5 Interesting Facts About Love Supported by Science

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Some things about love that you didn’t know!

Some things about love that you didn’t know!

            Description Everyone who has ever been in love thinks they are an expert on the topic! And even those who’ve never been in love sometimes feel the same! But what if we told you that most people never heard of some of these science-backed facts about love? If you are curious to know more, you are welcomed to join us!

         A university teacher once asked a group of philosophy students, “What is love?” The students found the question a bit strange because the answer seemed obvious!

So they laughed and gave an answer such as “Love is mutual understanding and support; Love is sharing and forgiving, etc.” The teacher said that while love is all of those things; none of it describes the essence of love.

         Indeed, we all want to love someone and be loved. Thinking about it, we imagine us sharing food with that special person, sitting on a riverbank and watching the sunset, holding hands, cuddling, etc. 

But indeed, although various poets, songwriters, authors wrote about love, there is no denying that it comes with a veil of mystery. There is not one specific and accurate answer to what love is?

And did you know facts about love? What it does not only to your soul but body too?

All people looking for love, no matter how much we try to deny it. And love doesn’t have to be sexual, too.

You can either experience it with a person you found with the help of the best hookup site reviews or enjoy the platonic love of your friends and family.

For many of us, love is sweet and pure! However, as relationships can be challenging, we can say that they can be painful and dreadful.

We know the facts about love and relationship, we can all agree and have the impression that the word will stop spinning if love disappears. On some level, we can say that we are addicted to love.


 Facts About Love

As you realized, we are going to talk about some interesting facts about love today.

Considering that we just mentioned that it is a mystified and abstract concept and that we don’t have a concrete answer, you may wonder how it is possible to talk about facts about love relationships.

Well, believe it or not, there are some scientifically proven and undeniable facts about love. You see, it is the poetry of the heart that makes love mysterious and abstract.

love sign with hand

There is some beauty in it indeed. However, admit that we kind of demystify this feel as life revolves. We learn that there are specific biological processes that cause certain reactions. We understand that culture shapes our ideas on love and romance.

Finally, we also learn about psychological facts and physiological processes that make us fall in love with someone!

Reading about this might make you think, “Okay, wait!

But if you put it like that, if science explains everything, then nothing makes sense! What is the purpose of romance in this case?”

Things are never so simple, though! Even if we have all scientific facts about true love or any other love experience, we can’t deny that this special feeling exists!

You know it well; it is that feeling that you have when you look into the eyes of someone you love! The moment your eyes meet, you are already back in your wonderful and magical world!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts about love.

Love is Addictive

When we talk about being addicted to something, we usually think about something that we enjoy doing. 

When it comes to love, some studies claim that love is a natural addiction.

couple loving each other

 Whether we consider facts about first love or facts about teenage love, etc., we are truly going to see that it produces cravings, euphoria, dependency, etc.

It is like what other types of addictions do.

However, the profound romantic love still cannot be seen as a classical addiction because even if there is a preoccupation, it is part of a flourishing life. Thus, it is not harmful.

Still, if you find that you can’t stay in a fulfilling relationship, but are continually searching for the high effect and euphoria, falling for people who are not available, etc., it can indicate that there is a problem.

Cuddling Releases Pain Killers

One fact about love relationships is that there isn’t a person who doesn’t enjoy being snuggled on the sofa/bed with their partner.

But do you know why we like it?

It feels nice to be close to each other, but there is more to it. When we cuddle or embrace, our bodies produce oxytocin, which is also called a love or cuddle hormone.

It is released to the brain, ovaries, and testicles, and it is involved in the process of bonding. Oxytocin is likewise responsible for the feeling of happiness. The research also shows that the hormone significantly decreases headaches, and for some people, the pain completely goes away after few hours.

woman hugging man

Long-Distance Relationships Can Be Stronger

Surely, you have heard from many people that distance will make you grow apart. However, the studies show the opposite thing. Couples in long-distance relationships actually develop deeper and more intimate connections than those who are geographically closer.

A study from Cornell University shows that people in long-distance relationships have much more connection, which leads to the development of more intimate bonds.

Plus, it gives you more time for yourself. That means that you can focus on your career, friends, and other things that are important to you.

grayscale photo of persons hand

 Love At First Sight is a Chemical Reaction

How do you feel about the idea of love at first sight?

Some people are convinced that it exists, others think that it is something that Hollywood wants us to believe.

What are the facts about love at first sight? What does science have to say?

Well, most researchers would tell you that we experience a chemical reaction in our brain, which is the reason why we have all those warm and fuzzy feelings.

The brain is creating dopamine and serotonin; they create that immediate attachment to someone. This is what we mistake for love.

In reality, though, it takes a bit more than just one date to fall in love or start loving someone.

close-up photography of heart shaped fairy lite on brown sand

Teen Love

Many parents asked whether they should take their kids’ love life seriously! Honestly, we adults tend to underestimate the importance of teen love.

We usually say things like “Oh, you are too young for love! Or You won’t last past high school!” and things like that.

But that is simply not right!

One fact about adolescent love is that it may last for a long time!

Sometimes, people stay together for the rest of their lives. If your teenager is in love, you need to acknowledge that it has all the elements of an adult relationship, such as closeness, commitment, and, of course, chemistry.

The quicker you realize this, the easier it will be to support them in all kinds of situations, including breaks up, etc. You will also be able to help them protect themselves from dating violence, both online and offline.

love - interesting facts about love supported by science

Bottom Line

We arrived at the end of our text on facts about love!

Love is undeniably wonderful!

However, it is also hard to define and even harder to find. It is essential to know that feeling butterflies in your stomach doesn’t mean that you will spend the rest of your life with that person. 

But you also might. Whatever happens, it is good to know that science explains this complicated emotion and makes it easier to find a partner with whom you can have meaningful and lasting love! 

So, what are your experiences with love? Maybe you are in love right now?

Guest Author’s bio:

Amanda Martens a family psychologist, and a relationship writer. She is the wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. As for a writing passion, she loves personality psychology, helping people with advice on the relationship between a man and a woman.

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