12 Brilliant Ways to Make Friends in a New City

If you struggle to find ways to make friends in a new city, like I do, this article will surely help. I have compiled this article with 10 best ways to make friends in a new city and these tips works perfectly well.

Making friends in a new city can be difficult. You may be promoted and moved to a new city or taken a new job and needed to make a change. You are entirely new to the city where you don’t know anyone.

You can not survive alone, you would need friends and acquaintances to socialise. Moving to a new city can be exciting and intimidating as well, you have to set up everything from the scratch. It can be daunting trying to make friends. It can be hard to get social circles started when everyone has their own lives.

To meet new people, you have to go to places where people gathered. Some people use online platforms to connect new people. But when you are in a new place, it’s good to explore while joining a new community.

It’s challenging indeed. Meanwhile, you might feel alone and that’s when friends are the best companion. The most common way is to meet someone is by social gathering. But there are other ways too.

I’ve always found that making friends in a new city is much easier when you have an interest in common. There is a lot of advice that can help you make friends and feel at home in a new city.

What are some best ways to make friends in a new city?


Sometimes we get lost amidst our busy schedule and feel lonely in the new city without friends and family.

Volunteering is an excellent way to make friends in a new city. You can find out any volunteer opportunities online or at your local community center and get more information about the upcoming events to join.

Volunteer to programs and you can meet several people to talk to.

best ways to make friends in a new city

Join Small Club House

Joining club house like cultural club, sports club can be very helpful. Becoming active in these club houses will ensure that you will meet, talk, share with like-minded people.

Attend events that interests you and get involved and interact with the others.  

The idea of a clubhouse is to create a place where people of common interest can share, gather, and form friendship.

If you are new to the city, look for a clubhouse near to you.

Get Yourself Involved in Group Activities

Joining won’t work if you don’t get involved in activities. Often, people attend group activities for a few days or weeks and then stop going. Mostly introvert people do this.

Almost every week these clubhouses arrange programs that require volunteer. If you are looking for opportunities to make friends quickly, certainly these kinds of group activities will help.

You may also bump into someone who is looking for a new relationship. Engaging in group activities will not only be rewarding for you personally, but can also share interests in meeting with new people.

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Go Out & Explore

There is another great way to make new friends in a new city and that’s by exploring the city’s local places. If you love traveling, you can start looking for local places, do small talks with the locals about their culture, food and tradition.

While doing so, sometimes you end up meeting some good people and they happen to become your friends.

If you are not comfortable roaming around solo in an unknown city. You can join a travel group.


Find Events to Attend

Events are a great place to find new connections. You can join events of your interests like music, dance, painting, reading, etc. The benefit of joining such events is to find someone who can match your personality and sensibility.

Indeed, to make new friends you will have to give a little effort. But if you are positive, finding a friend won’t be that hard.

Ice Breaking Conversation

If you have attended any club or group program, now is the time for you to take an initiative. It’s called the ‘ice breaking conversation.’

With a little courage, you can start asking them questions like how are you, what is the best place to eat nearby, where is the best local brewery pub and so on.

The first ice breaking conversation is always tough and tougher if you are an introvert person. But once you give yourself a little nudge, you are a way closer to make a new friend in the new city.

Talk to your colleague & co-worker

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If you have joined your office, I am sure you have co-workers. One of the best ways to make friends quickly is by bonding with your co-workers.

They are not unknown to you, to be friends with them, you just have to interact with them frequently. Approach them for hang out or invite them to your place for a dinner or drink.

You can also plan a city tour with them in the new city. If they know the city well, ask them to give you a tour.

Sing Up Dating App

If nothing seems to be fruitful, you can register on a legal dating app and find someone of common interest to meet. Usually this is the least of all that I will advise, but many people feel comfortable finding someone on the dating app.

There are several apps, be reasonable and considerate enough to choose the right person for friendship.

Reach Out to Friends of Friends

XYZ is a good friend of yours, and his one of the friend lives in London where you currently live. How about sending him a Facebook friend request?

Likewise, this is one of the many options by which, with a little luck, you can find a common friend in a new city.

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Take Actions

To make new friends, you have to take action, like baby steps. You can’t be good friends in one meeting. If you are comfortable with the XYZ person and want to improve your relationship with them, start doing things like inviting them to your home for dinner, play a game or any other activity that you both like.

Stay in Touch

Once you become friends, now is the time to maintain it. You can give them a call, message them, make plans to meet and share a meal. Meeting frequently will grow your bond.

Say Hello to Your Neighbour

Neighbours can be good or bad, its all depend on your luck. But certainly, it is one of the easiest way to make friends in a new city.

You recently moved to New York, and your neighbour is an Irish. You don’t have to judge. Try to be nice, courteous. Say hello or good morning when you bump into them in the lift.

You can also invite them over to your place on a weekend night. Try to help them if they need any.

Withing just a few days, you will have a new friend by your next door.

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Why friendship is important?

It turns out that good friends make you happier and create a positive, healthy mindset. Having a close circle of friends can make your life easier and provide comfort during difficult times.

When you moved to a new city and after devoting hours at work, you want someone with whom you can chill. Having a friend in a new city can help you navigate the environment and make you feel less homesick.

It can be pretty stressful when you move to a new city. I have perhaps moved to cities 3-4 times till now and every time it gets so stressful.

You have all the packing to do, planning like finding a new home in the new city, unpacking, buying and set up the home, transport of luggage and so on.

If you could find a friend or social connection, it will help reducing stress and give some motivation to stay.

A great friend can bring out the best in you. New city means new everything, if you have a friend who stays nearby, he can help out in so many ways.

Friends are important and if you try, you can make friends easily in a new city.

Making friends gets a little harder if you are a shy or an introvert person. It’s not impossible to make friends, but shy people need to make an extra effort.

I am an introvert person and I face it quite challenging when I have to talk to strangers.

One way that works for me is to ‘smile.’

If I want to be seen or want someone to talk to me in a group, I establish eye contact and smile gently.


So, worry not, you can easily make friends with a little effort in a new city by the above mentioned steps.

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