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Why Daenerys Targaryen doesn’t deserve to die in Games of Throne Season 8

Do you think Daenerys Targaryen deserve to die in the end?

A show like Games of Throne is a mass entertainer. It took years to build each character to shape the story. From season 1, I have seen each character to grow and their transformation.

 daenerys targaryen of Games of Throne

We all have been waiting eagerly for season 8 to come. More because it is the end of one of the most popular and epic TV series.

I have been reading quite a lot of articles on GOT season 8 ending. Also, the reactions of millions of fans who have expressed their emotions and opinions through different social media platforms about how it ended.

I have expressed my belief and opinion also. You can read my review on the ending of Games of Throne Season 8.

Whatever I will share it is purely my theory as a fan that I thought of sharing with you all in this article.

My Theory:

I am totally not okay with the way the show has decided to end the life of Dany.

I haven’t read the book, so I don’t know anything about what has been written. But my judgment is purely based on what I have seen.

Daenerys is shown as a symbol of ‘feminine power’ and her will to survive against all the odds.

In a world where women are treated as a mere object, she was the only one who outmaneuvered her enemies and controlled the male entity. She indeed is a heroic figure in the series.

She is a female character who lived her life by a code of justice, freeing the slaves, and punished the slavers.

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The creator could have kept her heroic until the end without bringing her down and crushed her.

We have seen her character to grow strong and powerful from nothing.

Daenerys Targaryen who grew up with her abusive brother in exile in a foreign land. She was merely a naïve puppet who was being mishandled by the men.

She was sold to a Dothraki man, whom she eventually loved and named Khaleesi. After their short love story and after the demise of her husband, many tried to take advantage of her.

But she overcame every other hurdle and soon became the leader of the Dothraki clan and the Unsullied.

Her sole motive was to achieve the Iron Throne, which was her birthright.

She grew more potent after she named the “Breaker of Chains” and “Mother of Dragons.” These names were given to her for a reason.

 Daenerys Targaryen with dragon

On her journey to achieve the Iron Throne, she came across many people and among them was Jon Snow, with whom she fell in love with.

They made the perfect couple until the shocking secret came up that Danny is Jon’s ‘aunt.’

Well, a perfect couple turned into an imperfect one very soon.

The truth of Jon Snow changed the equation of their relationship, which hugely impacted Daenerys.

Soon, just in a span of two episodes, our beloved Daenerys went through some significant emotional crisis. She lost her two dragons, her closest adviser and friend, Ser Jorah Mormont and Missandei.

It was so heartbreaking for her, of course.

It is always quite clear about Danny’s character that she wants her home back and wanted to be always loved.

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When she came to Winterfell to help Jon from the Night Deads. She was uncomfortable when watching Jon being embraced by others.

On the other hand, she wasn’t feeling welcome among the northerners.

Her character transformation from a hero to a mad queen has been caused because of her isolation and anguish.

Her state of emotional and mental imbalance, which is normal in her given situation, but that’s where the creator could have made a difference by allowing the presence of Jon’s life in Danny’s.

He could have made her understand. He could have given her his continuous emotional support instead of just leaving her alone and abandoned emotionally in the foreign land.

I think the decision of the creator to show Danny as a villain was an intentional approach. The show rushed too fast to the conclusion.

I accept burning a whole city was a wrong deed. But there were ways and scopes when Jon Snow and her so-called wise adviser Tyrion Lannister could have helped her to stop.

She had chosen a bad adviser. Ever since she had Tyrion Lannister as her ‘Hand,’ he caused several disasters to her. He couldn’t make a single successful mission.

Tyrion and Varys both were her advisers, but both called her paranoid the moment she needed them the most. She lost her faith in them long back.

I hated when Varys was whispering to Tyrion and Jon about his queen being paranoid. He maybe was terrified of her and her dragon, but his actions prove his disloyalty towards her.

Tyrion and Jon Snow knew what she was going through. I felt after watching the last few episodes of the season that both of them left Danny alone to deal with her situations.

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As a result, hatred and anger overpowered her kind soul and let her dragon burn the city and the innocents.

Also, when it was declared that Daenerys has become the mad queen just like King Aerys, the show turned Jon Snow into a murdering weapon.

He walked up to Danny, and the solution was to kill her?

The storyline of the last four episodes was framed against Daenerys. It was quite clear that she will be killed in the end but shockingly by Jon Snow, whom she trusted the most.

It is hard to accept how a team of world-class writers bring the show to such an end.

The creators, after all, did glorify the male entity by shunning the female.


This is entirely my theory. So just enjoy reading and do share with us your opinion about the end season of GOT.

Thank you all.

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