15 Best Mother’s Day Activities to Celebrate the Day at Home with Mom

I sometimes wonder why Mother’s Day is so special?

It isn’t about giving gifts or expressing your feelings and gratitude to our mom on this particular day.

I have known many who don’t celebrate Mother’s Day at all. They say it doesn’t make any sense to be thankful for our mom just for a day. A day when we all make efforts to make ‘mom’ happy.

15 Best Mother’s Day Activities to Celebrate the Day at Home with Mom 1

Make sense to me.

But after a certain age or stage of our life, we leave behind our mother at home. A daughter when she gets married or a son when he gets a job somewhere else away from the house.

We leave our mom behind, and we continue to chase towards the dream of our life. Although, we are always in touch with her.

So, on this particular day, all the son and daughter of this earth acknowledge and convey their thankfulness to ‘her.’

We make an attempt to make her happy in different ways. Some give gifts, some prefer to spend time. It’s a reunion of ‘mother-children.’

Celebrating ‘Mother’s Day’ has become a tradition. This article will focus not on giving gifts but on ‘best mother’s activities to do at home with your mom.’

Let’s have a look in the below activities that together you can cherish.

Watch TV

Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit on the couch with your mom with a full bowl of popcorn and watching movies at home?

With online streaming videos on your lap, you no longer need to go to the movie hall. You can enjoy watching together her favorite TV series or movies on Netflix/Amazon Prime/ Hulu.  

Whenever I visit my mom in my hometown, we, mother and daughter often enjoy watching Bollywood movies at home. It is fun actually, especially while watching comedy movies.

Cook Together

Cooking together always brings happiness and closeness. You can multi-task, can help each other in cutting vegetables, following the recipe, talking and learning.

You can also teach her a new dish that you might have learned from somewhere. This kind of Mother’s Day activities is a small gesture of love and closeness that you share with your mom.

cooking with mom on Mother's Day

Bake a Cake Together

It’s Mother’s Day, and you might have thought of celebrating the day with a cake. But you know that your mom bakes amazing cakes.

So, why not to utilize the day in baking mom’s favorite cake together? Both will spend quality time together in the kitchen.

Just think. Have you ever done this?

 baking cake for mom on Mother's Day

I am telling you guys, I have bake cakes several times with my mother telling me the method beside me. I still remember vividly, on the night before Christmas how I used to get so excited for cakes and we both end up baking a beautiful soft vanilla cake.

Do morning Yoga Together

You know how exercise/yoga keeps our body and mind at control and at peace. But you must have noticed that when our mother crossed the 50-age bar, they feel so lazy in exercising.

I think doing yoga/exercise together will motivate her enough to keep it going for the rest of her life.

Book reading

Book reading is an unusual Mother’s Day activity that you can enjoy doing. Read to her favorite book on a lovely sunny afternoon.

It reminds me of something. The funny part of doing this is, whenever I read something to my mother, she fell asleep every time. Maybe I am such a lousy reader, though she never said that to me. So, you can also try the same.

book reading

Invite Her Old Friends at Home

Well, by inviting her old friends for lunch/dinner, you will definitely make her happy. Along with everyone, all will be having fun, sharing old memories and events. To make it more interesting, you can make dinner for all of them.

Plan a picnic in the backyard

I am sure any mother will love the idea of doing a picnic in the yard with her family. Prepare some good food and arranging a picnic in the morning will be fun.

Surprise her with bed tea and breakfast

 Let her sleep and don’t wake her up. On Mother’s Day, you can surprise her with bed tea and follow by a healthy breakfast. All you will see is a broad smile on her face.

 breakfast for Mom

Enjoy gardening with her

Usually, almost all the mother has a knack for gardening. Wouldn’t it be great if you spend some time with her in her garden talking about gardening hacks and flowers?

She might allow you to pluck a flower from her garden too.

helping mom in gardening

Do fun photoshoot at home

Do you and your mother enjoy taking pictures?

You can set a camera and take some shots of your family with her. Or you can enjoy making some random pictures of your mom. You can frame those pictures and gift her later. Or you can also keep them which you will always cherish watching them over again.

Decorate your home together

Together you can enjoy decorating/reshuffling her home with new home décor items. By doing this, it will make her feel something new and fresh.

This is actually a very good you can say idea/activity that one can do on Mother’s Day.

Enjoy a hobby together

Now, this Mother’s Day activity is fascinating. We all have a few hobbies that we enjoy doing in our leisure time for relaxation. Likewise, our mother also has hobbies.

Like my mother loves reading and so do I. We often read to each other stories or share about something that I know she is interested in.

You may be a painter or sing well, how about convince your mom to accompany you. Like if you are sketching something give her a paper and a pencil and persuade her to draw too. She may be feeling reluctant but tell her that it doesn’t matter sketch whatever you want, it’s for fun.

Help her in Household Chores

Although you are supposed to celebrate Mother’s Day, when you are spending the entire day with her at home, don’t you think helping her in household chores would be a good idea to make her feel relax?

You know that every day she does her chores. Your little help will be appreciable. Helping our mother is always a positive thing to do.

Watch old childhood videos

We all cherish old videos of childhood, wedding, any of our family event. You can play one of your childhood old videotape and watch it over with your mother. You will see how much she will enjoy watching it.

A decent dinner at the end of the day

Last but not the least, ending the Mother’s Day with an excellent delicious meal sitting at the dining table with all the family members with a smiling face, thanking God and mom for providing everything would the perfect celebration for me.

dinner with family


All the above are the small activities that one can do with their mother while staying at home. You don’t have to go out to celebrate such a special day. Neither you have to give her gifts. The only thing our mother wants from us is ‘time and love.’

15 Best Mother’s Day Activities to Celebrate the Day at Home with Mom 2

Love your mother always. Share this post with your friends and family.

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