12 Underrated Bollywood Movies of 2020 to Stream Now

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It has been a very weird year because of the pandemic situation. Most of our time spent staying indoors at a safe.

But that doesn’t keep us away from watching new movies and shows. Thanks to several OTT platforms that have emerged as a great source of entertainment.

Though most big-budget and big banner Bollywood movies aren’t released, honestly, movies like Sadak 2, Love Aj Kal 2, and Laxmi Bomb couldn’t win our hearts.

The OTT has changed the viewer’s choice and perspective of what they want to watch. They want and appreciate movies that have a good storyline, screenplay, and acting.

Frankly, commercial Bollywood fails to provide good content at one side; it seems there is no content left for them to make. All they make and produce are remakes.

On the other side, individual filmmakers supported by small production houses are getting the OTT platforms to connect very well with their audiences.

Without saying much, I feel there are some movies left behind that delivers great content with good acting and dialogues. As the year is on the verge of ending, how about lets us see if you have watched all of them or not.

Here are the –

12 Underrated Bollywood Movies of 2020 to Stream


Streaming on Netflix

I am a big fan of Sanjay Mishra. He has done so many incredible movies in his career. “Kaamyaab” is an ode to Bollywood, an actor who is on his verge of taking retirement from his acting career, but he realized that if he does one last movie, it will be his 500th film.

The movie shows the real picture of the film world, especially of all the supporting actors. How important they are, yet they don’t get that respect and fame that they deserve. In the film, from the beginning till the end, Sanjay Mishra has done a remarkable job.

Kaamyaab - underrated Bollywood movies of 2020 to stream


Streaming on SonyLiv

Devashish Makhija’s “Bhonsle,” starring the talented Manoj Bajpayee, played the role of retired cop Ganpat Bhonsle struggling to get a service extension living in a dark shabby room in Mumbai’s Churchill chawl. Bhonsle mirrors the grim reality of human emotion and life in the urban heart of darkness.

Whatever character Manoj Bajpayee has performed in his career, he has done full justice to it and let the audience love him more for his incredible performances.

The movie has a great storyline, terrific performances that make it an important one to watch.


Streaming on Zee5

“Pareeksha,” as the name suggests, is a simple movie about a poor father and his dream to send his only son to a better English medium school. It is a well-intentional film about the importance of education, honesty, and the consequences of dishonesty.

Director Prakash Jha has made a simple yet impactful film that is one of the underrated Bollywood movies of 2020.


Streaming on Netflix

“Chippa” is an amazing film that got streamed on Netflix in June during the lockdown period. The movie revolves around a little orphan boy who wanders around Kolkata’s streets to find his father, whom he never met.

In his journey, he came across to people, experiences, and his wild childhood imagination. The film will make you fall in love with Chippa and his imaginations.

Though the movie isn’t widely known and remains underrated, I would say if you haven’t watched it yet, you should give it a chance.



Streaming on Netflix

“Axone” is a unique film streaming on Netflix that every Indian should watch. You must know how the north-eastern Indians are being treated throughout the country and how they feel unwelcomed.

The movie talks about a few north-eastern young people living in Delhi are organizing a small wedding party for their friend where they are going to make their traditional food dish ‘Axone.’

But things get messed up, and the film mirrors the difficulties they usually face.

It is a bit unusual film that has a strong message and storyline that no one should miss.

Video Credit: Yoodlee Films

Bahut Hua Samman

Streaming on Disney+Hotstar

Yet again, Sanjay Mishra nailed with his awesome performance in “Bahut Hua Samman.” Apart from Sanjay Mishra, the story revolves around two friends Bony (Raghav Juyal) and Fundoo (Abhishek Chauhan), two engineering students looking for instant money earning schemes and gets trapped in a mess.

The best thing about the film is the use of situational old Hindi classic songs in the background and the incredible performances. There is fun, satire, action, and toxic political references that mirrors the reality of society.

It is very much an underrated Bollywood movie of 2020 that you should stream before the year ends.

Bahut Hua Samman


Streaming on Netflix

Anushka Sharma production and Anvita Dutt’s directorial film “Bulbbul” created quite a buzz before its release. But only a section of the audience liked and appreciated the whole concept of blending fantasy, myth with the theme of women’s power against violence and patriarchal dominance.

It brings forth a unique story with a twist in the climax. It isn’t a story of a witch, neither is it a scary story, but it is a tale of a child bride who grows into an enigmatic young woman but is violently tortured by her aged husband because he holds power. And it’s a tale of every girl and woman in our society.

Video Credit: YouTube (Netflix India)

Chaman Bahaar

Streaming on Netflix

OTT platform star Jitendra Kumar is a gem in his field. After watching several of his notable performances, “Chaman Bahaar” is simple yet interesting to watch. The story revolves around a paan-wala and the dynamics of his life around a girl.

Chaman Bahar

Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai

Streaming on Netflix

Anurag Kashyap’s “Choked” is a film that revolves around a middle-class family where Saiyami Kher playing Sarita, is a working mother, and Roshan Matthew playing Sushant, a stay-at-home dad.

The family faces a constant shortage of money, and in such a situation, Sarita gets a strange solution to her monetary problem.

Saiyami Kher as Sarita performed really well and lifted the movie.

Video Credit: YouTube (Netflix India)

Khuda Haafiz

Streaming on Disney+Hotstar

We all know how talented Vidyut Jammwal is when it comes to martial arts and fighting sequences. His movies always are so focused on action, but “Khuda Haafiz” is a bit different. The story of the film is good, and he has tried to act naturally, by which I mean worth watching a movie.

Khuda Haafiz


Streaming on Disney+Hotstar

2020 has been a depressing year for everyone. But the comedy movie “Lootcase” starring Kunal Khemu in the lead is a pleasure to watch. The script of the film is intelligently crafted with the right balance of comic, satire, and drama.

Both Rasika Dugal and Kunal Khemu have performed incredibly well, taking the film’s spirit to an entirely new level. The film has made us laugh throughout.

If you have missed it, surely this is the best Bollywood comedy movie of 2020 to stream.



Streaming on SonyLiv

Yet another underrated non-commercial Bollywood film that received very little attention is Rajat Kapoor’s “Kadakh.” It is a thriller film that portrays the dark and perplexing human mind. It’s a simple tale that narrates a very interesting incident with a twist about a dead man, a couple, and a Diwali celebration at home.



These are some of the underrated Bollywood movies to stream that I would suggest my readers watch.

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