What Makes Netflix’s ‘Bird Box’ so unavoidable? 1
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What Makes Netflix’s ‘Bird Box’ so unavoidable?

I guess everyone has watched Sandra Bullock’s Netflix Original thriller movie, ‘Bird Box.’ Netflix has confirmed that ‘Bird Box’ has given them a record-breaking more than 45 million views, which is incredible.

What Makes Netflix’s ‘Bird Box’ so unavoidable? 2

Did Netflix create an epic movie of all time?

Because 45 million is an impressive figure.

I know you will agree with me saying that there are several other better movies in Netflix which can beat ‘Bird Box‘ easily. Now the question arises, why this movie is so unavoidable and why it has hooked up everyone to watch?

I have come up with a few reasons which will justify the above ‘question.’

The Suspenseful Trailer

When I watched the trailer of Netflix’s ‘Bird Box’ – I won’t lie it gave me goosebumps. The trailer was enough to keep our mind go nutty in suspense. I was waiting for the movie to come out. So, it came out, and I watched it at night on 31st December, the last day of 2018.

My reaction?

I liked the concept of the movie ‘a post-apocalyptic thriller movie’ based on the novel of the same name. Although those who have read the story, they figured that the ending of the movie and the book are different.

I haven’t read the book, but a friend of mine did and told me about it (Spoiler alert).

The suspenseful and nerve-shredding performance of Sandra Bullock is worth watching the movie. The trailer of ‘Bird Box’ is so gripping that most of the people couldn’t avoid watching it, to know more about the movie plot.

Watch the trailer

Watch Only for Sandra Bullock

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The Oscar winner Sandra Bullock is perhaps the only reason why viewers keep watching it. She is a fantastic actress, and her brilliant performance has made the movie a must see for all.  Bullock plays the character Mallory who is pregnant and is a survivor. The movie shows in two timelines ‘past and present’. The past showing her how she survived along with the others (John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, Jackie Weaver, and Trevante Rhodes), the invisible creature, everyone dying, and how Mallory survived with her two kids whom she called as ‘boy and girl.’

In the very first scene we see, she is running with her two kids trying to keep them safe and telling them

 “Don’t take off your blindfolds under no circumstances.”

That makes sense.

Invisible Creature

The movie has preferred to keep the image of the monster creature a secret.

Why? Even I don’t know.

Maybe it is a ‘secret sauce’ to create more and more curiosity among the viewers.

The monster preys on people’s senses – in the ‘Bird Box‘ it is ‘sight.’ The moment you will look it will make you do suicidal. That’s why blindfold is a crucial element to survive.

Viewers want to know ‘how the creature looks like.’ But I found it interesting that the monster of this movie is more psychological than visual. The film has refrained us from showing the ugly faced monstrous creature and concentrated more on creating an intense, horrifying environment.

Choosing to not showing the monster, keeping it invisible is a mystery, and I love mysteries. Viewers will keep thinking and imagining how the creature may look like, how big it is, is it an alien or an animal. Questions continue to come up in our mind. That’s what the makers of the movie wanted, I guess.

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A Controversial Comparison Between “A Quiet Place” and “Bird Box”

Have you seen “A Quiet Place”?

If you have you know what I am going to say.

Controversy is always good for a movie. It gives a film more attention than it needed.

There are a few similarities between both the movie –

  • Both are post-apocalyptic horror films
  • Both have monsters that prey on people’s senses.
  • The plot in both the movies is almost the same.

Although Netflix denies the fact of similarities in both the movies but we viewers know the truth.

In the closing, I would say above are the reasons according to me, that makes this movie worthy of a watch and attracted 45 million viewers. I wouldn’t say ‘Bird Box’ is the best but not the worst either.

Please note: There is no intention to promote Netflix.

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