How to Make Your Wife Happy – 40 Outstanding Ways

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‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ is a popular expression. 

This article is for all the husbands who are looking for ways to make their wife happy, eventually want to make their life happy. 

A study by researchers at Rutgers University has found that marital bliss is strongly associated with whether or not the wife in the relationship is happy.

When you are married and your wife becomes your soul partner for life, you would want for her all the happiness. 

But sometimes life gets so busy and occupied with real-world responsibilities that couples get a little time to do things that bring them closer. 

Most husbands often ask ‘how to make my wife happy?’ 

“Happiness is a state of mind,” quote by Walt Disney. 

If you want to make your wife happy and want to make her feel special, there are thousands of ways to show your love. 

Making your partner happy is the first step to a happy and healthy marriage. Everyone has a different way to show love. 

Often when your relationship gets old, it lost the charm and so does the couple started feeling distant. Females are generally more sensitive to husband issues. 

Even though they know their husbands love them dearly still they are needed to feel the love. 

To make your wife happy, there are a ton of sweet little things to do, in this blog post I am going to share. You might not be able to follow everything but certainly a few will do the magic on your wife. 

What is the sweetest thing you can say to your wife?

I believe the sweetest thing would be the three magical words ‘I Love You.’ If you tell your wife ‘I love You’ every day at least once a day, it shows you love her, and it will certainly bring a positive change in her mood.

Let’s find out what are the ways to make your wife happy. 

How to Make Your Wife Happy 

Listen to Her

I have explained in the article How to be a better listener in a relationship’ that how good listening can bring improvement in a relationship. 

Your wife expects you to listen to her and understand her. Listen to what she wants to say or her opinion is regarding a concerning matter. 

A relationship works better when one listens and lets the other speak, vice versa in a situation. 

You must lend your ears to her, see what’s on her mind that she wants to say to you. This effort of yours that you are patiently listening to her will make her happy and feel not ignored.

how to make your wife happy

Notice her

How often do you notice your wife?

You can’t deny if I say that husbands rarely felt important to notice their wives. Majority of times the effort of a wife most times goes unnoticed. 

It is very important that you notice her. Notice her what’s she is doing or how much effort she is giving in making your family happy. 

From the day you will start noticing, you will start respecting her more. The moment she will realize that she is being noticed and respected, she will be happy. 

Express your gratitude

Gratitude deepens a relationship. You must express your gratitude to your wife for everything that she has been doing for you and your family. 

You must appreciate your wife. This will make her feel important and happy. Also, gratitude or showing appreciation can make a valuable difference in your life by strengthening your relationship than before. 

Help Her in Household Chores

In a HuffPost article, I read that in a study published by the Journal of Family Issues, researchers from the University of Missouri, Brigham Young University and Utah State University found that married couples are happier if they share household responsibilities.

When you are married or in a committed relationship, both should share household responsibilities and women get happier if their partner helps them in washing the dishes, cooking, laundry, basically any household chores. 

So, all the husbands out there if you want to please your wives head over and start taking initiatives in the chores. Give her a day off.

Respect Her

Always and always respect her. Respect her opinions, wishes, rights, beliefs, priorities, wants, and as an individual. Most men in relationships tend to ignore these things. 

They take their women for granted, forgetting that they have also a purpose or might feel disrespected. This pushes them away. Do not let your wife feel that way. 

happy couple

Be Proud of her

How often do you say to your wife, ‘I ‘m so proud of have done so well.. you are talented.. I ‘m proud that you are my wife’

This is an example. Everyone has some talent or is good at something. If you see your wife is good at something and trying hard to accomplish it, support her to achieve her dream. 

But most importantly, encourage her to give her best shot. And the best way to do that is when she will feel her husband is proud of her. It will boost her confidence level.

You can let her know by saying or leaving a note at the table before she wakes up and etc. 

Express Your Love

If you ask me, ‘how to make your wife happy,’ I will gladly say express your love as much as you can. 

There are maybe a ton of ways to express your love, show your love to your wife to make her feel special and happy. 

I am a wife and I know the feeling when my husband, in a lot of other platonic ways, expresses his gratitude and love for me. 

I get butterflies in my stomach and this is the exact feeling your wife also expects and you can make her feel happy by expressing your heartfelt love. 

couple in love

Give her Priority

She is your wife, your better half, your soulmate, your life partner, and your partner in crime. She is and should always be your first priority. 

If she feels neglected, certainly this means she isn’t getting the attention she deserves from you.

Eventually, she won’t be happy, and you will be in trouble. 

Ask for Her Opinion

This is one of the best ways to make your wife happy. Before taking any decision for anything, always ask for her honest opinion. 

If you continue to maintain this, I can guarantee this single effort won’t go unnoticed. 

Support Her

Be her pillar always. Be her moral and emotional supporter. Stand beside her whenever she needs you in whatever way. 

Comfort Her When She is Feeling Down

What do you do when she feels down? It may be physically or emotionally. Her eyes always look for you. 

Comfort her, understand her feelings, see what’s she needed and give her the warmth to make her feel secured.

Treat Her Gently

How to treat your wife gently?

A smart and caring husband knows how he should treat his wife. He will put the effort into caressing his wife and will never hurt her intentionally. 

You should protect her, be nice and kind to her. 

Try to be a Better Person for Her

Wives love when their husbands make efforts to better themselves. No person is perfect. But if you love your wife and want to make them happy, try to be the better version of yourself. 

Change your bad and annoying habits into good and be the gentleman that your wife be proud of. 

Elderly Couple Standing on the Shore

Be Her Best Friend

My husband is my best friend. Being a best friend makes staying together easy when you are married. Never stop being friends with each other. 

You are married that shouldn’t change your equation of ‘being friends first.’ 

Be Honest & Truthful to Her

Honesty and trust are the two foundations of a relationship. Once broken, can never mend the way it was. 

To make your wife happy and if you want to make your relationship last longer, you should always be honest about everything and be truthful to her. 

Even if the truth hurts, you should speak only the truth with full honesty. Be transparent to her. Transparency builds trust, and trust is important in marriage. 

speak truth

Give Her Time

To all the husbands, the best way to make your wife happy is by giving her ample of your time and spend it together. 

Trust me, we understand you work hard for your family. Women have always been needy and if they get a little time and attention from their husbands, that’s enough to please them.

Surprise her with Small Gifts

When was the last time you gifted your wife? 

Maybe it was on her birthday or anniversary. An anniversary card or a birthday wish doesn’t change a relationship. But small surprise gifts as a gesture of love can bring a smile to your wife’s face. 

It doesn’t have to be an expensive or a luxury gift. Even a small bouquet of flowers or chocolate will make her day. 


Fight Fair

Conflict in a relationship is common. When there will be disagreements or argument try to fight fair. You don’t have to yell at her, neither say hurtful things that you might regret later

It’s okay to be mad and angry, but try to resolve the conflict through effective communication

Do Not Forget Special Dates

Majority of men have a weird tendency of forgetting important and special dates like anniversary, birthdays, etc. 

This doesn’t happen in the early years of marriage, but after, say 10-12 years usually men forget special dates which makes their wives upset and angry. 

The best way to remember special dates is by circling the date in the calendar or put a reminder on your phone. 

Happy Anniversary

Write Her Short Letters/Note

There is another one of the best way to make your wife happy and that’s by writing her short love notes. I love writing notes or scribbling down my feelings on a piece of paper. 

You aren’t supposed to keep them. You can give it to your wife as a surprise gift or randomly leave it beside her pillow so that she can read it in the morning. 

I feel writing a note is the best to let your wife feel special and loved.

Encourage Her to do Good at Work

As a husband, you should always encourage your wife to do well at work. If she needs your assistance, provide her with that. Your job is to motivate her and be her guiding force. Consider her success as your own. 

Women love to see when their man puts an effort into their beloved. You should try this. This will not only make her happy, but also make your relationship strong. 

Give your Family Time & Make Memories

If you have a family, I think the best thing you can do is to spend quality time with your wife and kid. 

I am a wife and a mother to a wonderful baby boy and I appreciate very much when I see my husband is taking off from his work when he can to spend time with us. 

It’s very important that you make yourself available to your kid and wife when they need you. You have to learn how to balance both personal and professional life. 

Father and Daughter on Beach

Take Her to a Holiday

Who doesn’t love vacations? You don’t need any special day to go on a vacation. You can pre-plan and surprise her with a road trip, beach vacation or any quick trip. 

It would not only bring a positive change to your relationship but also make you and your wife happy.

Man and Woman Boat Rowing in Sea during Golden Hour

Plan a Dinner Date

To keep the spark live in a relationship, you should always date frequently. Even after years of marriage and after having a kid, you shouldn’t stop dating each other. 

It’s the time when both can spend a light and romantic moment, communicate and enjoy being outside. 

You can surprise your wife by taking her to a good dining restaurant. Or arrange a dinner date at home. You can find too many date ideas in my blog. 

dinner date

Call Her Often When You are Away at Work

City life is so busy. Sometimes we hardly get to spend quality time with our family and partner. This so-called modern lifestyle hamper relationships. 

Here is one small habit that can add some value to your relationship. This is a tried and tested relationship formula. My husband always calls me once a day when he is away at the office and we frequently message each other. 

This habit shows that you care for me and think of me. 

Have a family Meal Together

I have set a rule in my house, no matter how busy my husband and I become at the end of the day, a family meal together is mandatory. 

We eat and serve to each other, talk about our work, plans, any random thing and sometimes we enjoy our meal by streaming a movie or series. 

I feel blessed and happy for my family. You can give this blissful feeling to your wife by helping her setting up the table and having the meal together.

family meal

Give Her Bed Tea

I always enjoy a morning cup of tea. My day is incomplete without a full cup of black tea. My husband often makes me feel so grateful by offering me tea by my bedside. 

It’s romantic and thoughtful simply. 

To all the husbands who are looking for an answer to ‘how to make a wife happy’, try this. You will see how she smiles. 

bed tea

Be Attentive to Little Things She Loves

If you want to make your wife happy and want to remind her she is loved by you immensely, be attentive to the small things she loves. 

For example, you know she loves keeping her room tidy, help her doing that. She loves cooking how about be thoughtful and gift her a set of something that she has been wanted for a long time for her kitchen. 

If she loves her morning tea, you can make her bed tea. 

There could be a hundred more stuff that she loves and makes her happy. As a loving husband, your duty is to notice and apply when the time comes. 

Give Her Enough Physical Touch

Intimacy is important is a relationship. Be close enough to make her feel your presence and warmth. 

Be romantic and have enough physical intimacy. Look for ways on how to make your wife happy in bed.

woman holding someone's hand

Respect Her Emotions

Be sensitive and understanding to her emotions. If she is having a breakdown, stay with her, hold her and give your 100% affection.

Celebrate Her Achievement & Success

If she has done well in her career and has achieved a step further, celebrate her happiness. Be assertive in communication and express how proud you are to be her husband. 

These positive phrases will give her so much happiness you can’t even imagine. 

Hold Her Hand in Public

I love this gesture so much. My husband loves holding my hand in public, and it makes me feel secure and safe. Trust me, women love this feeling. If you haven’t done this yet, try it. 

Man and Woman holding hands

Remind Her She is Beautiful

When was the last time you told her that ‘she is beautiful,’ or looks beautiful?

In the early years of marital life, husband usually embraces the idea of appreciating their wife. But study shows the feeling got fade after years of marriage.

Don’t be that husband. Sometimes a petty gesture of appreciation like ‘you look sweet’ has the power to bring a smile.

Man and Woman Hugging on Brown Field


Be Kind to Her Parents

Her parents are your parents as well. She always expects you to behave respectfully and be kind to them like the way you are to your parents. 

To make your wife happy, you can call her parents once a week, ask them how they are doing and so on.

Give Her Financial Freedom

It is important that you give your better half financial independence. Do not keep her dependent on you. Let her do something with her career where she can have the financial freedom. 

I have seen marriages where a woman, after getting married, leaves their job and stays at home taking care of her in-laws and husband. This sort of dependencies makes a relationship vulnerable. 

There should be financial independence for everyone, and your wife is no different. You can check out the article where I have written ‘how to be independent in a relationship’ in detail. 

Do Some Fun Activities Together

Modern relationships are busy and boring. You have to get involved in fun and engaging activities that add value and bring closeness in a relationship. 

You can take part in outdoor fun activities or games where couples can participate. 

man and woman in snow

Pay Attention to her Needs

Needs can be of any type. It can be physical, emotional, financial, moral. As a loving and responsible husband, you must pay attention to her needs and wants. 

Find yourself through an effective communication. Is she happy in the relationship? Does she have any needs that go unnoticed? Are you able to give her comfort? 

To make a woman happy, you must look through her heart.

Accompany her to Family Events & Do Shopping Together

I have seen men who don’t feel the necessity to accompany their wives to family events and I feel very disturbed about this.

I don’t understand the psychology of men behind this attitude. Women love to have their husband beside them to attend every function, especially to any family events. They feel elated feeling they are the best couple and that her family can see. 

If you have the same issue and you know it, it’s time you change it. 

Be the Mystery Lover

This is something unique that I could tell you and it works 100% instantly.

If you want to know how to make your wife happy when she is angry, be the mystery lover by surprising her with something unexpected. 

For example, you have done something that has made her super angry, but here is your chance to change the mood. 

You can gift her, surprise her by cleaning the house, cook her and show your special talent, write her a note saying sorry, dance in front her to lighten up her mood. 

There are tons of thing you can but remember you do the thing that she has never seen you doing. 

mystery lover

Put an Effort to improve Your Relationship

If she gives her 100% effort in making the relationship work, you can double your effort to strengthen your relationship and better. 

Human beings are always hunger for more love. Let her feel loved, wanted, special with you in your marriage. Together, help each other building a pillar that holds your marriage strong. 

Make each other happy.


Henceforth, I can assure that the above 40 ways are the best to make your wife happy every day.  

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