14 Proven & Simple Things to Tell Your Spouse for a Happy Marriage

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Do you want a happy marriage? Here, in this blog post, I will share some proven tricks and these tricks are nothing but some simple things to tell your spouse whenever possible.

How often do you say ‘I am proud of you’ to your spouse? After years after marriage, sometimes people forget how, as a couple, they used to be in their early days of marriage or dating.

As the years pass by, it becomes important to keep love stronger between a couple. If your love is stronger than before, it is one of the keys to a happy married life.

To achieve happiness, a couple has to work on their relationship. There are a few things that you should say to your spouse more often.

These are some statements that you feel for your spouse, and instead of keeping them in your heart and mind, you should express them.

The more you will communicate with your spouse, the better chances your relationship to be happy.

In my previous blog post, I have published an article on the things you should never say to your partner. Now, I shall list down the things that you should tell your spouse every day for a happy marriage.

Simple Things to Tell Your Spouse for a Happy marriage

“I Love You”

‘I love you’ is one of the most beautiful things to tell your spouse every day. We all love to hear it more often from our partner.

Remember the time when you used to say and text ‘I love you’ to each other more than 10 times a day. So, what stopping now?

Just makes sure that even now, a simple ‘I love you’ before you go to bed or any time of the day would make your spouse’s day.

You can say, ‘I love you’ as many times you want, the more your express your love to your partner the better it gets.

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“How’s your day?”

We are all busy. When we come back home after the long day tiresome work, it makes us feel good if our partner shows caring towards us.

The first thing you can do is ask your partner about his/her day. Like, ‘how’s your day? What exciting did you do today? Was it a hectic day?

It shows how supportive you are as a spouse towards your partner.

How's your day?

“I am so proud of you.”

It is crucial to let your spouse know how proud you are. You don’t have to every day tell him, but whenever he does some good work like helping needy people, helping the kids in studies, or achieved rewards for good work, you have to let your spouse know that you are so proud of and so happy.

A small positive gesture of appreciation will make your spouse happy and give solace.

Things you should tell your spouse for happy marriage

“I love being around you.”

When you tell your partner regularly either on text or face to face that you love being around them, it will make them feel safe and secure.

It is a wonderful way to express your love for your partner.

You don’t have to say ‘I love you’ every now and then, even statement like such tells that you love the company of your partner and deeply in love.

You are looking handsome/beautiful

Like I said in the point mentioned above that appreciation or giving compliments plays a significant role in creating a strong bond between a couple.

Not only this, when you compliment your spouse, they feel appreciated, and this makes them feel confident.

Also, they feel excited to know that you still are attracted to him.

I would like to give you an example from my marriage. I give my husband compliment every day while going to the office I see a smile on his face which makes me feel happy too.

So, I hope you can understand why appreciation/complimenting your spouse is essential.


“You make me so happy.”

Who doesn’t love hearing good things? If you tell your spouse that you are happy being around that person (spouse), it makes them feel elated to know that they can make happy to the most loving person of their life.

When you are happy in your space with your spouse, it automatically generates happiness and establishes a healthy relationship.

So, if your spouse makes you happy, I think you should communicate that to your spouse to let him/her know.

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“I am sorry…”

Well, fighting is a common thing in a relationship. Sometimes even a statement that you shouldn’t say to your spouse triggers an argument or fight.

Either they keep blaming each other or don’t accept their faults. But whatever the reason be, don’t get miff for too long on each other and a simple ‘I am sorry..’ would calm down the situation.

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and learn from our mistakes. If you realize that you have done something wrong or hurt the feelings of your spouse, there is no harm in saying ‘sorry.’

Now, you don’t have to say ‘Sorry’ every day, of course, but be modest when you say.

say sorry

“I miss you.”

I live with my husband still I text ‘I miss you’ when he comes home late from work. So, saying ‘missing you or thinking about you’ is romantic and a gesture telling your spouse that you are always in my mind.

Some may find it too clingy, but it doesn’t have to mean physically always attach. Instead, it just means that your presence is being missed dearly.

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“I love you more with each passing day.”

My husband often leaves a note saying this statement before leaving for work, and knowing this makes my day. It is like a confidence booster you can say.

When two individual spends years being together, their love tends to get stronger. They become more emotionally and mentally dependent on each other.

So, if you let your spouse know your feelings that your love for him/her is growing with each passing day, it will do nothing much but will create happy moments and thoughts.

I love you

“Thank you so much for taking care of our family.”

In a marriage, both a husband and a wife contribute equally in protecting and taking care of their family.

If your spouse is the earning member of the family and provides for the home, you should thank him for doing all the hardships and taking care of the family.

Also, when your spouse takes care of your kids, working, as well as looking after the family, you should appreciate your spouse for giving all the efforts towards the betterment of your family.

Many partners don’t feel the necessity to encourage and appreciate their spouse for what they are doing. And this brings differences sometimes.

14 Proven & Simple Things to Tell Your Spouse for a Happy Marriage 2

“You have my full support…”

Support, encouragement, and belief keep a bonding strong. If you let your spouse know that you support them and have your back, it boosts their confidence and belief in themselves.

Suppose your spouse isn’t happy in doing the job and wants to open a business, but it scares him/her.

Your spouse isn’t sure how he/she will pull up if the business fails along with several other thoughts. Here, your spouse needs and expect all the support from you.

So, if you give him/her the assurance that you will keep supporting them in whatever way possible till the end, that will do the job of motivation.

So, this is among the many things that you should tell your spouse for a happy marriage.

14 Proven & Simple Things to Tell Your Spouse for a Happy Marriage 3

“I am glad that I have you in my life.”

Make your spouse feel special by letting them know how happier you are to have them in your life.

Your spouse should know that he/she is the luckiest person and is being always loved by you. This is also a kind of compliment that a partner can always tell their spouse every day.


“I know you will make the right decision.”

When you say, ‘I know you will make the right decision,’ it just means you have faith in your partner.

This is one of the most important things to tell your partner that you believe in them. Whatever decision they will take or make you will support.

Whatever they love and desire to do for the betterment of themselves and family, you support his decision and promises to work on the things together.

“Can I help you?”

Well, this is especially for the husbands, if you see your wife is doing all the cooking and kitchen work, don’t just sit back.

You can ask politely if she needed help, this gesture of yours will not only make her feel relax but also, she will understand that you do care for her.

Vise-Versa, if you see your husband is doing something and feel that he needs help or your guidance, you can tell him that you will be happy to assist.

Helping each other in a relationship increases dependency and establish trust.

14 Proven & Simple Things to Tell Your Spouse for a Happy Marriage 4


Hence, these are some of the basic things that you should always tell your spouse every day for a happy marriage.

Even if you aren’t married, but you do have a girlfriend or boyfriend, all the above statements do apply for them too.

Try and apply, you will see within a month your relationship will be in a better place than before.

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