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48 Underrated Best Bollywood Movies to Stream Now in 2021

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With the arrival of different streaming platforms in India, Bollywood is getting a shift in producing content and reaching the audience. Almost every week, new movies and series are getting a release on the platforms.

We cannot deny that Bollywood has previously brought several such movies with a concrete storyline, character-driven, and incredible performances.

In this blog post, I will name 48 underrated best Bollywood movies worth watching in 2021; they have also received many accolades for their brilliance.

You will find many of these movies streaming now on different platforms.

48 Underrated Best Bollywood Movies

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year (2009)

I watched this film years ago when Ranbir Kapoor wasn’t a superhero like he is today in Bollywood. Though the film was a flop at the box office, it created a buzz years later for its sheer performance.

It tells the story of a struggling salesman who is trying to understand the salesman’s tactics but failed miserably. But despite his failings, he started his own company and succeeded.

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year -

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Manorama Six Feet Under – 2007

Abhay Deol is an underrated actor in Bollywood. He has hardly done movies that succeeded at the box office and touched the audience.

“Manorama Six Feet Under” is one such underrated best Bollywood movie that many don’t even know. It is a suspense-thriller movie that tells the story of Satyaveer, who starts investigating a case that uncovers several hidden truths.

You must watch this film for the brilliant screenplay.

Manorama: Six Feet Under (2007) - underrated best Bollywood movie

Streaming on Netflix

Dor – 2006

If you are looking for a meaningful and beautiful Indian drama film, watch Nagesh Kukunoor’s directorial film “Dor.” A film that features Gul Panang, Ayesha Takia, and Shreyas Talpade in the lead.

The film depicts the story of two culturally different women who are linked by tragedy and became friends. The two women influenced each other morally and culturally despite having a different traditional background.

The film is an official adaptation of the Malayalam film ‘Perumazhakkalam’ (2004)

Streaming on YouTube

Shahid – 2013

Hansal Mehta’s directorial film “Shahid” is one of the most amazing films I have ever watched. Raj Kumar Rao performed the role of a lawyer and human activist Shahid Azmi, who was assassinated in 2010.

Raj Kumar Rao received the Best Actor award at the 61st National Film Award ceremony for his utter dedicated performance and Hansal Mehta as the Best Director.

Shahid (2012)

Streaming on SonyLiv

Jolly LLB – 2013

Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani leading drama-comedy film ‘Jolly LLB’ revolves around the life of Jagdish Tyagi, played by Arshad Warsi, and his case with Boman Irani, who plays an affluent well-versed lawyer.

This is the first film under the Jolly LLB franchise, which I recommend because it tells a good story with a fun element that brings a smile to your face.

Streaming on Disney+Hotstar

Shaurya – 2008

Have you watched this Bollywood film?

If not, you must watch it. ‘Shaurya’ is a 2008 courtroom Indian drama film loosely based on the Hindi play ‘Court Martial.’ The movie is set in the Kashmir conflict in Jammu & Kashmir, where an Indian army officer shot his superior officer and is under trial.

Both Rahul Bose and Kay Kay Menon have performed exceedingly well.

Streaming on YouTube

Manto – 2018

‘Manto’ is a film based on the life of an Indo-Pakistan writer Saadat Hasan Manto played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Nandita Das directs the movie. It depicts the mental dilemma Manto faced post-partition and his struggle as a writer during that era. The long court trials alleging the obscenity present in his narratives drained him financially and mentally.

Both Rasika Duggal as his wife and Nawazuddin as the titular character has nailed in their performances.

The movie failed to impress a wider audience and was marked as the best underrated Bollywood movie to watch.

Streaming on Netflix

Parched – 2015

‘Parched’ depicts the story of four women residing in a village in Rajasthan. The village people are blinded by the social evils, age-old traditions, patriarchy practices, and rituals that oppress the women.

The four women have different tales and how they fight against the odds is the story of the film.

Streaming on Netflix

Ankhon Dekhi – 2014

Rajat Kapoor’s directorial film “Ankhon Dekhi” is one of the best Bollywood movies on Disney+Hotstar India streaming. Sanjay Mishra, as Bauji, lives an ordinary life with his joint family. The film is very rustic and shows the roots of the Indian slice of life.

There is no glam or show in the film that deviates from the story. It depicts a unique story that has never been told before.

Streaming on DIsney+Hotstar

Death in the Gunj – 2016

Konkona Sen Sharma’s directorial film “Death in the Gunj” is one of the best Bollywood films so far, according to me because for several reasons.

Firstly, each actor stayed true to its character despite having a massive cast and performed with utmost dignity.

Secondly, the screenplay, storyline, and direction of the film are superb.

Thirdly, the balance between every cinematic element. Konkona Sen Sharma as a director is way better than an actor.

Streaming on Amazon Videos India

Waiting – 2015

Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin starring independent Indian drama film ‘Waiting’ is yet another one of the underrated Bollywood films that I would like to recommend watching.

It is a very nice movie that talks about a retired man and a young lady who met at a waiting hospital lobby where they became friends by fate.

Both are waiting because their respective partners are in a coma. The beautiful relationship between the two holds the story together.

Waiting (2015 film)

Streaming on Disney+Hotstar

Ribbon – 2017

Kalki Koechlin and Sumeet Vyas starring in the lead role film “Ribbon,” is yet another truthful and magnificent film to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

The movie depicts a couple who moves to the city, bought a house, and living their middle-class life facing several ups and downs.

It focuses on the urban relationship, how they deal with their unplanned pregnancy, finances and how their life gets more complex when they needed to take care of their baby.

The film shows a very realistic approach to a modern relationship.

Ribbon (2017)

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Margarita with a Straw – 2014

Once again, Kalki Koechlin nailed her performance in the 2014 Shonali Bose’s directorial film “Margarita with a Straw.”

The film received a national film award, also won millions of hearts, and received accolades throughout for the outstanding performance of Kalki Koechlin.

Streaming on Netflix

Ship of Thesus – 2012

People usually look for Hollywood to watch artistic movies. Bollywood has “Ship of Thesus” that comes in that category. The movie definitely is not for the masses.

The movie lets us explore the meaning of life, identity, wisdom and recognized its brilliance.

Streaming on YouTube (paid)

Trapped – 2016

Once again a film that is solely focused on the performance of Raj Kumar Rao. The story depicts the story of a young lad played by Raj Kumar Rao, who got trapped in his high-rise apartment.

Unable to connect with anyone as there is no electricity, water, and food, he fights for survival.

The movie is not that great, but Raj Kumar Rao has proved his metal when it comes to performance.

Streaming on Zee5

Dhanak – 2015

It is a very sweet film about a brother and sister and their sweet rivalry between two superstars. Nagesh Kukunoor directs the movie, and it is a nice feel-good movie to watch.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Aligarh – 2015

Manoj Bajpayee’s starring film “Aligarh” is a classic biographical film directed by Hansal Mehta which you must watch.

The movie is based on a real-life incident where Manoj Bajpayee played the role of Dr. Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras, a professor on whom a sting operation was carried out to determine his sexual identity.

It is a film that will always remain one of the best Bollywood movies ever.

Aligarh (2015)

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Dasvidaniya – 2008

“Dasvidaniya” is a small-budget Bollywood drama film that depicts the life of Amar, played by Vinay Pathak. Amar is a loser who fails miserably in everything. One day he decided to relive his life by pursuing all ten listed aspirations of his.

You should only watch this film for the sheer performance of Vinayak Pathak.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Kaalakaandi – 2018

I don’t particularly appreciate watching Saif Ali Khan’s films except for his performance in ‘Omkara.’ 2017 Indian drama film ‘Kaalakandi’ is a different film to watch.

It is a bit unusual film in approach and story-telling. It is a dark comedy where the character of Saif Ali Khan explores life after he came to know that he is dying.

Kaalakaandi (2018)

Streaming on Disney+Hotstar

Ek Chaalis ki Last Local -2007

You should watch the 2007 Bollywood adventure comedy thriller film ‘Ek Chaalis ki Last Local’ starring Neha Dhupia and Abhay Deol.

I watched this film years ago and really liked the blend of comedy and thriller elements. The story revolves around two people who miss the last local train of 1:40 at Kurla station and how they encounter a series of events together.

Ek Chalis Ki Last Local

Streaming on Disney+Hotstar

Udaan – 2010

With an IMDB rating of 8.2, ‘Udaan’ is one of the best Indian movies to watch on Netflix. The storyline revolves around Rohan, who returns home to his abusive father, played by Ronit Roy, and a half-brother he was unaware of.

Frustrated and struggling to live negatively with his father made him run away to relive his life with his half-brother.

Beyond the storyline, you should watch the film because of the performances.

Streaming on Netflix

Paan Singh Tomar – 2012

It is hard to believe that we can no longer watch new films of the late Irfan Khan. He was such an enigmatic character who has brought a massive change in the acting world in Indian cinema.

“Paan Singh Tomar” is a biographical film starring Irfan Khan in the lead role, and it deserves to be watched in every possible way.

Streaming on Netflix

Sonchiriya – 2019

A very underrated Bollywood movie that got released in the theatres in 2019. Though the film didn’t make a mark in the box office, if you watch and understand, you will appreciate its originality.

Especially after the uncertain demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, people watched the film and appreciated his performance particularly.

Streaming on Zee5

Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota – 2018

Surprisingly, Bollywood has finally brought to us a film that is challenging, discreet, and very different from the rest.

It is Abhimanyu Dasani’s debut film, and he nailed it through his brilliant performance. Like the film title suggests, ‘Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota,’ the story revolves around Surya, who is special because he can’t feel the pain.

The film has some great action sequences to watch.

Streaming now Netflix

Batla House – 2019

John Abraham is recently coming up with mostly patriotic movies; his acting methods remain unchanged over the years, no facial expression and no variations. But his performance in ‘Batla House’ is appreciable.

A film based on the encounter took place at the Batla House in Delhi.

Streaming on Zee5

Mere Pyare Prime Minister – 2018

‘Mere Pyare Prime Minister’ is a sweet film about a little boy’s effort to keep his mother safe when he finds out his mother got raped one night.

A very endearing and touching movie that is currently streaming on Netflix India.

Hamid – 2018

Hamid is one of the best Indian movies to watch; the story revolves around a little boy named Hamid in Kashmir whose father is missing for a long time.

The film focuses on Hamid’s innocence and curiosity about the turmoil of Kashmir and the whereabouts of his missing father.

The movie received the prestigious National Film Award and accolades for its storyline and screenplay.

Hamid (film)

Streaming on Netflix

Section 375 – 2019

I am sure you haven’t watched “Section 375”, which is an Indian courtroom drama film. The film demands your attention; the story revolves around an alleged rape case that is being presented in court, and two lawyers are fighting in favor and against it.

The entire movie shows a detailed courtroom analysis and reality. It is one such brilliant, underrated Bollywood movie that’s never been talked about.

Section 375 (2019) -

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Titli – 2014

Shashank Arora played the titular role ‘Titli,’ who wants to break free from his gangster family and wants to live a peaceful and decent life. But he keeps getting dragged in the mud despite trying hard to escape.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Chittagong – 2012

Set in the 1930s in British Bangladesh, the movie shows the era and the historical war ‘freedom movement.’

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Sulemani Keeda – 2013

It is a comedy film about two struggling writers who misfits in their life. It is a worth watching film that definitely has a class.

(Sulemani Keeda)

Sehar – 2005

Arshad Warsi, starring in the 2005 Indian film “Sehar,” depicts the crime in the states of Uttar Pradesh and how the character of Arshad Warsi as a new SSP handles the crime situation.

It is a really good movie to watch.

Streaming on Zee5

Stanley Ka Dabba – 2011

Amole Gupte’s directorial film “Stanley Ka Dabba” is a feel-good movie that revolves around a small orphan kid Stanley who doesn’t bring tiffin in his school because he has no one to do that. He is a talented and impressive kid whom everybody loves.

The movie shows the innocence and purity of the kid.

Stanley Ka Dabba

Streaming on Disney+Hotstar

Newton – 2017

National Film Award-winning “Newton” is a must-watch film for all. It is the best Bollywood movie ever made with an outstanding performance by all the cast and presented an extraordinary storyline.

Newton is a pathbreaking film in the Indian cinema, which deserves more attention.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Mukkabaaz – 2017

“Mukkabaaz” is yet another very less known film with no marketing or promotion whatsoever. It is a story of an aspiring boxer from a village who gets entangled with an enemy, the boxing federation’s head.

Vineet has given quite a compelling performance but couldn’t grab the attention of the audience. Still a worth watching film.

Streaming on Zee5

Soorma – 2018

If you are looking for a good sport biographical movie, watch “Soorma.” It is a heart-touching film depicting the life story of Indian hockey player Sandeep Singh who had an accidental incident that put his life in danger. He defends himself with willpower is all about the film.

Soorma (film)

Streaming on Netflix

Hichki – 2018

After years Rani Mukherjee came up with a good film named “Hichki,” which follows the story of a woman with Tourette syndrome, how she tackles every social and professional situation with dignity and educates others about the syndrome.

It is a nice film you can watch with your family.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Manjhi – 2015

Nawazuddin Siddiqui performed the titular role “Manjhi,” which is based on a true story. It depicts the story of a poor man whose wife passes away trying to cross a mountain. Out of desperation and pain for his loss, he sets out on a journey to make a road.

It is quite a hurtful film to watch, considering it a real story.

Streaming on Netflix

The Namesake – 2006

I love all the movies of Mira Nair and “The Namesake” is one of them. The film is based on the adaptation of the novel “The Namesake” by Jhumpa Lahiri.

The story revolves around an American Indian son Gogol, an Indian mother who finds it hard to get attach to her roots and the Indian diaspora.

If you have read the novel, you will love the film too.

The novel is a popular one but not the film. It remains an underrated Indian film so far.

The Namesake (film)

Streaming on Disney+Hotstar

Neel batey Sannate – 2015

“Neel Batey Sannate” is a beautiful story about a mother and daughter, showing a bitter-sweet relationship. It is a low-budget film with a concrete storyline, cast, acting, and performances.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Filmistaan – 2012

I watched “Filmistaan” the day before yesterday and found it really underrated. The storyline is very simple, an aspiring actor who is crazy about movies and his love for Indian cinema.

Streaming on SonyLiv

Lipstick Under My Burkha – 2016

“Lipstick Under My Burkha” is an Indian black comedy movie where the story focuses on chronicles of four women’s lives searching for a little respite from society’s shackles.

The movie unapologetically reveals the dirty Indian patriarchy and double standards that torture the women of the society for centuries.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Union Leader – 2017

“Union Leader” is such a movie that shows you the truth about the factory laborers’ life. A place where they are being oppressed, not taken care of, and play with their life.

It’s again a movie that I would like to recommend.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Gone Kesh – 2019

Though movies like “Bala” have gained a lot of attention and made a lot of money, but even before “Bala,” people have missed watching “Gone Kesh.” A movie that tells a similar story with more emotion, sentiments, and originality.

I prefer “Gone Kesh” over the overrated “Bala.”

Gone Kesh

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Barot House – 2019

Barot House is a Bollywood suspense-thriller movie about a family who are caught in the midst of unexpected murder. It has a bit disturbing plot and somewhat scary too.

But for a suspense-thriller, “Barot House” is a worth watching movie.

Streaming on Zee5

Tumbaad – 2018

I don’t know why some people say “Tumbaad” should not be considered the best Bollywood movie. The movie is indeed a pathbreaking Indian cinema. A film that has excelled in its cinematic approach, screenplay, outstanding storytelling, and of course, performance.

It is underrated but the best Indian cinema too.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

Soni – 2018

Netflix original Indian film “Soni” is a thought-provoking and realistic film which shows the life of a police officer named Soni and her experience serving as a young police officer in the crime city Delhi of North India.

Streaming on Netflix

Beyond the Clouds – 2017

Director Majid Majidi’s Indian film “Beyond The Clouds” is about a young lad, Amir, who is running from the police after a raid in their slum for drug dealings. How Amir deals with his troubles and finds happiness in little things is all about the movie.

Beyond the Clouds

Streaming on Netflix


Underrated movies often are the best, and that is why you should watch them. They might not please the mass audience, but they make the best stories which are original.

I will keep updating the list with more such best Bollywood movies.

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