holiday markets to explore Old Quebec City.

For your information, CNN Travel declared Quebec City as one of the best Christmas destinations in the world. The Winter Wonderland has so much to explore and experience.

German Christmas Market

Want to experience German food, drinks, and items?

A Christmas market like this is not only charming but also cheers you up by just looking at all the traditional German crafts and items.

While roaming around the market, it will give you a feel of landing yourself in Germany.

You can check out the Quebec City’s local artisans store, endless Christmas gift items, and German delicacies for the food lover.

Christmas in Quebec | Quebec city christmas, Canada christmas, Quebec city

A walk through the streets of Petit -Champlain

Situated in the heart of Old Quebec, Petit Champlain is North America’s oldest French-speaking district.

An evening stroll down the snowy lanes and sparkly holiday lights with winter chill is a moment worth cherishing. You can capture the beauty of the region on your camera.

Qubec City in Christmas - best places to explore in Canada during Christmas
Photo Credit: Larry Teo

Christmas at Montreal

Surprisingly, Christmas in Montreal is fascinating. You will get several Christmas themed events and parties happening across the big city.

montreal in christmas"

Santa Claus Parade

Santa Claus Parade is a traditional Christmas event that celebrates the arrival of Santa Claus with a long procession.

The celebration includes marching bands, Christmas music, fairies, and street artists.

It is a beautiful and vibrant Christmas event that held each year in the city, bringing the joyous mood.

Attend Fireworks at the Old Montreal Port

Who doesn’t love looking at the sky full of colorful fireworks?

Each year during December on selected Saturday nights, you can get a view of the sky with lights and music at the Old Port in Montreal.

The firework show welcomes everyone to enjoy a few hours of utmost happiness.

Image result for Old port fireworks at Montreal"

Luminothérapie Montreal

What Christmas would be without lights?

Luminothérapie is an interactive art installation light show that invites all the Montrealers to join and be a part of the event. They change their themes each year to bring originality and uniqueness.

Spend Your Christmas amidst the nature of Alberta in Canada

If you want to spend your Christmas in peace away from the hustle-bustle of the city. There is no place better than Alberta in Canada that can make your Christmas merry peacefully.

Alberta is known for its close proximity to mountains, lakes, and breathtaking scenic views.

Christmas without snow is no celebration. So, more often, tourists from the other countries plan their winter vacation in Alberta.

A trip to Alberta will give you a wonderful experience. You can explore the nature around you through various activities.

Banff National Park and Lake Louise

Your stay in the Banff National Park and Lake Louise during the winter holiday spirit will give you unforgettable memories of your life.

You can experience the special holiday retreat, Christmas family fun-filled events, a winter stroll in the streets of Banff town that turns into a colorful and magical fairyland.

During the daytime, you can snowboard or skiing or just stay indoors and enjoy the spa and hot bath.

The choice is yours but undoubtedly, it would be your best Christmas destination ever.


There are quite a few fantastic things to do at Christmas in Edmonton. You can attend to Christmas Carols and concerts, Christmas Lights and Decorations, plays and theatre.


The beauty of Canada is beyond any words, and so does the Christmas season.

So, after reading if you feel that next year you will be visiting the above places on Christmas, then go ahead and plan early if you don’t want to pay more for the trip.

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