5 Easy Ways to Show Your Partner You Want Them 1

5 Easy Ways to Show Your Partner You Want Them

No one is a mind reader. If you want your partner to know how much you love them and appreciate them, you have to tell them.

It is not required to express your love through words only. There are many ways to show your love. When you are in a relationship, two individuals are bonded in love.

But sometimes, amidst the busy life, both might need to remind each other of how much they love. Words never make the impact like any actions do.

Let each other know the love, care, affection and respect you have for them.

In this article, I will share 5 easy ways that will help you reach out to your partner and make them feel loved and wanted always.

Ways to show your partner you want them

Physical affection

Physical affection is a powerful way to show your partner that you want and desire them. It doesn’t have to be sexual, though. It can be a simple frequent hug, a gentle kiss on the forehead or cheek, a gentle touch, and holding hands.

In several studies, some say that the more you hug or kiss your partner, the better your equation with your partner will be.

There is science involve. When we are physically affectionate with your partner, our brain functions differently. It releases oxytocin, which has a lot of positive effect on our mood, emotions and the way we feel. It helps reduce anxiety.

That’s why you should cuddle frequently, get physical with each other. It gives your partner a signal that yes; I am being wanted and loved.

When your relationship grows old, you tend to lose connection often. That’s because of many things that comes on the way. There are added responsibilities to take care of. It looks fine from the outside as you are together, but the reality tells a different story.

That’s why making yourself available and showing a physical affection is important in balancing a relationship. As it strengthens your relationship by bringing both closer.

For example, you and your partner have a busy schedule, managing work, family and household. With everything going on, both hardly have the time. But you can certainly make your partner feel wanted by doing a simple thing.

Before leaving for the office, hug and kiss them.

Stroke their back and head when they are sleeping.

Hold their hand while taking a morning or evening stroll.

Put a kiss on their forehead before going to sleep at night.

Ways to show your partner you want them

Time Together

Spending quality time together is crucial in shaping a relationship. It’s important to make time for the things that matter. People often take for granted the time they have with their loved ones.

The time you spend together creates millions of memories, memories that you both will cherish later.

I know life is busy. There is hardly any time left at the end of the day. You get tired and the excuses go on. By spending time together doesn’t mean you have to be with your partner 24/7.

Spending quality time together means the time you spend with your partner adds some value to your relationship.

Whether taking a walk for 10 minutes, sipping tea together in the morning, just cuddling in the bed, cooking and helping each other in the household chores, going on a dinner date are the things you do together and called them ‘quality time together.’

Why spending time together is important?

Primarily, because you felt neglected and unimportant if your partner doesn’t give you enough time.

Eventually, it will lead to resentment and relationship conflicts.

If you even spend at least 30 minutes of your time with your partner, laughing, showering love and spending some good time together, it will make them happy and feel wanted.

Thus, no matter what you do, how busy you are, being together is important for a healthy relationship.

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Undivided attention

When is the last time you have given your undivided attention to your partner?

When we are in love, we desperately want to be heard, seen and always need the attention of our partner.

For example, even after seven years of blissful married life, I always seek my partner’s undivided attention. I love when I am centred around him. I love to get his full attention on what I say, want and so on. It’s the feeling you feel when you love the person.

Attention is one beautiful way to show your partner that you want them and love them.

When you are giving your undivided attention to your partner, look at them, listen to them, giving importance to what they say and be in the moment with them, it makes them feel secure in a relationship.

It’s easy to be always distracted with a ton of things. A person roughly spends 3-4 hours a day on their phone doing unproductive things like watching videos, playing games, messaging and so on.

How many times you have been on a date with your partner and you hardly have spoken to each other because you were too busy with your phone?

Yes, this happens with many. It’s easy to focus on other things when you have your partner with you always. But often we take our relationship for granted and lose the sight of the importance of our relationship.

Show your partner that they have your full attention. Make them feel secure, wanted, and appreciated in your relationship.

When you are with them, try not to focus on other things, be with them and enjoy the moment of togetherness.

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Affectionate Texts

Affectionate texts are a way of communicating your feelings that are intimate and special. Suppose you are in the office and you have a 10 minutes of break time. Texting your partner will give them a signal that you are thinking about them.

These kinds of texts are a way to remain connected, even when you are far from each other.

These texts don’t have to be long or poetic. A simple, ‘miss you,’ ‘love you,’ ‘thinking of you,’ also does the work. These are some powerful words that can make your partner feel happy.

There is WhatsApp now, you can send funny and loving pictures, emojis, GIF to them. Something that says how much you love them, want them and are thankful to have them.

Affectionate texts have the power to bring the spark in a relationship and develop intimacy between the two individuals.


Giving compliments to your partner is one of the simplest way to show you love and respect them. You always expect compliments from your partner. It is a way to boost their confidence level.

Compliments doesn’t have to be exaggerated. Compliment what you notice.

For example, if your partner has cooked a special dinner for you, appreciate her/his effort. Let them know that you have enjoyed the meal.

Another example that I could give here, your partner has worked hard for something but it didn’t work that way. To cheer up and encourage, compliment your partner for the hard work and motivate to do better.

Even a simple compliment coming from you will make your partner feel good. Keep your partner feel motivated enough and feel appreciated.

You can message them to compliment, tell face to face or by writing a note. Be creative to add a little value and smile to your partner’s face.

Don’t sugarcoat. It never works. Be genuine while complimenting your partner.

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Final Words –

These are a few solid winning ways to show your partner you want them. Relationship is challenging. When you love your partner, sometimes we need to show them. If married or not, maintaining a relationship needs work to do.

Even if he knows that you love him the most, still when you show him how much through actions, he enjoys it.

Understand their love language, what they need and want from you.

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