The ten-episode web series has given not only a detailed life sketch of Harshad Mehta rather represented the dirty politics, the role of journalism, and government officials' callousness on the verge of the country’s momentous change.

Sacred Games is one of the first best Indian best web series to watch. it is complex, dark and has a layered story for each character.

Based on the real-life one of the most gruesome gangrape incident happened in Delhi on December 2012.  The series has also mocked the inefficiency and callous attitude of the Delhi male police department.  

A beautiful, fresh, nostalgic, web series that will take you to your good old teen days.  A story about a family that we all could easily resemble, especially kids of the 90s. The theme of the series is ‘importance of family, mother, father, and the relationship that siblings share.’

An engaging web series which tells a realistic story of how the IIT coaching schools in Kota is a business and how millions of IIT aspirants are running to Kota to fulfill their and mostly their parents’ dream.  

The entire web series is revolved around the life of Aarya after her husband’s demise how she carries herself circling with threats and distrust of her people. Sushmita Sen brings grace and sophistication to the character of Aarya.


The story is carved beautifully about two adults who are in love and how the two evolve under various silly yet life-changing circumstances. 

Asur is one of the best crime-thriller Indian web series that will spook you enough with violent deaths, suspense, intensity in story-telling and a calculative use of Indian mythology in the narrative. 

Based on the real incident in Punjab after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The story is divided into two parts – present and past, which link the story together. The plot presents a sensitive story of the past with a touch of a sweet love story.

The narrative and cinematography both are superb. 'The Family Man' is capable of keeping you hold till the end. There are not much action sequences involved like any other spy movies. But Manoj Bajpai kills with his dialogues itself.

Dhruv and Kavya who are in a live-in relationship, amidst various problems of life they are trying to find happiness in little things.  The series narrates through them that how happiness can be found in little things.