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Why Should You Watch Emraan Hashmi’s Film ‘TIGERS’?

Did you watch Danis Tanovic’s directorial movie ‘TIGERS’?

Did you watch the trailer?

Many of you haven’t even heard of the name. Tanovic whose movie ‘No Man’s Land’ won the most prestigious award Oscar in 2002, has once again shown his directorial skill through this movie, he faced too much resistance in making this film, which is why the film took hell lot of time to release.

The story of this film is based on a real incident – a small Pakistani Salesman who fought against a big baby food company, when he came to know, their products are killing thousands of underprivileged babies. He went against the odds and threats, by standing for what is right.

Emraan Hashmi played the salesman in the film and actors like Geetanjali Thapa, Supriya Pathak, Vinod Nagpal played the supporting roles.

I watched the film two days ago on Zee5 channel, and after watching, I found the movie has a very solid idealistic approach. As the story revolves around the salesman, actor Emraan Hashmi covers the maximum time of the screen. Surprisingly, he has done a great job and did justice to the character.

The film did connect the audience with its real and emotional scenes. All the scenes of the babies suffering in the hospital, the troubled condition of the deprived mothers and their babies make us numb thinking on how these giant companies play with the life of babies and sleep at peace.

Are money and power everything? Has humanity died? How can doctors be a part of this cruel reality?

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All these questions erupted out of my mind while watching ‘TIGERS.’ The film has been directed in a documentary style, and the journey of Ayan, the salesman, his ups and down has been showed exceptionally well. The narrative did evoke anguish, sorrow, and pain.

The story is essential and should be watched by the millions, but it didn’t get too much commercial exposure even a whistle-blower story like causes legal problems.

Cinema has always been a platform for a change, but if a script like this so potent couldn’t reach the maximum audience, it won’t bring the change.

I won’t say, the movie was flawless, but it did mean well, tried to convey a message worldwide.

The director could have brought the best through actors like Geetanjali Thapa, Supriya Pathak and more. They were less utilized.

Despite all the brilliant performances, story and screenplay, the movie is commercially a failure but is a critically-acclaimed movie.

Bollywood Industry should start appreciating and promoting movies like this.

If you want to watch ‘TIGERS,’ you will get it on Zee5 channel. You need to take a subscription, and you can also enjoy watching other new and good content of movies and Zee5 ‘originals too.

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