13 Best Web Series with Family I Would Love to Watch

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I love watching web series, and with so many web series available on different streaming platforms, now I keep searching for the best and share with you here.

There comes a time when we can not watch some web series in front of our kids or parents. Most of the web series contains intimate scene and violence, which isn’t appropriate for a kid or parents to watch. Alone you can watch anything and everything.

My parents are coming to my place in March, and they will going to stay for a longer time. I have subscriptions to several streaming platforms that are available in India. So, I thought which are those web series that I can watch with my parents.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, I thought you might face a similar issue of what to watch or what not to when you have parents coming at home, or you have kids at home.

In this blog post, I will share all those best web series with family to watch.

Best Web Series with Family to watch


TVF’s ‘Panchayat’ is one of the best web series I enjoyed watching in 2020 during the lockdown. It is a clean, story-oriented, and character-driven web series that tells the story of a man who got a job in a village to administer the panchayat office.

The plot revolves around the life of that village people, their mindset, their belief, and how the protagonist manages to stay amidst them.

It is a beautiful web series to watch with family.

Jitendra Kumar and all the other supporting casts have performed with such determination and care that you will certainly love them for their performances.

 Panchayat - web series with family


My husband and I enjoyed watching “Gullak” on Sony Liv a couple of weeks ago, and I can say that there is no other better Indian web series with family to watch.

Both the seasons of “Gullak” represent the average life of an Indian middle-class family. The story revolves around the family of Mishraji, his wife, and their two grown-up sons.

Each episode shows the family of four engage themselves in petty fights, arguments, and faces daily middle-class troubles. But above all, there is love and care for each other that binds and unites the family.

“Gullak” defines what family means. While watching it reminds of how I used to save coins in my piggy bank as a child. My mother used to scold me for every silly wrong while cooking me my favorite food for dinner.

Overall, the web series is exactly meant to watch with parents, even with teenage kids.


Yeh Meri Family

I have watched TVF’s “Yeh Meri Family” twice, and I totally love the web series for its concept of family and childhood. The series resembles every 90s’ kid who has grown up living with the siblings during the summer vacation at home, committing petty nuances.

The web series has an IMDB rating of 9.1, and unless you watch it, you won’t understand why it is the best Indian web series to watch with family.

The story revolves around middle child Harshu and how he spent his summer vacation with his family, friend, siblings and met with his first crush.

The 7 episodes of “Yeh Meri Family” are engaging, story-oriented, and satisfying to watch.

 yeh meri family

The Middle

“The Middle” is a very underrated American sitcom that is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. When it comes to American sitcoms, we always recommend popular shows like “Friends,” “Office.”

I recommend watching “The Middle” with family because the concept of the show is about parenting.

How two middle-aged and middle-class parents Mike and Frances Heck, resides in the small town of Orson, Indiana, manages their dysfunctional family, career, and life.

The three kids Axl, Sue, and Brick are three odd kids, each different from the other and how they have grown up being responsible adults.

It is truly an amazing TV show to sit and watch with your kids and parents.

The Middle

Kim’s Convenience

This Canadian TV sitcom is streaming on Netflix, and it is a hidden gem that I found and thoroughly enjoyed watching.

You won’t see anyone actually much recommending watching this amazing show that’s because they don’t know yet.

The story revolves around Mr. Kim and his family, who are Korean immigrants settled in Toronto, running a convenience store. How Mr. Kim and Mrs. Kim, despite living in a different country away from their hometown, never forget their Korean roots and tradition.

How their daughter struggles to be a Korean-Canadian identity and Mr. Kim’s relationship with his son.

It is one of the best family-friendly TV series to watch on Netflix.

 kim's convenience

The Aam Aadmi Family

“The Aam Aadmi Family” is a comedy-drama series that is another perfect show to watch with parents. If your parents want to watch something good, I bet “Yeh Meri Family” and “The Aam Aadmi Family” are the two that your parents will completely love watching.

The best thing about the show is that the characters and the story you watch are the ones you have in your own lives. There are family situations and circumstances that almost every middle-class family face and react to.

If you want to binge-watch, it is for you. Though parents don’t like binge-watching but I think they will if they watch this show.

Every character in the series is worth watching for their relatable performances.

The aam aadmi

Malgudi days

If you are looking for one of the best Indian web series to watch with your kid, nothing is better than R.K. Narayan’s “Malgudi Days.”

The tale of Swami and his friends in a village is so adorable and inspiring. As a kid, I used to love watching Malgudi days, and I am sure your kids will too.

Amazon Prime Video is streaming several old Indian TV shows; Malgudi Days is one of the many.

 The malgudi Days

Kota Factory

TVF’s “Kota Factory” is very specific when it comes to telling a story. The plot revolves around Vaibhav, who moves to Kota to prepare for the entrance exam of IIT.

As we all know, Kota is the hub of IIT coaching, and how each year, tons of students take admission to the coaching centers to participate in the entrance exam.

The web series typically depicts the life of these students and their mental conditions. Their hopes, their parent’s dreams, their life revolves around only proving themselves worthy of IIT.

 Kota Factory

What the Folks

“What the Folks” is a wonderful tale of a family presented by Dice Media. The web series explores family ties and relationships with a touch of humor, sensitivity, drama, and emotions.

It explores the journey of modern relationships and family breaking the stereotypes and how parents get jelled up with their adult kids.

It is a neat, familiar story depicted by the characters that we all are living in reality.

I would say watch it with your parents, it’s wonderful.

What the Folks


TVF’s “Tripling” is an enjoyable web series to watch with parents and siblings. It is about three siblings who met after a long time under different circumstances. In a road drive, they explore their relationship and familial ties that they are united despite being indifferent to each other.

There is humor, and the performances are great to watch. Especially, Chitvan and Chandan are fun to watch.


Mr & Mrs

Biswapati Sarkar and Nidhi Bisht, in the lead TVF PLAY’s web series “Mr. & Mrs” explores the equation of a husband and wife. How they engage themselves in hilarious conversation on daily life issues and how they deal with them amicably.

There are many punch lines that have humor, and, in a way, it shows the modern relationship.

TVF Mr. & Mrs

Mission Over Mars

With an IMDB rating of 8.6, “Mission Over Mars” is streaming on Zee5, and it is dominated by the women who are the heroes in the ISRO. It is, in a way, a tribute to all the scientists of India. However, it is a bit dramatic in the majority of the part in executing the story properly.

You can watch it with your mother.

 Mission over Mars

The Great Indian Dysfunctional family

ALTBalaji production “The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family” is about a dysfunctional family settled in the small town of Kanoori in North India. The story takes place between brothers Vikram (Kay Kay Menon) and Samar (Varun Sobti) and the other members of the house.

The show is a black comedy entangled with melodrama, but Kay Kay Menon is the only reason why I chose to watch the series.

 the great indian dysfunctional family


If you are looking for some web series to watch with family, I recommend you watch these.

If you have any queries or you can mail me on what topic you want me to write about. I would happily do that.

Thank You! Have a nice weekend!

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