10 Ways to Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable

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Who doesn’t love a vacation?

It is one of the best ways to rejuvenate ourselves. The city life is mundane and hectic. Those who live in the city know how repetitive it gets; juggling work and family, it gets hard to take time for a vacation.

But traveling and vacation are very much needed in life. A weekend or a few days of relaxation, time-off from the city life is necessary to balance our life.

My husband and I love our vacation mood. We plan a vacation after every 3-4 months, and it helps us keep our life align.

I have known many such people who work even during their vacation and miss all the family fun that is the purpose of the vacation.

There will always be work, but you should know how to make the most from your vacation. In this blog post, I will share 10 such ways to make your vacation more enjoyable.

10 Ways to Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable

Choose the Right Time

When you are planning for a vacation, you must choose the right time to visit the place.

For example, if you plan a trip to Rajasthan, you shouldn’t go during the summer. Your entire trip will turn into a disaster. You won’t be able to enjoy the trip, and it will be a memorable trip only for the bad experience.

Whereas, if you plan the same trip during the winter, it will worth your money and have a lifetime experience.

So, planning and choosing the right time for your vacation is key to make it more enjoyable.

Sometimes you choose the perfect destination, but you miss checking the weather or choose the time when the destination isn’t the perfect place to visit.

What happens? The moment you arrive at your destination, you started facing difficulties and resulting in spoiling the mood.

I am not saying picking up the ‘pick season to travel’ but at least consult with the local authorities when is the right time to go.  

Go with the Flow

Traveling is fun when you think less and go with the flow. People travel to enjoy. It would be best if you are carefree while you travel, surely keeping all the safety measures in mind.

Then only you will have a stress-free and more enjoyable traveling experience.

For example, if you are on a road trip, enjoy the road and the moment you are spending with your family. Go with the flow of the destination; let you and your kids open up and explore the outer world.

Road trip


By ‘unplug,’ I mean, going digital-less. Our life is pretty much consumed by electronic devices and gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, iPad, headphones, etc.

Sometimes it feels that we are so dependent on these modern-day gadgets now, and it is hard to get rid of them.

But I have found that traveling is when you can switch off your devices at least for hours and enjoy the days.

Yes, it is absolutely not possible to go off without them. Even when traveling, you will need access to Google Maps, a phone to call on emergency numbers if required, camera to capture the moments.

Though I carry laptops wherever I travel, I don’t feel the urge to open them. Yes, mobile remains functional 24/7 but nothing much that I needed.

Truth to be told, less use of gadgets makes your vacation more enjoyable.

Plan Activities at Your Vacation

Here is my pro tip on how to make your vacation more enjoyable – ‘plan activities.’ Planning is key in everything. Before starting your vacation, you will surely plan your stay, travel, food, budget, everything.

Do you plan how you will spend your days at the hotel or the beach, or any spot?

I bet you should plan that too.

For example, you can plan game activities with your kids at the beach or at the hotel. You can plan activities like water sports or hiking or a photo tour walk with your partner during your vacation. You can plan a group activity and so on.

Activities will keep you more engaged, active and make your entire vacation experience fun.

cooking at the camp

Explore the Local More

Whenever we travel to a place, my husband and I love to explore the local markets, interact with the locals, try eat the local cuisine, and buy things from the local shops.

Sadly, I have seen many tourists who never explore the local. They just come to visit the place, stay at a resort, visit some spots and then go back to their destination.

Every place has a history, and you can learn so much from the local people about that place.

Indeed, there are some language restrictions that you may face. Except for the UK and the USA, almost every place speaks a different language.

Still, you can communicate with them, and the locals always appreciate when they see outsiders are making an effort to interact with them.

For Example: On my last trip to Kerala before the Covid-19 outbreak, we were excited to interact with the locals, though it was hard because the people of Kerala speak Malayali, and only the educated people speak English properly.

Still, it was an exciting experience as we tried to communicate with them through sign languages and broken local language.

The best way to explore the local is to hire a guide. They will take you to offbeat places, let to explore and introduce new experiences.

Do not just visit the top tourist places that are listed on Google. As a travel enthusiast, I always recommend people to go beyond and explore a place responsibly.

ways to make your vacation more enjoyable - explore the local market

Enjoy the Little Things

Amidst the chaotic modern life, we often forget to enjoy the little things that surround us. When traveling or on vacation, you should let yourself enjoy the calm and the little things that matter to you.

Traveling gets more enjoyable when you understand the meaning of these little moments. Your time with your loved ones, enjoy the morning bliss, the laughter your kids bring, the nature that surrounds you, and so on.

Once you start enjoying the little things, you will start enjoying your vacation heartily.

small starwberry in hands

Go Offbeat

My husband and I love exploring the offbeat places because it hasn’t been explored much, it is less ruined, less polluted with the tourism influence and let you enjoy the place in tranquillity.

Whatever places we have visited so far, we have tried to visit a few offbeat places. Offbeat places are called offbeat because they aren’t exposed to the public.

Sometimes the locals don’t want to spoil the place; they want to keep it as it is.

The best way to find offbeat places on vacation is to communicate with the locals. If they are comfortable, they might take you to some incredible places where you have never been before.

For example, on our trip to Portland in the USA, we saw several such places that are not exposed to the public eye during our hike to the Crater Lake National Park, and we experienced a magical view.

Till today, it’s been three years, and I haven’t forgotten that magnificent landscape.  

Likewise, wherever you go, try research and find out at least one such location which will remain in your mind forever.

Portland landscape
Photo Credit: Tobias markmeyer (Unsplash)

Travel with the Right Person

Traveling with the right person is one of the key ways to make your vacation more enjoyable. If you travel with the person with whom you are comfortable, you are likely to enjoy more.

For example, I am lucky that my husband is my best travel companion. We do not need anyone to travel because we enjoy the best being with each other.

I am sure you also have someone you consider your best travel partner, your friend, your parents, your brother or sister, your partner, or even your pet dog.

Traveling with friends

Choose the Right Location

To make your vacation more enjoyable and adventurous, choosing the right location at the right time is equally important.

By the right location, before planning your vacation, you can consult with your family or friends where everyone wants to go. If you are traveling solo, it is not an issue as you can go anywhere.

For example, if you plan a vacation with your family and a child, a trip to Munnar will be more enjoyable and comfortable than a trip to Leh.

Because when you are traveling with a child, you will have to consider many things like availability of medicine shops, baby food, etc.

Leh is a high-altitude destination that is incredibly beautiful, but such things are very limited compared to Munnar.

So, you know why ‘choosing the right location is important.

Choose the Right Stay

Imagine the hotel you have chosen online that resulted in a dirty, not secured and shady location.

Will you be comfortable staying the next 2-3 days there?

Even if you are having a great day, you will feel disturbed and not safe when you enter the hotel. It won’t give you a good time.

To make your vacation comfortable and to make the most out of it, you must choose your stay wisely.

There are plenty of online hotel booking sites where you can get a good deal and book a decent resort/hotel/homestay at a destination.


These are my 10 ways to make your vacation more enjoyable with your family. All the above points are based on my experience, and they resulted me the best. I hope they will work for you.

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