Signs of Cheating You Should Know 

Do you want to know the signs of cheating, so that you can track early on? Do you doubt your partner is cheating and you want to confirm first by looking into the signs?

1. They are suddenly unreachable

2. Emotional Distant When someone starts seeking emotional fulfillment outside of their relationship, they may inadvertently become emotionally distant from their current partner.

They don't get intimate  When your once passionate nights turn into distant encounters or when moments of tenderness become scarce, it's natural to wonder what's going on with your partner.  

Their phone habits change   Your partner's smartphone has transformed into an impenetrable fortress, guarded with passwords and if you touch them, they become nervous. They behave differently with their phone. They go out to talk over the phone.

There is an Increased Secrecy  your partner spending more time on their phone,  they're suddenly overprotective of their personal space, locking doors and denying access to areas previously shared 

Change in Communication Patterns  they have become more guarded with their words, they do not want to get involve in healthy discussions much.

Change in Routine Your partner suddenly begins staying late at the office more frequently. Enjoys less being with you and always make some excuses to be not with you. Either they prefer to be alone with their phone, or going out to without you of course.