Relationship Advice for Teenage Girls

Setting boundaries helps balance a relationship.  Before you slip into a serious relationship, it is important that you communicate your boundaries clearly to you, partner.

Date someone who is like your age. Two reasons why  -  1. Will have common experiences and interests. 2.  will have an easy understanding and comfort level.

Be patient with yourself. you should always date or being in a relationship when you are ready.

Have the complete knowledge about how to safely involve yourself in getting physical, what are the consequences if done wrongly.  No Physical Intimacy

Stay Away from Dating Toxic PeopleKeep your relationship private and off from the social media. It will keep your relationship away from unnecessary attention. .

Always remember gratitude is a powerful emotion that can strengthen your relationship. Be original. Let them know your good and bad personalities. Let them accept you for who you are.

Protect Yourself. have a strong self-awareness of their identity, rights and should know how to protect themselves in relationship.

Heartbreaks in a relationship are inevitable. For teen girls, boys, adult, heartbreaks in love give the worst feeling.

Never Ignore Your Studies for Dating.  Stop trying to make your partner happy all the time. Think about yourself first.

Be mature enough to understand why you are being rejected. Gracefully accept and move on.

Thank you  for reading