2 Days Itinerary Travel Guide to Munnar

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Have you been to Kerala?

Kerala is known as God’s own country in India, and it is a trendy tourist place in India. Tourism is Kerala’s one of the primary sources of a revenue generator for years.

Now, this post is regarding ‘2 days itinerary travel guide to Munnar.’ My husband and I went on a trip to Kerala a few months ago for 9 days, where we covered several places.

At each destination, we stayed for 2 days and tried to cover almost all the viewpoints. Here, I will specifically talk about how to plan a trip to Munnar for 2 days and what are the spots that you can see.

So, Munnar is a gorgeous small hill station with tea plantations everywhere. It is great to travel and honeymoon destination in India. You can explore so many stunning natural landscapes that will take your breath away. It is a safe place for even a solo female traveler.

1st Day in Munnar

So, our flight from Pune to Kochi was at 4:20am in the morning, and we landed at Kochi at 6:00 am.

We have never been to Kochi airport before. The new domestic airport of Kochi is super clean and well-maintained. I was quite surprised to see how well and different the airport looks due to its cleanliness. I wish all the other airports of the country too look this much clean and tidy.

Anyways, so, we booked a self-drive car a few days ago before our journey from a local car-rental service in Kochi. They gave us the time slot of 8am in the morning.

So, we had to wait inside the airport. It was calm, and a few people were only present at the airport in our bay at that time. We took a power nap and it was almost 7:30 am when we get to freshen up, had cups of tea.

At around 7:45 am the car-rental service company sent a well-maintained and clean car for the next 9 days to drive. We checked all the details and documents and put the navigation on to Munnar.

I told my husband, “it is going to be a long drive, let’s hit the road.”

So, the road distance from Kochi airport to Munnar is approximately 130 km, and it took us 6 hours as we halt a few times quietly for viewpoints. Otherwise, withing 4 hours you will reach Munnar.

We embarked on a lovely road trip to Munnar, all the way till the resort that we booked from MakeMyTrip.

Need to say this, that the Kochi to Munnar road condition is in great shape till now, only in few areas there were some road repairing work going on.

We were a bit worried as the day before when I checked the weather condition in Munnar on Google, it showed me that it might rain. But it was delightful weather, clear sky and colder climate makes the road trip all romantic.

A little over 3 hours of drive through the scenic and gorgeous hill on both the sides, covered in lush green tea plantations, we came across to several gushing waterfalls.

Of course, we stopped by the side of the road and enjoyed looking at God’s creation.

The force of the waterfall looked massive to me, so I asked a local who was selling coconut water in a small van about the significance of that waterfall. He told me that as monsoon just got over so the water force is high. But during monsoon, the waterfall often gets overflow and flood the hilly road.

Travel guide to Munnar

We gave our second halt to a spice garden, which you will find in plenty on the way to Munnar. The locals say that a tourist must visit a spice garden as they won’t find anything so natural and organic anywhere in the country.

So, we entered the spice garden, the name of which I forgot, I am sorry. They charge a minimal amount as an entrance. You will get a tour of the garden by an expert who knows everything about plants and their medicinal properties.

I was patiently listening to what he was telling us, and it was quite interesting for me to know about so many things on plants.

I realized that staying in a city has made us so fragile, these gardeners they work so hard to keep a plant alive and only because of them we can get everything readily available in the market.

I learned about how they process coffee beans from the coffee plant, white and black pepper that we use on our daily cooking and how much it is beneficial for our health.

Also, I got to know about a few medicinal plants that are highly effective for curing skin and heart diseases.

In modern life today, we are so much dependent on medicines and chemical things that we absolutely forgot about the benefits of organic products.

Although, people who are conscious of their well-being, they are now getting more inclined towards organic and natural products.

So, back to the travel guide to Munnar, after visiting the spice garden for an hour, we moved straight towards our resort.

I must say this that it was fascinating to get to see the complete a trendy view of the radiant sky with uneven hills and green tea valleys from our hotel balcony.

It was pretty tiring after we reached the hotel, we took a stroll alongside the tea plantations and took some of our photographs.

Munnar trip
2 Days Itinerary Travel Guide to Munnar 1

Once it got dark, there wasn’t much to do as the Munnar town was a bit far from our resort, and the resort manager advised us not to drive the hill roads at night could be dangerous.

We took his advice and preferred to spent the evening at the resort lounge and library.

2nd Day of Munnar

We had only a day left to explore the rest of Munnar, so we didn’t waste time. The next day we woke up early, get dressed, and hit the road to visit the spots that we short-listed the day before.

Our very first halt was to the Attukad waterfalls, it is an ideal place for hiking. The road to the Attukad waterfalls is steep and narrow. We didn’t know, and it is not safe to take your car down there.

Attukad Waterfalls Munnar
2 Days Itinerary Travel Guide to Munnar 2
2 Days Itinerary Travel Guide to Munnar 3

As we went there early in the morning, so we were the only two people present there, enjoying the view of the waterfalls.

Next, we reached the Munnar town and wander around to see what’s there to do.

Munnar is like any other small hill town, with small cafes and shops but way too crowded. We didn’t spend much time there as we had to cover other places also.

So, we drove towards the Tea Museum, where we learned about how tea is produced and manufactured. They let us visit the factory where tea leaves were getting processed. We didn’t go for the tea tasting because we were a bit short on time.

But if you want, you can go for it. Instead, we bought 4 packets of green tea bags for ourselves.

Next, while driving towards up, you will find tea plantations all around you, and the view is so eye-pleasing.

There comes the point where one route will take you to the Eravikulam National Park and the other will take you to several different viewpoints.

We took the other route that leads to Carmelgiri Botanical Garden, then   Mattupetty Dam, Elephant crossing, Echo Point, Kundala Dam, and last Top Station viewpoint.

Travel guide to Munnar

If you take the route to Eravikulam National Park, then you can see the popular Anamudi viewpoint and Lakkam Waterfalls Munnar.

These are two significant viewpoints but the national park itself is so beautiful that every side of it looks like nature has bestowed all its beauty.

There was huge traffic on the way to the Mattupetty. We stuck there for around 30 minutes but later on, we thoroughly enjoyed the road drive till Top Station.

Make sure to halt in the Elephant crossing point; if you are lucky, you will get to see a herd of elephants roaming freely.

Thank God! We were fortunate.

The entire Munnar road is covered with lush green tea valley plantations and leaves you in wonder how beautiful nature can be. Especially when people like us who live in a chaotic city could feel the peace calming our soul.

Although we were out of luck until we reach the Top Station. It was foggy and hardly could we see the beauty of it. But that didn’t upset us as we enjoyed our first trip to Munnar without a doubt.

The next day it was our time to reach Thekkady, and my next post will be on 2 days itinerary travel guide to Thekkady.

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Hey Guys! hope you will love this and if you too are planning a trip to Munnar then you can ask me anything regarding the Munnar trip. I will try to help you.

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