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12 Ways Travel Makes Relationship Better

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Do you know travelling is a great therapy and it does makes your relationship better. But How?

Who said marriage or maintaining a relationship is an easy task?

We all have our bad experiences when it comes to dealing with a relationship.

We are so busy in our daily life that there isn’t a much exciting thing to do. We work hard to earn money and aim to provide a better living for ourselves.

Doing the same activity and dealing with the stress of city life makes our life dull and boring. It leaves no spark in a relationship.

My husband and I have a similar story. Living in a city can be hectic, hardly have time to communicate with each other.

We can’t complain because I believe in this competitive world if you want to live a good life then you have to work hard to succeed in your dreams.

This lifestyle has taken a toll on our relationship. But every penny you earn and dream you run after will goes in vain if you aren’t happy.

So, we decided to travel more and give our relationship more time and understanding. We make sure to go on a frequent holiday. I can guarantee from my experience that “travel is a therapeutic experience.”

Travel brings us closer to each other and bonds us strong.

Here I will share 12 fantastic reasons that every couple should follow, and know:

Ways travel makes relationship better

Develop mutual trust

Trust is a crucial factor in every relationship. The more you will travel with your partner, mutual trust will tend to develop.

Traveling together as a couple makes you dependent on each other for choosing the right location, food, decision, and at several other circumstances, you both need to go hand in hand together.

In a way, travel greatly helps in improving and developing trust between each other.

As you spend more time with each other in exploring and experiencing the world from a new perspective, all the good moments bring a couple close.

Also, make them realizes that they can trust each other with their life.

Note: Traveling teaches you to trust each other.

travel makes relationship better

Travel Allows You to Spend More Time Together

It is strange that when you are at home due to circumstances like work or a busy schedule or too much involvement in laptops and mobile phones, you don’t get to spend much time with each other. But when you are traveling all the time is yours.

Traveling is the best way to dedicate all your time to each other. You can spend more time together in exploring beautiful places, in eating or relaxing.

From the planning of the travel itinerary to packing and every other travel-related things, you will do together, and it is fun to do indeed.

I always make sure that we plan a trip even if it is one or two days of a short trip, it is okay as you all know, how city life goes like. You hardly get a peaceful time to spend with your partner.

Weekend is not just enough to maintain a balance in a relationship.

A long drive to a nearby beach or hill station or a short stay brings your relationship back to the track. It does also brings excitement in a relationship.  

We love long road drives because we feel it allows us to have a conversation for a long time. There is no interference with mobile phones (no phones while driving) also, it is just us and the road.

So, it feels alive.

Improves intimacy and romance

Traveling together and exploring new places is stress-free. Travel makes you forget about your work life and refreshes your mind.

But I have seen many workaholic couples who bring work on vacation too. What’s the purpose of having a vacation then?

Anyways, as the point suggests, traveling helps you get closer to your partner and ignite a feeling of romance.

Often couples complain or regret that the romance and intimacy in their relationship has decreased over the years. It is natural and happens to everyone.

But you shouldn’t let it go for long. Traveling is one of the best solutions for this.

 You see, you can utilize the vacation period to improve your relationship. By spending more quality time and a happy communication will definitely provide your relationship with a mushroom head full of love.

Survey says that couples who travel often are much happier than those who lead a regular hectic city life.

Romance and intimacy are an essential factor in a happy relationship.

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Travel makes relationship better

Improves Communication

As you get to spend more and more quality time together, eventually, communication between the two increases.

Both can communicate about their work-life, expectations, and wishes, family, thoughts. Both can talk about anything and everything.

Make conversations; most couples fail to understand each other’s needs because they fail to communicate. Communication in any relationship is about connecting with your partner, emotionally or verbally.

Modern-day couples don’t get involved in communication. Either they think that it isn’t worth or they don’t have anything to talk about.

It is true that after 9-10 hours of working, there hardly remains any energy or enthusiasm to talk when you get back home. All you want is some peace and rest.

But you can talk while resting as well.

While having dinner, sit together, start your conversation with simple things like, how’s the day, what you did, or what do you want to do this weekend.

Start small, and you will see it will lead to a series of an excellent communication.

Couple in love

Travel Teaches You to Keep Patience

Traveling has helped me a lot in improving my patience level. I am a very impatient and restless person. I always want to do something productive, and if I don’t, I feel useless for the day.

Two things have helped me in controlling and improving my patience; Reading and traveling.

Being a literature graduate, I have always loved reading books, articles, and journals. It helps me keep my mind at ease.

Traveling, on the other hand, has helped me in suppressing my feeling of restlessness. The excitement of exploring new places, cultures, and people has made me a calm person.

I love to wonder how much I have learned about this earth while traveling to different places and continue to learn.

Patience is the thing that is needed in traveling to foresee fascinating subjects of the mother earth.

Waiting for hours patiently to see a new species of bird, hiking hours patiently to see the majestic mountain view, waiting patiently to see the kathakali art and culture in Kerala and uncountable such experiences has taught me to keep ‘patience.’

Every person doesn’t have this positive trait- “patience.” When you are traveling with your partner, both will have a different opinion, likes, and dislikes.

Keeping patience on your partner will boost love, whereas impatience might ruin your moment.

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couple traveling

Traveling Allows You to Live the best moments together

Try to share and live all the good moments together. Create your exciting travel experiences that you can cherish later in your life. Traveling together creates memories and brings you closer to each other which makes your relationship last longer.

Throughout your travel, there will be several such moments that will be forever unique and unforgettable.

Try to live those precious time; it will increase the mutual love and take your relationship to one step ahead.

Every travel and trip will give you some unique experiences and golden memories. Take videos and plenty of pictures together; we call them selfies now.

My phone gallery has more than 800 travel pictures. I don’t post them on social media, but I do scroll them frequently and think of those experiences that I want to relive again.

This is the beauty of traveling together as a couple.

Couple sitting by the fire side

Traveling Teaches You to Respect Each Other’s Limitations

Everybody has limitations and weaknesses.

If you take me as an example, I have height sickness, and I am not comfortable when my husband drives the hilly roads.

Due to my height scare, we never tried adventurous sports activities like bungee jumping, that my husband always wanted to do. Of course, he can do that alone, but I am too scared even to let him try.

Also, I get super agitated when he drives along the hilly roads. He gets annoyed, of course, but he has accepted and knows why I am afraid.

Likewise, he also has some limitations that I put restrictions in our travel sometimes.

What I am trying to say is, it is okay to have limitations and as a couple if you understand and respect each other’s constraints while traveling.

This understanding will also help you in making your bond stronger and better.

As a partner, treat with respect and complement each other.

If your partner isn’t comfortable hiking into a jungle because she is scared, tell her, “it’s okay.”

There are tons of adventurous activities to do. Encourage, support, and make each other feel safe.

Say these words like “don’t be scared, I am with you or okay if you aren’t comfortable, we can enjoy something else.”

I can tell this works.

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Be each other’s emotional and mental support

Traveling teaches how to support and take care of each other emotionally and mentally.

When you step out of your comfort zones, you can’t be sure of any situations. When you are together, that means you have each other in bad and good times.

If your partner falls sick, then don’t leave her in your hotel room and go alone to explore instead be there by your partner’s side.

couples at the beach side

Travel Makes You More Responsible Towards Each Other

Traveling will make both you and your partner responsible. The more you will start traveling, it will make you accountable and courageous enough to keep each other safe and secure from the risk.

Like for example, while traveling, both won’t do such things that might put you in danger.

It is an advice for young couples must travel often to improve their relationship as traveling helps creating a bond in new relationships.

Go On An Early Morning Walk

Walking miles together by the beachside or in a park is a fantastic thing that a couple can always do.

We, as a couple, loves to cherish small moments like having tea or coffee or a walk or take selfies, which is fun.

Try to enjoy doing little activities. It isn’t always important that we do grand celebrations to cherish even to strengthen your relationship, small efforts are enough.

happy couple

Do Travel Packing Together

I love doing travel packing with my husband. It is always fun to do things together.

The moment you plan a trip, both start planning their travel itinerary and pack things; that’s the thing about traveling together. It will let you both do things together that you will always enjoy.

Help each other by doing travel packing. Make a list of things that you will carry along. Pack those items that you think you both need, but it is worth making an effort to do the packing together.

It is fun and quite an enjoyable thing to do. To make it interesting, both can discuss and then start packing each other’s suitcase and bag for the travel.

Share Secrets With Each Other

You all have dirty and funny secrets. When relaxing in your hotel room, both can share funny secrets that you have experienced or done in your school or college days.

Share crazy things that you might have done with your friends on a trip. It is an attempt to know about each other.

You can share and do crazy, unnecessary kinds of stuff when you travel because both have plenty of time and ultimate freedom from the hectic life.

Happy couple traveling


A relationship is like a long road that needs love, care, respect, commitment, and it is a long list.

Traveling together will give you time to build your relationship and a lifetime of memorable moments. Travel teaches a couple, a lot of traits that help maintain the relationship in the long run.


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