21 Amazing Christmas Activities for Kids in 2020

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Christmas is getting close, and when you are a parent, you have to make plans for your kids. Christmas is indeed a fun and festive time of the year, but it is also the busiest when you have kids. Kids get easily bored, and when there is nothing much to do, they get all cranky.

In today’s blog post, I will share some Christmas activities for kids that I think are amazing and great in building bonding with your kids.

The holiday season is always a mad rush. Although it is holiday time, there is no rest time for the parents. Parents are always busy shopping for families, decorating houses, baking cookies, and getting all the family members together.

But you can make the Christmas time learning and fun-filled for your kids.

21 Christmas Activities for Kids

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Scavenger hunt is something that a whole family can play and enjoy. It is a Christmas themed game. The game keeps an entire family occupied, and children especially love it when they get a surprise gift at the end. Indeed, it is time taking, but it’s a holiday, and all you have is time for family.

Building a Snowman

Who doesn’t love a snowman? Kids love snowman, and they love it even more if you take them out and help them build one. Christmas gets even more special when it snows, and your backyard is filled with white layers of a thick blanket.

Wrapping yourself and your kid with warm clothes, you can start building a snowman, and it’s one of the great Christmas activities for kids.

snowman building on Christmas activities for kids

Watch Christmas movies for kids

There are a ton of Christmas movies that you can watch at home. But when you have children, you can’t watch everything. Several great Christmas movies are curated only for kids. Movies like Klaus, Elf, Home alone, etc, are fun Christmas movies.

Paper Christmas Stars

This I used to make when I was a kid. It is a very easy craft task for kids and super creative. You need colored papers, let your kid draw stars on the white side of the paper, and then help them cut the stars.

The next step would be to use glue and glitters. Paste the little paper cut stars wherever you want.

Paper Cut Christmas stars
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Handmade Christmas cards

I love anything handmade and also encourage kids to do that. As a parent, you should always encourage your kids to handmade things or craft. It increases creativity and imagination.

During Christmas, you can teach your kids how to make handmade cards with paintings of Christmas trees and Santa and gift them to relatives and friends.

Jingle Bell Paintings

Try Jingle bell paintings on cards, papers, or canvas. Let your kid throw some colors and paint jingle bells for Christmas. Let the imagination flow, and adults can join them also. It will create memories and stronger the bond.

Cookies Making

The holiday season is the time when we love baking cookies and cake for the kids and family. However, cookies are widely available in the marketplaces of various flavors during the festive time. Still, I believe it tastes better when baking at home.

So, why not to involve your kids in the process of baking. I know kids can make a mess, but it’s fun also. Let get their hand dirty and cherish the beautiful moment. Together you can make cookies of different sizes and shapes.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Tree Bowling Game

If you like bowling, you can also make a fun Christmas-themed tree bowling game. Arrange a few plastic bottles wrapped with paper cut Christmas trees and place them in the ground. Then enjoy hitting them with the softball.

This is something new, fun, and interesting as well.

Santa Card

Making Santa is something every kid love to do. You can give your kid some paper and color pencils and guide them to draw Santa cards. It is a good activity, and it will also keep your kid engaged.

Paper Craft Christmas Tree

Crafting is always an excellent learning process. Crafting can be anything it can be paper cutting, painting, etc. You and your kid can create a small Christmas tree and decorate it with jingle bells and balls.

Paper Christmas Tree
Photo credit: FirstPalette.com

Decorate Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the best Christmas activities for kids to enjoy with their parents. Kids always get so excited when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree at home. With all the bells, balls, boxes, and hidden gifts, kids spend the best time helping and creating beautiful moments of happiness.

decorate Christmas tree

Read Christmas Stories

Who enjoys reading Christmas stories? Well, my mom says when I was a kid, I used to love listening to stories. After finishing all the holiday work, parents can enjoy reading Christmas stories to their kids at bedtime or any other time.

Share Homecooked Cookies to the Neighbours

If your kid is a little younger, you can make a full batch of cookies together and help her/him sharing them with the neighbors. It is not only a good deed, but also it will teach your kid about sharing.

Give Food to the Homeless

Christmas is a time when we all love to be at home with our family sharing food and happiness. This isn’t the same with homeless people. They neither have a proper shelter nor food. So, as a parent, you can teach your kid to be responsible and sympathetic enough towards the homeless by giving them food.

This isn’t a typical Christmas activity for kids, but it is indeed a responsible one.

Visit a Virtual Santa and take photos

Kids love Santa, and these days if you go to the malls on Christmas day, you will see a long queue for visiting and taking photos with the virtual Santa.

Virtual Santa Claus

Gift wrap with Glossy Papers

Getting your little one busy wrapping gifts with glossy papers is a clever Christmas activity for kids. Holiday means gifts for friends, family, and relatives, but gift wrapping is a time-consuming task. So, you can lure your kid into the task and get yourself done with other works.

Go Sledging

Christmas is an amazing time for a family to enjoy sledging in the snow. There is fun and frolic with the activity, and it makes everyone so happy.

Decorate your House with Lights

Christmas is all about decorations with lights, making good food, baking cake, and cookies, buying gifts, and spreading happiness. To keep your little ones occupied during the holiday, you can let them help you with house decorations.

Holiday House Decorating

Encourage your kids to write letters

Not always our grandparents or parents can join us at Christmas. We sometimes drive to their places and celebrate the day. If that happens, how about encouraging your little ones to write letters for their grandparents. A small letter was written in their way and pouring their emotions on paper.

Sing Christmas Songs with the Family

There are so many beautiful Christmas songs that parents can sing with their kids and create a beautiful moment. Kids enjoy dance and songs. So, singing Christmas songs can also be an amazing activity for the kids.

Teaching your kid to be responsible for needy people from a younger age is commendable. Encourage your kid to donate his/her old toys to the community people. Not only old toys, but you can also donate clothes, food, and books. You can take your kid to the nearby community service and donate.


Thus, these are some of the learning and fun Christmas activities for kids that any parents can think of.

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