35 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Her to Feel Special and Happy

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Valentine’s day is knocking the door, and you might be wandering around the mall or checking out online, looking for the best gift for her (wife or girlfriend), but out of several things you have come out picking up nothing. How painful that can be.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world for ages, a day, especially for them, loved ones to express their affection for each other.

In the early days, it used to be through the letters that couples or lovers show their love, but today, with overpriced cards and gifts people express their gestures.

No matter what you are gifting but the motto is to convey your deepest emotions and love that you have for each other.

So, are you looking for the best Valentine Gift Ideas?

Here, are the 35 best Valentine Gift ideas that can save you time and make her happy by showing endless love.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for her

Candy Basket

I love candy basket, a customized basket filled with lots of candies of different flavors.

You can get variously themed candy basket for Valentine’s Day special or you can even make your candy basket; a personal touch will be more appreciated by your wife or girlfriend.

You can add snickers, Cadburys, and dark chocolates and many others.

35 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Her to Feel Special and Happy 1
Photo Credit: Taylor Rooney

Handmade Greetings Card

If you have art and craft skills, then you can easily choose to make a beautiful greetings card and can save money from buying.

For a handmade card, you don’t need to spend much rather with little time and effort you can gift your beloved a lovely ‘handmade greeting card.’

Handmade Jewelry

A piece of handmade jewelry could be genuinely a romantic gift on Valentine’s Day. Women love jewelry, but when you make it for her, it will be precious. Once again, you will need to have art and craft skills for this.

A Painting by You

If your wife or girlfriend loves art, a painting would be a perfect gift on Valentine’s Day. It is cost-efficient and more valuable than spending on something materialistic.

A colorful canvas could bring colors to your relationship. Not only on Valentine’s Day but you could also surprise her with your painting skill on her birthday or anniversary.

35 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Her to Feel Special and Happy 2
Photo Credit: Andrian Valeanu

A Song compose by You

We all have done something interesting in our college days. Like I used to paint and also performed a song in a group.

You might have also done something like that, sung or performed in freshers party or college fest. If you know to play an instrument, now is the time to brush up your musical skills and surprise her.

A man playing a guitar
Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema

Valentine Spa Set

The idea of gifting a spa and relaxation set is romantic. Women love to pamper themselves and a spa gift set for Valentine’s Day would be perfect to make her happy and feel special.

Heart Necklace

How about presenting your beloved with a heart-shaped necklace or a pendant? It looks beautiful, and it comes at reasonable to high-end prices. You can lose your pocket as per your needs.

A set of pajamas

Your lady will surely be going to love receiving a set of cool and comfortable pajamas on Valentine’s Day. You can easily get a pajama set within $25-$30.

Portable Charger

If she travels frequently, you could think of gifting a portable charger to her. This might not be a romantic gift, but it is a practical and travel-friendly gift.

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Kindle could be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a person who loves reading. So, if your beloved lady is into reading, I could say nothing will beat her happiness in getting a Kindle from you.

So, you can check out Kindle options on Amazon. My husband gifted me a Kindle last year on Valentine’s Day. So, I can say for the reading enthusiasts a Kindle is a great gift idea.

(Note: If you purchase something from the above link, I may earn a few brownie points to maintain this website.)

A kindle can give her unlimited options and choices to read anything anytime and at anyplace.

The image of a kindle

Her Favorite Book

Everyone has a favorite author and genre of book. You can surprise her by keeping her favorite book on the bookshelf of the hall room leaving a small note inside it expressing your gratitude and endless affection for her.

Sounds romantic. Isn’t it?

An image of a person reading a book


In a journal, one can write anything. It may be her/his most profound thoughts, travel diaries, stories or poetries.

Women like me who loves writing and scribbling almost everything, for them a journal could be a decent Valentine’s Day gift.

And if you could spare a few more cash then go for a “Leather Journal.”

35 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Her to Feel Special and Happy 4


A sketchbook can be a unique gift on Valentine’s Day. If your lady loves sketching and drawing, giving a sketchbook with sketch pencils set can be thoughtful.

I believe, rather than gifting someone something expensive, if you offer something that they love, it will be cherished and memorable forever.

Wrist Watch

Michael Kors, Fossil, Timex have a great collection of watches at an affordable price range. Women love accessories and watches are one of them. You can consider gifting a watch on any occasion would always be loved.

A wrist watch for her

A Pair of Cozy Slippers

Can you give a pair of cozy slippers as a gift on Valentine’s day?

Girls love cozy and cool slippers to keep their feet warm during winter. Warm feet make them happy, which means cozy slippers will make them happy.

Phone Case

The phone has become an integral part of our livelihood, and we are protective of it. Phone cases keep our phones safe from getting damaged.

You will find in the market, so many exotic phone cases with cool graphics on the back cover. A top-notch phone case can make your lady love to feel special.

An image of an phone case

Computer Care Screen Wipes

Computer Care Screen Wipes is something unique and highly affordable too. It keeps the computer screen dust-free and is safe for cleaning.

If she works for long hours on the computer, this is a fantastic thing to give. These are adorable small soft toys.

Portable Instant photo printer

She loves taking photographs, and you admire her skill.

Then, why don’t you think of giving her a portable instant photo printer this Valentine’s Day?

This is a very cool gadget, and it comes in a variety of sizes and colors. There are so many available online and in the market that with little research you can gift your wife/girlfriend the best portable instant photo printer and make her feel special on this special day.

An Image of a Instant Photo Camera
Photo Credit: Eric Ward


Women have a special kind of fondness towards shoes. The one they will wear at the party occasion won’t repeat in a casual meeting. Some have a full wardrobe of a variety of shoes.

If your lady love is one of them, nothing else will make her pleased than getting a pair of gorgeous shoes.

Classic Chocolate Gift Box

Is she a sweet tooth?

A chocolate gift box comes the very first in our minds among all the others. It is readily available everywhere.

You will see when Valentine’s day approaches, almost all the stores are filled with assorted Chocolate gift boxes. You can pick any and get it wrapped with colorful papers.

A box of assorted chocolates

Valentine’s Day Special Cake Gift Box

I would love to get a cake gift box from my husband this Valentine’s day.

Again, one of the best things for a sweet tooth. Mostly, in the bakery stores, they sell various flavors and sizes of cake. If you want to do something sweet, get a cake along with some chocolates and flowers.

This would be one of the best Valentine’s Day gift.

Customize Mug

You can customize a mug with a logo, photo or love messages. Nowadays, personalized mug is very easy to get it done. You are just required to tell them what do you want to customize. You can also order it online.

A personalized mug

Customize Heart Keyring

Any woman who loves accessories would love a heart-shaped key ring. You can personalize a heart keyring with a photo of you both.


Girls love scarves, they are effortless to carry and gives a modern sense of fashion. She can wear the scarf in any way she wants and that defines her style. Scarves are the girl’s best friend during winter.

You as a husband or boyfriend can always give your lady a beautiful scarf on Valentine’s Day.

A Travel Plan

What could be the best gift than giving your time to her on a trip?

You can shower her with worldly things, or you could plan to travel to a beautiful place to be with her.

Today, everyone keeping themselves so busy, time is all a relationship wants. So, with a trip, you can be together and make memories that will be long cherished.

A Movie Date Night

A movie date night on Valentine’s day is fun and very common. Most of the couples go for a movie but how can you make it special for her?

You can book the tickets two days before without telling her and surprise her by first taking her to a good dinner restaurant followed by a movie.

Home Décor Items

If she loves collecting antique home décor items, you can gift her that too. Antique pieces are rare, and if somebody is fond of gathering those, they do know the value of such things.

An image of wall home decor items

Tote Bag

Do you know why girls like a tote bag?

Tote bags are affordable, accessible and spacious. One can carry a tote bag at all occasions and with everything. Carrying a tote bag reflects their personality and a sense of independence.

Surely, if you give a beautiful and exotic tote bag to your darling, she will hug you first and thank you happily. You can check out plenty of Tote Bags in Myntra of various brands.

An image of a Tote bag with embroidery
photo Credit: Tamara Bellis

Customize T-shirt

You may have noticed there are many small t-shirt companies, from them you can make customize a t-shirt. You can personalize a quote or heart-shape in front of the t-shirt.


Gifting someone a sunglass is always considered as one of the best gifts. You can take her to a mall or a sunglass store and accompany her in choosing the sunglass that suits her the best.


Perfumes like Tiffany & Co, Gucci, Cartier, Tom Ford, Burberry are favorites of every woman of all ages.

How about gifting any one of them to your adored lady this Valentine’s Day?

I know the above names that I mentioned are expensive and overpriced. But still, this can be a good Valentine’s Day gift for your lady.

An image of N 5 Chanel Eau De Parfum

Alexa Echo

Alexa Echo is an amazing hands-free speaker control that connects to the Alexa voice service to play music, news, calls and more. All you need to do is to ask: Alexa to play ‘XYZ.’

You will get an extensive collection of songs from Amazon Prime Music, Saavn or Ganna.

Will I be happy if my husband gifts me Alexa Echo on Valentine’s Day?

Oh Yes, I will be thrilled and so does your lady.

Image of Amazon Echo Speaker

Homemade Cookies

Think this, if you bake cookies, keep all those in a box, wrap it with a paper and leave a note with it. When she will find and taste she will be so happy to know that you baked those.

A small attempt to make your wife/girlfriend happy and a beautiful gesture to show your love for her.

Image of handmade cookies

An Indoor Plant

What do you think you can give to a nature-loving person?

An indoor plant would be a fantastic choice. Many people love keeping indoor plants at home. It gives a positive feeling and brings freshness at home.

There is a lot of variety of indoor plants like bonsai, Areca Palm, Snake plant and many more.

Scented Candle Set

You can also think of gifting beautiful, scented-candle set on Valentine’s Day to your ladylove. Scented candle sets come in a variety of sizes, fragrances, and prices. It is readily available at any, and it spread freshness around the house.

Image of Candle set


That’s all for this list. If you have anything in your mind and would like to share with us, please comment us in the below. Keep encouraging us to write more.

I wish you all in advance Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy with your loved ones.

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