9 Perfect Date Ideas at Home When You Are Sick

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Are you sick and couldn’t go out on a date with your partner?

Thinking about what to do?

Do not be upset; here is a perfect date idea at home when you are sick?

Well, this thought comes into my mind the day before yesterday on Valentine’s day. When every other couple was going out on special dinner or on a date, I was resting at home, and my husband was taking care of me.

I have been sick for a couple of days, and I didn’t have the strength to go out on a date on Valentine’s day. Upset and heartbroken, of course.

But my husband and I end up celebrating the day with a perfect date idea. When my friends were posting photos on social media with their spouse outside. We were thinking of how to make our day the best day by staying at home.

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My Perfect Date Idea at Home When Fallen Sick

9 Perfect Date Ideas at Home When You Are Sick 1

We did a couple of fun things on valentine’s day that was cheap and romantic indeed.

For our date lunch, my husband cooked delicious Indian food.

In the afternoon, before taking a nap, he gave me an amazing head massage that eases my headache.

In the evening, we both had a lovely time sipping cups of tea and binge-watch Netflix series.

Then later at night, I helped him cooking shrimp pasta.

And we end up our valentine’s day date at home playing a board game before going to bed.

Sounds good, isn’t it?

Who says date can only be celebrated by going out, dining at a cozy restaurant, or hitting a pub?

Even if you are sick, all you want is a little care and love from your spouse. I am lucky to have my loving husband, who always stays with me and makes my day amazing.

Since this blog is all about sharing information and helping my audience with relationship tips. I thought of sharing a few amazing, perfect date ideas at home when you are sick.

Date Ideas at Home When You Are Sick

Sit & Relax with Tea/coffee

I am a tea drinker. When I am sick, a cup of hot tea soothes me the best. Let your spouse/ partner pamper you. He/she can make you a nice cup of coffee or tea; both can sit and relax.

This is one of the best cheap date ideas at home that let you celebrate love on any occasion.

tea cup

Rest & Stream Online

I am a big fan of streaming movies and series online. With the availability of so many streaming platforms, there is no limitations in watching good content.

When you are sick, and you can not go out on a date with your partner, you can set the date at home by binge-watching and resting.

Put your head on your partner’s lap and start binge-watching your favorite show or movie.

streaming online

A Hot Bowl of Soup

My next perfect date idea at home when you are sick is ‘when my husband cooks me a bowl of healthy soup.’

Any soup, when consumed during sickness, is healthy, nutritious, and gives your strength. It can also be very romantic when your spouse cooks for you. I love this kind of dating idea that brings each other closer and let each other embrace the love.

perfect date idea at home when you are sick - soup

Sing a Song

No matter if you sing a song or write poetry, whatever it is, it comes directly from the heart. If your partner is sick and not in a mood to do anything, to uplift her/his mood, you can do something that will cheer.

When you fall sick, the home atmosphere usually gets negative and gloomy. So, a little performance or something can fill up the environment with positivity.

Take a Long bath Together

Have you ever tried taking a lukewarm water shower together when your partner is sick?

It is not only romantic but also shows the caring and love you have for your partner.

Love feels great when you express it, and this is one way to do that. Do you want to date? You can carry her, take her to the shower, and bathe together.

Tip: This is, of course, not possible when you have a kid.

Prepare a Bucket list of Wishes

We love making travel bucket lists or the things we wish to do. I believe everybody should make a bucket list of things. It is even more fun when the bucket list contains both of your wishes as a couple.

Bucket list is hopeful, and it sets a goal in your life. Further, it motivates you to get better fast and tick one by one in the list together.

bucket list of wishes

Head Massage

This is yet another one of my favorite date ideas at home, especially when I am sick. I get severe headaches whenever I fall sick. All I want is a head massage at that moment. My husband let me lie down on his lap, and he gives me the world’s best head massage.

Believe me; this is an amazing act of love. You can’t do anything more when you are sick, but this is purely heaven and makes you love your partner more.

 head massage

Play Board Games

Like I mentioned above about how I have been sick on valentine’s day, I still had the best day when my husband and I spent quality time together at home celebrating ‘love’ in a simpler way.

When you are looking for fun and cheap date ideas at home for couples, playing board games is one of them.

There are so many kinds of board games that you can play. My husband and I love playing ludo and monopoly. Likewise, you might have something that both like to play.

I heard couples saying they don’t enjoy playing board games because they find it immature and childish. Believe me, guys, sometimes in life we should let ourselves become children and do silly things. There is no harm in that.

For a moment, forget about being serious and mature and let yourselves enjoy the moment of love.

board game

Always be with your partner

Finally, I would say no date is better than ‘being with your partner’ in sickness and hard times. There will be plenty of time and days to go out on a romantic date, but love is true when your partner will stick with you when you are sick and do whatever is necessary to make you feel good.

Couple together


These are some of my date ideas that I feel are perfect when you are sick and stuck at home. If you want more dating ideas, I have written several blog posts on the same; all you need is to browse in the ‘Relationship’ category.

Mail me and tell me what relationship or marriage tips topic you want me to cover on our website.

Thank You!

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