Why should you take a Road drive to Goa from Pune during Monsoon?

When we planned to go to ‘Goa’ on a road trip during the monsoon, a few of our friends suggested that it will be a disaster. I wasn’t sure whether to continue with our plan or not. What if it rained so much that it ruined our entire four days trip? After giving a deep thought, I told my husband to drop the plan. But my husband without my knowledge had already booked a resort near the Candolim beach in North Goa. And the charges weren’t refundable of course. So, we had to move ahead and planned accordingly.

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We love road trips. Ever since we came back from the USA, we got addicted to road drives. The experience is entirely different from that of going on a trip via flights.

If you live in Pune, I would suggest you go by road when planning your long weekend trip to Goa. It is incredibly a fantastic drive. There are a lot of overnight bus services available from Pune city to Goa costing 2500-3500 rupees approximately per person which is fair enough.

But if you enjoy driving, you can also hire a rental car even if you don’t own a car. There are plenty of options available now where you can rent a car like Zoomcar, Myles, MyChoice, DriveZy etc.

I am excited to tell you all why should you too take a road trip to Goa during monsoon.

  • Offbeat season traveling

Monsoon isn’t an ideal time to visit Goa but we still chose to go because we knew the driving through the ghat (pass) areas will be breathtaking.

During monsoon, the ghat roads look attractive with lush green and wildflowers. The wet roads and numerous waterfalls make your drive worth a visit and drive. But you will get heavy rain at the altitude which makes your driving more challenging.

I must admit that it was raining in Goa for those four days, but because we had our car, it wasn’t an issue for us. We opted not to spend much time in the beaches instead we explored and drove through the less traveled village roads and other exciting places that even a guide won’t tell.Snapseed


Note: You have to be extra cautious while driving. You mustn’t get distracted by the allure of nature.

  • Good road conditions

With the distance of almost 500kms, from Pune to Goa that we covered in one day took us around 10-11 hours of the drive with halts for lunch and refreshments. There were some detours till Satara due to road constructions. As we left at 4:30 am in the morning we didn’t get much traffic throughout. We were very pleased with our journey to Goa.

We enjoyed driving the most on our way to Goa especially from Kolhapur to Belgaum NH4 (Maharashtra – Karnataka border), and the entire Chorla ghat was breathtaking. There was no traffic at all. We drove smooth like butter.

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But while returning, we chose to come by NH66 via Amboli ghat and then NH4. The drive was splendid, but we faced terrible road conditions before touching the ghat roads which was irritating for us.

  • Chorla and Amboli ghat during monsoon is astonishing

Yes, one great positive factor driving during the monsoon is you can enjoy the view and pleasant cooler climate of the ghat areas. There are several ghat areas around Pune which are great for a drive. But Pune to Goa road drive is strikingly beautiful. You can drive through both the Chorla and the Amboli ghats. People generally plan for a road drive to Goa to enjoy the beauty of nature which gets enhance during the monsoon.

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Goa isn’t very far from Pune. So, plan for a long weekend trip and hop into your car. I encourage my friends to go for a road drive if possible with your family. I think it is economical and more adventurous but requires a bit of researching about the routes and everything. It is best to either follow the navigation or download the route map to make it a hassle-free trip.

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If you want to know about the details of the routes and planning that we did on the trip. I welcome you to ask me anything you want to know. I will be happy to help you.

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