Best Teen Shows on Netflix

An American coming-of-age comedy series that focuses on an Indian origin teen girl Devi.  The series center around her freshman year, where she tries to cope with her grief of losing her father.  Her confusion about her Indian identity, her American lifestyle, struggling relationship with her mother, and school life.

Greenhouse Academy

The story takes place in an elite private boarding school in Southern California, where siblings Hayley and Alex enroll in the Greenhouse Academy after the demise of their mother. The two siblings turn into rivals  after a suspenseful course of events.

Free Rein

British television teen drama follows a 15-year-old teen girl named Zoe from Los Angeles ,comes to her grandfather's house on an island off the coast of England. On the island, she met and found a connection with a wild horse named Raven.

Stranger Things

Netflix's original is a sci-fi show about strange things started happening in Hawkins. Monsters and superpower a deadly combination makes the show a brilliant one to watch.

An autistic teen, Sam trying to fit into the real world, searching for his love and independence. It is a show about how a family deals when their kid is autistic, how the outside world reacts.

The story is set in Derry, in Northern Ireland in the 90s', where Erin and her friends attend a catholic girl school. The girls and Erin's family hates the fact that Derry is still under the British, and there are British Army checkpoints everywhere

The series of 7 seasons follows the lives of four teenage girls – Aria, Spenser, Hanna, and Emily. Four friends, each having their darkest secrets that get disclose unexpectedly.

Teenage Bounty Hunters

The story follows the lives of twin sisters Sterling and Blair at high school and their adventurous part-time job as bounty hunters.

Netflix Original series ‘Cobra kai’ is the sequel of the original ‘The Karate Kid.’ is the continuation of the rivalry between Jonny and Daniel after thirty-four years.