How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex

When you are involved with a person romantically for a long time and breaks up, it takes a toll on you emotionally. It is painful, when you are continuously drifting back to your ex in your thoughts. 

Keeping No Contact & No Stalking is an Effective way of preventing yourself from being reminded of them

The quickest way to let go of your ex is by getting rid of their belongings immediately.

Remind Yourself Why You Broke Up to Get Past Your Last Relationship

When you are emotionally fragile, you need someone trustworthy to talk and share your feelings.  Burst out your emotions and feel better.

When you are not happy with your life, it is easy to blame your current status on your ex. find something meaningful and fulfilling for yourself outside of the relationship to feel confident

Traveling brings a change and a great way to deal with breakups

Writing helps you release your deeper thoughts that are bothering you. Penning down emotions is a great way to deal with breakups