Best Road Trips Around Pune During Monsoon

Monsoon is the best time of the year for road trips around Pune. The place looks fantastic especially when you take a drive along the western ghat region.

If you see in the map of India, you will find Pune situated in the state of Maharashtra, but in and around there are a lot of places to explore. You will find beaches, lakes, and hill stations, all the three.

I have been living in Pune for the past three years, and I have almost gone to all the places which make Pune popular in India. Not only this I have gone to a few offbeat places too which you won’t commonly find on the internet.

Monsoon has entered in this region and has made it look greener than before. The ghat areas undoubtedly, receive more rainfall, and that is when driving makes it more fun and exciting.

There are countless places in and around which you can add on your list of ‘monsoon road drives.’

Each year going to these places feels like a repetition now, but still, it gives me immense happiness and great joy to drive these curvy roads amidst the greenery and mist.

So, plenty has been written on places to visit around Pune during monsoon.

I am not going to repeat that, but these are the road trips that I enjoy each year during monsoon in Pune.


As you all know that Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar both are two gorgeous hill stations in Maharashtra. From Pune, it is around 100 km, and it turns into a small paradise during monsoon.

You can start early in the day time, as the highway will be less crowded and more comfortable for you to drive. Once you enter Wai, the road scenery gets different, more scenic you can say when you go upward.

Panchgani is a smaller hill station as compared to Mahabaleshwar. There are a lot of waterfalls you will find on your way to drive.

Although if it rains too much, you won’t be able to enjoy the farthest view from the hills as it remains very cloudy. But still, if you love to drive/road trips, a drive amidst the mist will embrace your heart with joy.

People from around the state and city come here to spend their weekend mostly.

Don’t forget to stop at the Mapro Graden. You will get all sorts of jams, jelly, toppings, and syrup. They, in fact, manufacture all kinds of strawberry delights in great amount.

Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar is one of the best monsoon destinations in India also.

Malshej Ghat

My next favorite road trips around Pune during monsoon is Malshej Ghat.

It takes approximately 3 hours to reach from Pune city. Malshej Ghat is located precisely in the Western Ghats range, and July to September is the best time of the year to visit this place.

Malshej ghat is no exception to receive massive rainfall in June- July- August with allowing you to see numerous stunning waterfalls that are worth taking photographs of.

The Malshej region is said to be the home of different species of flora and fauna, especially monkeys and cuckoos, are the two most commonly seen animals around this place.

The road drive of which I am supposed to talk is gorgeous and magical. The experience can’t be express in words, you better have to try this.

So, if you are new in Pune and wondering where to go this monsoon, you better be going to Malshej Ghat in car/ bike.

Photo of Malshej Ghat, Pune
Photo Credit: Paulomi Dutta (me)


You must have heard of Lavasa – ‘a small planned hill station in Maharashtra.’

If you are preferably staying near Hinjewadi of Pune, then Lavasa is the shortest and one of the best road drives in Pune during monsoon days.

Although the road to Pirungut isn’t good once you cross Pirungut, the wide and smooth road leads you to Lavasa.

The road drive is scenic and pleasant with corn and tea stalls at every corner of the road. The combination is excellent a cup of hot tea while it rains and cool breeze makes you feel cold.

I love going Lavasa on a Sunday afternoon during monsoon days. It feels great.

Even if you don’t want to enter Lavasa, just the drive will make your day too.

Lavasa road trip during monsoon
On my way to Lavasa

Varandha Ghat

I have been once to this pristine place around Pune during monsoon. It is a one-day trip. If you plan for Varandha Ghat, set your journey early.

The road condition isn’t good, so you might not have a very smooth journey, but the surroundings are eye-pleasing. Waterfalls and lush greenery is what your eyes will see wherever you turn your head to.

If you are going to Varandha Ghat, go in groups for safety concern. You won’t get any mobile network, make sure you have offline navigation downloaded and make your return to the city before it gets dark.

Amboli Ghat

Amboli is a small hilly town situated in a quiet place, far from the city. The Amboli ghat receives a rush of tourists mainly during the monsoon for its picturesque scenic natural beauty. The narrow ghat roads will lead you to many attractions like local temples, waterfalls, and streams.

It is around 7-7.5 hours of drive and Goa is not very far from Amboli Ghat. When I went to Goa last year, I drove through the Amboli ghat, and because it was during monsoon, the trip was worth remembering.

Road drive to Amboli Ghat around Pune
On my way to Amboli Ghat

Tamhini Ghat

My next favorite monsoon road drives around Pune is Tamhini Ghat.

The ghat road is one of the best around Pune for it unconventional scenic beauty during monsoon. Waterfalls all around, green valleys, the curvy roads feels impressive when it rains.

Although my last experience to Tamhini ghat wasn’t very pleasing as the road was in bad condition which left our journey bumpy. It took hours to reach the ghat road.

Tamhini Ghat during monsoon around Pune
Tamhini Ghat


The Matheran road trip is a nice one during monsoon around Pune. You can go through passing Lonavala, you can have your lunch here. There are pretty much amazing restaurants in Lonavala that you can try.

Also, Lonavala looks extremely beautiful in monsoon, but it remains too much crowded. So, I choose Matheran over Lonavala.

When I went to Matheran, it took me around 3.5 hours to reach as we gave halt a few times. It is a beautiful small hill station which also has a toy train service, but it is not in operations for the past few months as far as I know.

You can drive all way but try to reach early if you don’t want to waste your time in searching for parking.

Carry raincoat and umbrella with you because you are going to get nonstop rain during monsoon.


Pune to Goa

One can go to Goa at any season of the year, but one will definitely prefer less to go during monsoon.

From Pune to Goa, it took us around 11 hours of the drive with a halt for breakfast and lunch, and we made it during the last monsoon. Till the highway ends, it was a very smooth journey, but once we enter the Chorla Ghat, the experience was epic.

Driving through the ghat always gives a fantastic experience during the monsoon.

Chorla Ghat road drive during monsoon
During a halt on the Chorla Ghat

Madhe Ghat

Most of the people don’t know about Madhe ghat. So, it is less crowded (which is good) and can say is an offbeat destination around Pune to go during monsoon.

If you want to visit this pristine beauty, you can drive via Khadakwasla – Panshet – Velhe – Purandar to reach Madhe Ghat. There are quite a few routes actually from Pune city which will connect the Panshet-Velhe road.

It is a pretty amazing place to spend a few hours staring at the unspoiled view and the stunning waterfall. In, fact, if you love road trips this could be quite adventurous and amazing too.

While driving, you will come across beautiful scenic farms on both sides of the roads, valleys which are greener during monsoon.

I have been to this place a few days back and I was completely in awe of this place.

Collage pictures of Madhe Ghat around Pune
Photo Credit: By Paulomi Dutta (that’s me)


Pune has a great many places around it to go for a drive. The above few are my list of favorites, especially during the monsoon and if you are new in Pune and venturing where should you start with.

Definitely, above are the best road trips around Pune during monsoon.

If you have been to any other places that I haven’t mentioned it here in the list, feel free to tell me that I shall add them to the list too.

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