15 Reasons Why ‘Friends’ Is Still the Best Sitcom Ever

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Why ‘Friends’ is Still the Best Sitcom Ever?

Tell me honestly, how many of you still enjoy watching ‘Friends’ in 2019?

It always feels excellent watching a TV show of the 90s’ every evening relaxing on the sofa with a cup of coffee in hand.

‘Friends’ have changed the typical sitcom format, a makeshift towards something new. It was a massive hit then and still it continues to dominate the Television industry.

Netflix has paid $118 million to stream the show. We all know Netflix has several thousands of TV shows, but still, it chose to stream ‘FRIENDS.’

I wouldn’t mind watching friends all over again, and the show has such captivating power over its audience.

It has a successful ten years of running and continues to earn in the present. With each passing year, Friends is finding a whole new generation that loves watching the show.

The show has millions of audiences.

Now, all comes to one question, why is it still the best sitcom?

So, here is my theory.

Great chemistry between all the actors in ‘Friends’

All six actors shared great on-screen chemistry. Ten years is a long, and each actor has given a portion of their life in ‘Friends.’

It’s common that they have shared experiences, friendship, families, heartbreaks everything together. Each connected through their bond so strong that it made us felt like we should have friends like them in our life too.

I am only talking about their on-screen chemistry. We all know how their relationship has gone to bitter behind the camera.

GIF of American sitcom 'Friends'

Storyline Never Gets Old

The storyline of ‘Friends’ is evergreen. No matter how many times you watch, it will never bore you. You can say it’s a timeless show.

The story of six normal friends, their practical issues with families, workplace, love. How they are dealing with their problems and how each support one another which defines their bonding.

Even though the show is set on the 90s’ but still you can connect with them.

GIF image of Friends TV Show

Friendship is above all

We all have a few friends whom we say ‘friends for life.’

None had ever thought, a TV show based on the theme of friendship will be a megahit during the 90s’.

It reflects the bonding between Chandler and Joey, Phoebe with Monica and Rachel, Ross with Chandler and Joey.  All with different background living in the New York city with each other’s emotional and moral support.

The title of the show justifies each story and its theme.

GIF image of Phoebe and Rachel

Phoebe Buffay

Many loved Phoebe Buffay more than any other character. Lisa Kudrow bagged the Emmy Award for her outstanding performance as Phoebe Buffay.

Her character gained love and appreciation worldwide. Even now, people love watching her singing “smelly cat.”

GIF image of Phoebe singing Smelly Cat

I love Phoebe Buffay for her idiotic lines, her songs, her sarcasm, and her kindness. She is the one who always speaks the inner truth in the funniest way possible. Her believe in the spiritual entity, her code of fashion, her compassion gives her an individuality in the show.

For me, Phoebe Buffay is one of the reasons why I binge the show even in 2019.

Gif of Phoebe Buffay

Each Episode Has a Joke of the day

The jokes and sarcasm of the megahit TV show ‘Friends,’ never gets stale. Most of the hilarious jokes were either from Joey or from Chandler.

Though, from the later seasons, it was astonishingly Ross Geller who could make us laugh and giggle at almost each of his dialogues and expressions.

You will get tons of GIF on jokes of ‘Friends.’

GIF Image of Joey

Romantic Drama of Ross and Rachel

Ross and Rachel spent only a few episodes as couples, but their relationship story is lovable to us (the audience).

Throughout the show, it is perhaps their relationship that has lots of ups and downs, tears and fights, but still, we love to see Ross and Rachel together, and it was satisfying when they both understood their love at the end of the last season and reunited.

GIF Image of Ross and Rachel

Central Perk

80% of the show has been shot at the ‘Central Perk’ – the coffee shop which is pretty much the hangout place of the six friends.

Americans love coffee and chat, so does these friends. They laugh, share, made fun of each other, sing and enjoy sitting on that particular sofa.

‘Central Perk’ has played a vital role in the show. From the very first episode, till the last, they have spent ten years of their life hanging out in that coffee shop. ‘

Central Perk’ was the place where the show introduced Rachel with others.

GIF of Central Perk image

As per the reports, the ‘Central Perk’ coffee shop is a real shop at 199 Lafayette Street in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood.

Hilarious Chemistry Between Chandler and Joey

Their bromance was fun to see in each episode. They literally acted flawlessly.

Joey with his stupidity is yet loving, and Chandler with his witty sarcasm captured our heart and gained worldwide popularity for years.

GIF of Joey And Chandler

They cracked hilarious jokes together, they were inseparable, took their bonding seriously when Joey kissed Chandler, their lame brotherly romance act together is all fun.

There were also good moments like Chandler’s generosity for staying on Joey’s side always at his struggle in an acting career, his attempt to always leg pull Joey makes us love this show.

Even though Ross and Chandler were old buddies since their college days, but it was Joey with whom Chandler shared most of his time and can connect easily.

GIF Image of Chandler and Joey

Potential of Each Character

The makers of Friends gave each actor enough screen space to act and showcase their ability and talent. Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer all played their fictitious character perfectly well.

The creator of this show has given each actor and character equal importance throughout the ten seasons.

GIF Image of 'FRIENDS' Cast

Great Comic Timing

The comic timing in ‘Friends’ is superb. They enhanced comic and humor through each character and at every given situation.

I found the comic timing of Ross was way more sporadic but unique. He was the man child of the group apart from Joey but he a genius too. His comic strength was his voice and weird facial expressions.

For Joey, the entire show has focused him as the stupid yet loving, hysterical yet handsome young man who always had a point but its Joey so you have to understand in his way.

GIF Image of Joey

The quotes

Some quotes are just hysterical and funny enough to make you love the show. Not were just the jokes, but the one-liner were mostly amazingly amusing.

GIF of 'Friends'

Great supporting actors

Numerous supporting actors have made their appearance quite a few times.

There were Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Charlie Sheen, Ben Stiller, Bruce Willis, and several others.

GIF Image of Brad Pitt in FRIENDS

Among all of them, it is Maggie Wheeler who played Janice, Chandler’s love interest is my favorite. Her “OH My GOD” is quite popular and why shouldn’t it be. She had made her appearance at almost 19 episodes.

GIF of Janice from Friends

The Whiny Ross

There are moments in the show where we loved Ross more than anything.

Remember Ross’s leather pants episode?

It’s one of the funniest moments in the Friends TV show. There are plenty like the “Pivot” scene, one with the tan situation, the sandwich scenes.

GIF Image of Ross in FRIENDS

There are so many, it just an idea popped out of my lazy brain that I can come up with all the funny quotes or scenes of only Ross.  I have to brush up all the episodes once again for that.

So, as you can see, our paleontologist Ross was quite an enigmatic and comic character.

GIF of Ross

Of course, it’s relatable

Six same age group ordinary people, struggling with their daily issues in terms of job, career, relationships, friendship, just trying to figure out the solutions, is super relatable.

 It’s the adult life living in a city with friends, we all had or have been in that situation of our life. The show exactly gives us that realistic feel.

90s’ Fashion

90s’ fashion was revolutionary and trendy. Friends did feature a great style.

Rachel, wearing amazing office trouser suits, Phoebe’s boots, and long maxi dress. How can I not mention checked shirts and oversized knitwear?

GIF IMage of Rachel Green from FRIENDS

I love them. I have a lot in my wardrobe.

So, those who are fashion fanatics can relate significantly.



There may be plenty of other reasons for loving Friends all over again, but I end my theory with these 15 reasons.

Friends have a great influence on the television industry. Its creators and production house are still making massive money from digital platforms.

[To all my Indian friends, if you haven’t yet watched this fantastic TV show do watch it on Netflix and Hotstar. It is streaming there now].

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